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Withering snow melts white on
Winter boughs shuddering
The image of blood
Spitting fire of horrors
Laid claim to by those we chose to protect us
Nature wails while the human race is wiped off
By the few humans who have lost any sense of
No longer human
Hearts of stone and greed
Self-obsessed and manipulative
How can we sleep while we’ve given the reigns of democracy to those who do not care if we are killed
Only care of their bank accounts
And plastic faces on billboard fame
Don’t care if hell breaks loose on us
Only that their shoes shine perfectly polished
And hair sits precisely gelled

Don’t think of fending off the torturers of the children they have the power to protect

The key to solving this is to rewrite the legislation
The minimum requirement to lead:
1. Must be human by heart
Aren’t the leaders we chose to lead the human race supposed to be of the human race?
We talk of nationalities and citizenships that bind or break positions of power
What use is a citizenship if it can’t differentiate
Between the one with heart and without

No human of authority is human if they have enough heart to watch while massacres are paraded.

This is a call for the human in us to wake up
This is a call to wake up and take control
This is a call for humanity
Wake up.

*This is no joke.
This is happening and we’re letting it happen.
But the eyes were not of her mothers
They were of the window sill
Robbed by tyrants
We seem to allow to lead the world nowadays
What do you know about heart break
When the human race is reeling from the break of its own

A grimy 5-year old adorns broken eyes
Her hands curled with
Hunger cries

You watch her bleed.
You watch her knead.
You watch her kneel
And finally keel over.

While her brother stands behind her
Holding his mother’s heart
While it murmurs
A sealed call of sleep
Her eyes no longer of this world.

Her thoughts to her daughter’s
Pangs of hunger she could never fulfill
It was the drought, you see
The starvation
The deprivation.
The forced deprivation.
Yes you.

You watch.
You let her breathe pain.
You chain her dreams
And rob her life
And her children’s hopes
Of a beautiful world.
It's your decision
whether to make your mind
A prison
A stepping stone
Did you buy the air for money, perhaps?
Or your lungs by labour?
Why is it that you feel entitled to be privileged to live, yet you
Deem for me no worth of life?

Was it not the same God that gave you the air and the lungs to breathe it by?
Then why do you consider the ground you tread deserving of my blood sacrifice?

Why is it that you feel entitled
To live,
While me,
To die?

In God's realm there is no majority nor minority,
Only that there is the one who hoarded pleasures,
And the one who was robbed of it.
And one day,
One day,
You will answer for why you thought the lungs and air
You and I got for the same price
Was only worthy of yourself.
Again, the plight of the Uighur, Rohingya, Syria, Yemen and Palestine etc, does not cease in torture. (Also, I am back from a half-year long writer's block, guess I lost the inspiration and passion, and eventually interest).
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