Close your eyes.
No stars.
Night. Vast, open, free.
Enveloping blackness.
Your heart. Beating, rising. Racing.
A pinprick of light. Hope.
Breathe in that fresh air.
Refreshing. Cold.


22.11.2018 -
Closed my eyes, felt free, wrote down my calming thoughts. Uncaged, vast, open, night-sky-like blackness, the feel of fresh green grass around you, refreshing air, cold dewdrops.
And that pinprick of light and hope up there, right in the middle, too far to reach out and touch. But visible.  Freedom and Hope. Alone with Allah. A smile creeps onto my face. My thoughts racing, but yet, feeling calm
Resting on my bed, closing my eyes took me somewhere else.
We poets


           Break free from

These grammatical restrains

Give not a thought
            To befuddling these scrumdillydunderings
                         Shackles don't bind

Our weary hands

Writing when

                     Life tires us
We free ourselves
                     From your rules
Don't give a ****
What you think isn't cool

         Cuz we have our own rules
We don't play by


                      Shatter 'em.
Man, did I have fun writing this. Writing this turned my mood Roald Dahl style. Kinda. Don't give a **** whether what I say makes sense right now. Enjoy :)
Sometimes you realize
You're trying to prove yourself to no one but
I consider scars,
Trophies of life

Have you truly earned the marks of time, toil and experience?
We are of the human race
Born to leave behind a trace
On the shores of Histories

Bless the world with our grace
Upon the weary human face
Befuddled with thoughts of Mysteries

Pondered over stretches of engulfing blackness.

Spark a light of Clarity empowering the darkness to behold.
07.11.2018 Wednesday -
Inspired by a poster saying 'She is human too' (in Tamil). But the poem is generally for all of human kind, men and women.
This is about the clarity of thought and truth that we decide upon (with Allah's guidance) which is bright enough to dispel confusion. I'm not referring to religious knowledge but general knowledge on science, law and society and the universe at large, in general. (But when it comes to Islam, Islam is not just a religion but a way of life, so technically Islamic religious knowledge includes all spheres of life and the universe).
I finally realized I was dying.
Stood up.
And left.
Making hard decisions for my sake.
They watch us
Now while we wield stars thought possible to be held only by the skies.

Yet what Allah has given us is nothing in comparison
To the Creation

He Created.
I was literally holding a flashlight and was inspired.
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