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Nov 19 · 39
Beyond the pane
freedom drifts playfully
like tumbleweed
dancing across desert sands

***** white
covers frozen roads
a crispness to the air
leaves me feeling colder

Your words
echoing from all corners
pierce the drums
of my ears

Your hands
leave hidden bruises behind
it’s the fear of what you may do
that keeps me broken inside

You left the door open
still I remain trapped inside
this battered woman has
no escape and nowhere to hide

***** laundry
hangs on the line yet no one sees
shame can’t bear to know
why no one has rescued me

Beyond the pain
my mind plays tricks on me
drifting playfully
you don’t exist and I am free
Nov 18 · 95
A quiet time
Autumn wind caresses dying leaves
coaxing them to dance with its breeze
silence nurtures their death
as the vibrancy of life recoils
red, orange and brown
lavishly ornament the earth
as slumber hushes all sound
Nov 18 · 663
No words
Have you ever died from heartache?

Watched as grief spilled
over the edge of love
drowning the very essence
that makes you whole

Have you ever died from heartache?

Sinking into the sea
of emptiness
consumed by the darkness
as your soul fades away

Have you ever died from heartache?

Gasping, grasping, gasping for air
like old black and whites
the only memories of you
have no colour

Have you ever died from heartache?

I will

when she finally takes them
from me
I won’t bear to live
another day
Nov 10 · 129
Melody’s pain
She sang the chorus
and melancholy hues thundered
through the silence like embers
burning the emerald out of the green

Each verse a deepening
of the beginning into the end
like ash claims the earth long after
the fire has burned

Still lyrics of hope
clutched tightly to the notes
like rainbows bridge the gap
long after the storm has passed

Again, she sang the chorus
this time tears spilled over the edge
of heartache
like rain striking the heat out of the flames
Nov 9 · 336
Autumn rain
Suspended sunlight
shimmers inside
silver ***** of magic
dancing blissfully
under arms
of naked branches
their silent melody of movement
pierce my eyes
inflicting blissful movements
Nov 4 · 193
Love in separation
Her head lies heavy across my chest
both grasping for closeness
her breath in rhythm with my breath
both intimately silent
her heart aches as mine aches
both dreading the distance
we are One
masquerading as two in separation
not yet noticing
Life’s infinite unfolding
we remain forever entangled;
lost in Love’s dream
of endlessly pursuing Itself
in the other
Oct 13 · 268
Through the veil (10w)
I am the graceless note that ruined a perfect symphony
Aug 13 · 107
I wade into its forest
and wander inside its ocean
this heart carries their rhythm
my love ‘tis its own

I soar across this earth
and walk beyond its skies
my feet rest upon its solidity
its foundation is my home

I ingest its symphony
and bathe in its purity
this mind becomes empty
Oneness and I, alone

I listen to its fruitfulness
harvesting its riches
this body fills with silence
its void is my unknown

It sees through these eyes
all of its creations
this spirit is in but not of this world
my breath it has bestowed
8/13/20 to voice enlightenment is to never say a word. Yet I cannot keep quiet what so definitively wants to be heard.
Aug 7 · 267
Nighttime bequeathed it’s darkness
to the lightness of morn
while silence lingered
in the stillness of dawn
the whispers of life
made themselves known
8/7/20 appreciating the beauty and transitions of nature
Jul 29 · 325
A boy sits alone
cornered by the conflict
darkness pervades the room
silence cradles his crying

A mother sits alone
in the corners of her mind
darkness pervades her life
silence cradles her crying

Together they sit alone
in silence
waiting for the light to pervade
their darkness
Jul 29 · 327
A sigh
beneath the anguish of sorrow
within the resistance to hope
I let go
into the sigh of surrender
where a tenderness washes over
this wounded heart
whispers of love
emerge through its cracks
crowding the silence,
filling the emptiness
subtly piercing the dark
Jun 11 · 155
Skin deep
I wept an ocean of tears and left you in the depths of sorrow
Jun 8 · 369
Insights are the seeds which grow the roots that unearth the buds which opens its blossoms and flourishes within the wisdom of light
Jun 7 · 173
Into the woods
Direction is cryptic along this path
passageways to freedom
wound tightly into thickets
leave answers dangling in plain sight
overlooked by their simplicity

