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Have you ever seen a shapeless shape?
Have you held on to a hopeless hope?
Have you ever sensed a senseless sense?
Have you loved a stranger’s soul?
Have you ever been so struck with awe
You'd forgotten that everything comes to you
Perfectly flawed?
But most of all,
Have you ever noticed,
How you still keep going on?
To my one and only.
How will you see?
How will you measure me?
Because all I do is state the truth
Truths of life and death; truths
Of fairylands and ruthless errands

So, how will you see
If I truly am being me
The scale I play within
Is just too broad for any accurate measurements

I worry then
Will you ever be able to see
A fact too obvious; a fact so sly:
Two distinct truths, when put together
Are still a lie.
A confession; The gaping holes you see, aren't really imaginary.
Thank you for staying strong
Thank you for letting me be me
To self; Thank you afterall.
The haiku's for the sake of posting, my main concern lies here.

Could you share the title of your favorite book, or perhaps, your favorite author or poet?

I'm just looking for some interesting stuff to read!

And so, thank you to you too!😊
Romaisa Abbas May 12
Not always do you need to stay afloat,
𝐸𝑎𝑠𝑦 - let the waves take you,
For once, take in the senseless blue
Paddle still, paddle through
Breathe in the abeyance;
Silence isn't always a determining hue.
Ease down, you will make it through.
I am someone's moon,
I am someone's sun,
I am someone's reason,
I am someone's light,
Do you have any idea,
How difficult it is, to only ever provide?
Love is everything but a fair trade.
Romaisa Abbas Apr 30
Happy comes easy.
And a human, you are.
Two contrasting realities,
As if, agony calling upon calm,
From afar.
Co-existence; Almost a fantasy.
Romaisa Abbas Apr 23
اور پھر ہم جب تھک جاتے ہیں
کچھ غاںٔب کچھ بھٹک جاتے ہیں

سلسلہ کچھ یوں چلتا ہے
طاق میں بٹھایا موم پگھلتا ہے

کہ انتظار پھر لازوال لگتا ہے
صبر کا موم یونہی پگھلتا ہے

دھند کی محفل یوں ہے لگتی
کہ امید کو ہے ایک چوٹ سی لگتی

اور پھر ہم جب تھک جاتے ہیں
ہم ٹہرے اس وقت میں بس جاتے ہیں
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