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Yu Han Sung Jul 2020
three course meal, im serving just desserts
now my tummy hurts
my doctor asked me where it hurts
"you got lucky, i could make it worse"

idk what i prefer
"ur dumb and ur young. u never learn."
or "no way this could ever work"
either way im a sucker for thick thighs in a skirt
Yu Han Sung Mar 2019
i have *** on days i don't want to
i smoke **** on days i don't want to
i drink on days i don't want to
but i also live on days i don't want to
Yu Han Sung Nov 2018
stars do align
all in due time
Yu Han Sung Nov 2018
i feel like a crockpot manifesting something delicious. fruits of labour are a slow cooked dish.
Yu Han Sung Aug 2018
i'm your muse?
i'm yours to use.
i was your muse,
now i'm just yours to lose.
Yu Han Sung Jul 2018
i was told the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

humans are creatures of pattern, of routine, if you would.

i was told practice makes perfect. practice requires repetition.

i feel like i'm currently stuck in a rut. i feel like i'm spinning my tires and going nowhere, gaining no traction.

i believe i'm doing the right thing on a daily basis. i'm practicing positive thinking on a daily basis in hopes that i will gain a positive outlook.

maybe it's insane to practice everyday.
Yu Han Sung Jul 2018
i told myself i would appreciate the rainy days
i told myself if each day was without clouds i would no longer appreciate the sun
just because i can appreciate the overcast doesn't mean i won't still long for a clear sky
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