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Oct 2019 · 678
a much needed surgery
Robert Oct 2019
you asked me if I would change
anything at all about your face

the answer of course is yes

I would move it closer to mine
Robert Aug 2019
I wanted to write a poem today
but all I can think of is you
Jun 2019 · 318
a knight, finally
Robert Jun 2019
a knight in shining armor
visited me today
he said
**** I'm taking yo girl
Sorry, I'm drunk.
Mar 2019 · 271
Every night, with you
Robert Mar 2019
Usually I end my days
Looking at photos of you
So my brain knows
What to dream about
Jan 2019 · 728
move on, please?
Robert Jan 2019
haven't seen you in years
why does my mind
keep turning to you
if I'm not even
in love anymore
Jan 2019 · 440
quick maths
Robert Jan 2019
like parallel lines
                                        we'll never meet
Robert Dec 2018
how I wish I had
photographic memory
just so I could
see you again
Nov 2018 · 420
day's end, happy together
Robert Nov 2018
your day happily ends
with him in your bed
as my day happily ends
with you in my head
Robert Nov 2018
oh so you're engaged now
madly in love huh
well that's funny isn't it
I'm kind of the same
but mostly just mad
Oct 2018 · 395
happily leaving
Robert Oct 2018
your voice is like
honey to my ears
too bad it sounds
a lot like goodbye
Oct 2018 · 169
Robert Oct 2018
after we parted ways
I realized that sometimes
an end is just an end
not a new beginning
Oct 2018 · 282
something is missing
Robert Oct 2018
the buildings are here
just like they've been before
the sky is just as blue
as it has been before
and the trees are green
a light breeze blows
and everything should be fine
but it is not
cause I'm walking our street
but I'm walking alone
Oct 2018 · 186
First sight
Robert Oct 2018
I'm still unsure
if what I'm feeling for you
is love
but I like this feeling
a lot
May 2018 · 431
Robert May 2018
your cheeks
lift just a little bit
when you smile
showing your front teeth
that are far too big
for your small face
it's so cute
it melts my heart
so please smile a lot
even if your smiles aren't for me
they still make my cheeks lift
just a little bit
Apr 2018 · 300
With time I will forget
Robert Apr 2018
My first thoughts when I wake up in the morning
Are no longer of you
These days I just think about my breakfast
My life is going on for better or
Worse without you
And only sometimes
Sometimes my mind still wanders
To our old days of happiness
And a small smile forms on my lips
How fast it all went by
And then I start to wonder
What will I eat for lunch
Mar 2018 · 298
I fail every time
Robert Mar 2018
I like looking at your face
It makes my days brighter
It's a risky business though
Would be weird if you noticed me
Staring at you every other minute
I wouldn't want to scare you
So I try not to look
But I fail
I fail every time
Your face is just too pretty
Jan 2018 · 567
Looking at you looking
Robert Jan 2018
I look at your photos everyday
Well, they aren't really yours
But you're always in their center
Your smiling face and waving hands
Your eyes looking at the camera
I always imagine them looking at me
I think I'd be happy if they ever did
You always stare at the camera instead
I don't really mind too much
The camera is probably
Way more interesting than me
Dec 2017 · 428
Robert Dec 2017
You are still so young
But you have lived through so much
To cope with it all
And still be alive
You must be strong
I wish you didn't have to be this strong
I wish you had someone
Who could just be
Be there with you
Whenever you feel weak
Be your strength when life is too hard
Hug you when you cry
Give you ice cream when you are sad
And love you for who you are
Not loathe you for what you cannot be
I wish you had someone
Because it cannot be me
Dec 2017 · 411
It's okay if you don't
Robert Dec 2017
I like everything about you
From the way you look
To the way you talk
But if you don't
Then it is okay to say no
I won't mind being alone
As long as it's what you prefer
True love isn't jealousy
Of who you meet instead of me
True love is acceptance
Of the way you want to live
And if that way doesn't include me
I don't mind
As long as you're happy and free

— The End —