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 Aug 2019 soak
Salmabanu Hatim
food for my nestlings
sparrow catches the spider
warm summer is here.
 Aug 2019 soak
Oskar Erikson
as i went digging through the aisles
looking for my next haphazard meal
looking up from the sickly beige floor
two boys stood there smiling.

Brown floppy hair and freckled faces
the pair of them
greener eyes than the
basket at my feet
all lips and teeth grabbing themselves at the wrists.

to playfight in the pasta section is a pure
display of affection
to grin at another boy crouching down
like something famished
to learn that people can feed you
with nothing but love.
 Aug 2019 soak
blushing prince
watching the same collage video on a loop of
leaves drying up
snow melting under the surface of a sweating floor
you leap up to grab me but there's only a cloud of moonlight coming through your window
you feel the arresting tackle of all the butterflies leaping out of your chest with rapid eye movement like the eyelash kisses you would give the mirror
the fluttering turning their wings into  heavy blades that leave a pinkish glow on your chest

my name was worn out that spring and you never learned to turn the light on at night
 Aug 2019 soak
Jon Thenes
 Aug 2019 soak
Jon Thenes
exfoliate sin

resolve pores of pollution

; secretion exhaust
 Aug 2019 soak
Robert C Ellis
I am a child asleep at the beach my
feet are not fully formed from
the stars I can't reach I
dream of water tucking
me into the deep as I breathe
God fashions ribs from
countless shark teeth...

Where were you going, Jesus, to leave this in your wake.  
the moon, the sun, planets infinitely falling out of place.  Galaxies as turbines churning Light into Fate. I
am Gravity.  From childhood
I fall without a trace.
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