Rain keeps time with my tears
as I navigate the endless cul de sacs
lost in the mazes of foreverness
as each step towards it
takes me further away
from myself
6/7/20 a spiritual seekers endless journey for truth. Only a seeker who has given up the search can discover that truth was within them all along.
Sifting into long lines
the sand, white
the image vast
sun strokes the earth in a feverish decent

Blonde ashes linger
in thick air
as mountain peaks breathe the mystery
of moonlight

Sheltered beneath the stars
and the vastness of night
Lone wolf remains anchored
peaceful, purposeful, content

Red rock surrounds a centrepiece of fire
the density of wood disintegrates
a releasing as passion crackles through
flames and smoke into a crisp, black night

Traces of light
match the stars
the wind subtle in its intention
to breathe life into the skin

Waking up the senses, the voiceless speaks
it’s empty whispers
echoing back unto itself
it’s intention complete
Jun 6 · 162
Beyond the scenery
When you surrender to
the wisdom of life
you realize
not only have you been walking
across the hands of god all along
you are the eyes through which
god realizes itself
Apr 16 · 82
True nature
Outside my window
darkness pervades naked branches
as dusk settles beneath the horizon

A pale blue sky lingers in quiet contemplation
while the last glimmers of daylight
ripple through puddles
soaking the outskirts of shadows

Today takes its final breath
and it's here I find solace
weeping inside its death

But ephemeral thoughts
quickly lose their shape
swallowed by the stillness of night

My body mind lets go
I become driftwood guided by soul
embarking on an odyssey
I come to rest outside of space, beyond time

Now rooted
I am the ground
the unwavering abyss
The Source of all that is
Feb 26 · 120
Light glistening through Winter’s stillness leads awareness to its deeper truth
Oct 2019 · 223
Rising into Love Oct 2019
I dipped my toes into her ocean and was completely swept away
Rising into Love Oct 2019
One who loves with conditions will never be unconditionally loved
Oct 2019 · 268
Rising into Love Oct 2019
I am the ever-changing sound which beckons me to listen
10/6/19 non-duality
Oct 2019 · 168
This exquisite moment
Rising into Love Oct 2019
The wind by it’s breath renders me breathless.

The underlying peace within and behind this and all experience follows me here.

It beckons my attention to rest in the bliss of stillness through which this exquisite moment remains endless
Sep 2019 · 171
After the Fall
Rising into Love Sep 2019
She gathered them like the dead
autumn leaves of Fall
old habits and beliefs
crumbling into dust
through her fingertips
never once grasping to save one
or any at all
now only remnants remain
her soul reclaimed
she leaves all suffering behind
as the most desolate parts of winter
begin to fade away
uncovering her beauty
and the love she was meant to find
unearthed like the roots of Spring
she is Violet amidst the blossoms
of awakening
reaching out to the Summer’s sun
it kisses her radiance
and welcomes her home
Sep 2019 · 121
Summer’s sweet grass
Rising into Love Sep 2019
Lie down gently upon the last
of the summer’s sweet grass
and quench your thirst for beauty
upon which each moment drifts further
into a cloudless sky
while yellow leaves dance in periphery
to the harmony of Fall
breathe slowly and deeply
welcoming the fragrances
as they playfully invigorate your senses
just be in this placeless place
listening as time stops ticking
where stillness prevails
all other sounds they are like waves
sinking silently into the depths
of its bottomless sea
become the vastness now
and close your eyes
know yourself as the last
of the summer’s sweet grass
and that cloudless sky
those yellow leaves dancing
to the harmony of Fall
you are the harmony and
the fragrances invigorating your senses
you are the breath
from which the winter wind blows
existing as everything
defined by nothing at all
Aug 2019 · 498
The art of living
Rising into Love Aug 2019
8/30/19 True peace is imminent as soon as we stop striving to get “there” and be “that”. All is as it is meant to be “here” and “now”. <3
Aug 2019 · 801
True love
Rising into Love Aug 2019
I let you go.
Not because I do not love you
in that I do.
Aug 2019 · 111
The art of dying
Rising into Love Aug 2019
She dips her toes into the shallows
and watches apathetically
as her form migrates
with the current
forever washed out to sea
drowned is the concept
of who she had to be

