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we are like two intersecting bricks,
we may differ I  many ways,
But art carry our burdens togather
as the question of my beloved one bestowed upon me,
I said no one,
But my heart said you
my eyes were filling with tears,
of unconditional love
I hope you read my mind,
cause inside,
I wanna yell
I love you
and when I do,
I hope you love me too
hearts are meant to be moved on,
soul is meant to be respected,
minds are meant to be used,
hearts, soul, and mind togather makes the best decisions
However you may try,
However you may cry,
Life will lie....
Life will cheat..
Life will win
And life will loose
Just try to accept it,
However harsh the truth is
My life may not be going
The way I want it to go
But surely, it is going in a way
A way that brings me
Lots of joy and lots of suffer
With ups and downs joy and affliction
The key to friendship is my bookmark
I am scared to loose it
Cause if I do I may never know where I am
This book is my life
Without this bookmark I have no past,no present and no future
I am the colour in the black...
You are the brightness to my colour..
When the brightness go..
The colour FADES....
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