The moon shines into desert eyes
as she walks midnight back to dawn
grains trickledown the hourglass
yet time remains loyal
to the presence within
a blank canvas to the light
as dawn paints her crimson

Across space
beyond time
now extends itself
inviting stillness to speak
of divine love, joy and peace
here she becomes the image of clarity
and honours the art of authenticity
Aug 2019 · 1.3k
Deranged (10w)
Rising into Love Aug 2019
When lost in thought’s deception we sever the heart’s connection
8/20/19 Underneath all the chattering is a timeless presence in all.
Aug 2019 · 159
Beyond the shadow
Rising into Love Aug 2019
I have risen
amidst the skipping beats
of this weary heart
blood, sweat and tears still dripping
trust is the fire I have been missing

Faith in my light to guide me home
I shimmer to the composition
of my heart’s song
the cure to my soul sickness
I heal in its harmonic richness

Open, wakeful and free
my body grounded, my soul at ease
the joy of everything invites me in
giving rise to tenderness
and the Love within
Aug 2019 · 352
Rising into Love Aug 2019
I let myself down most days
feeling inadequate in most ways
so love doesn’t always flow freely
from this wakeful soul
sometimes my heart skips beats
unbalanced by the weight of sorrow
this unresolved grief tips the scales
and this misery bleeds heavily
through my veins like lead
shame and judgement collide
stirring up the fear inside
and from this cloudy mind
I wonder why
I chose the burden
of this Lifetime
Aug 2019 · 141
Verity of Love
Rising into Love Aug 2019
A silver lining
crosses an endless horizon
deep silence echoes
over a waveless shore
I inhale the stillness
and it breathlessly welcomes me
wandering leisurely
into the stream
adrift in oceanless tides
beyond the boundless edges
escaping time
the voiceless in everything
whispers to me
“you are the threading of this tapestry
unveil its serenity”
and the verity of love
became me
Aug 2019 · 133
Room for rent
Rising into Love Aug 2019
Her love left home today
evicting our happy place along with me
so my heart closed its door
and threw away the key

It’s hollowness overflows
filling the abandoned spaces
as the sorrow of this aching heart
repeats in resounding echoes

Only remnants remain of a blissful life
soaked into creaking floorboards
this home now barren
mirrors my broken heart tonight
Aug 2019 · 162
Silver lining
Rising into Love Aug 2019
The moment she let go
fear loosened its grip
and she was clutched
by the hands of Hope
where they knelt and wept

Sorrow fills the spaces
of her deepest wounds
oceans rising to their edges
an outpouring of regret
as the familiarity of suffering looms

The pain is not subtle
reminding her again and again
the grief she began to bury
a thousand lifetimes ago
unearthed the heart she must mend
Jul 2019 · 107
Dear reader
Rising into Love Jul 2019
Should you find yourself weary
and in need of a rest
take a moments’ breath
let the words on these pages
be a reminder to throw caution
to the wind
to love without boundaries
and never let your fears win

We are all meant to find our light
never stop seeking
even through the darkness
light can shine
You are brilliant beyond the shadows
wisdom whispers when you are willing
to listen to the never ending melodies
your heart will always play for you
be willing to listen now

You are loved
just as you are
I see you
all that you are
and all that you are willing to become
we are only as able to soar
as we are willing to fall
so fall with grace
Jul 2019 · 429
Rising into Love Jul 2019
She reposes, allowing the soft, subtle brush of stillness to paint her into this moment
Jul 2019 · 508
Love lost in time
Rising into Love Jul 2019
We are a portrait of perfection
preserved in a past life
Jul 2019 · 380
truth to self
Rising into Love Jul 2019
Truth is not a thought of the mind nor a scene through the eyes but the depths to which one feels love radiating from their soulful heart
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