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Rex Verum Regem Jul 2018
Depression you hear is deep in my gut
I feel it
I know it ain’t clear
The message is rough
Dismiss it my life is turmoil
Crashing and burning all around me
Think I’m about to fly
I hug the ground
A different kind of landing

Tell my mama that I’m sorry
Tell my brother I was too week
Tell my little sister she’s a queen and never ever do this
Walk in the footsteps of our forefathers
I’m a bad imitation  
About to finish of my sermon
Place it under my phone, passwords deactivated
Because I want someone to know
I want someone to care
I went everyone to learn
4 tick to midnight, I hear it ring last chance
maybe god still loves me
Maybe someone remembered my name
Maybe someone is reaching out to me
Stop, hold on.
I pick up...

Hello there I was looking to speak with Mr kingsley In regards to the newest and
peep peep peep
I hung the phone
I hung my soul
I hung.

                            Rex Verum Regem
Depression is not easy
Depression is not a choose
Depression is real
Suicide is real

Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to those we claim to care about; we see them everyday with smiles of gold and never going benith the surface why:
We are scare of what we will find
We don’t want to be the one to burden a discovery
We don’t want to be accountable

1 minuet if all it takes to call, send a text get involved.
Be accountable for those you love...
Rex Verum Regem Jul 2018
I wake up
I bath
I work
I finish
I go home
I sleep
I repeat

je me réveille
je prends un bain
je travaille
je termine
je rentre à la maison
je dors
je répète

Mo ji
Mo wẹ
Mo sise
Mo pari
Mo lọ si ile
Mo sun
Mo tun ṣe

أنا حمام
أنا أذهب للمنزل

Watashi wa
watashi no basu
watashi wa hataraku
watashi wa oeru
watashi wa ienikaeru neru
watashi wa kurikaesu

Ego surgere
et bath
ego consummare
i Vade in domum tuam
ego dormio
ego iterare

aš atsikeliu
Aš maudytis
Aš dirbu
aš baigiu
aš einu namo
aš miegu
aš kartoju

Rex Verum Regem
Some pains and sadness trancend race, colour and language.
We all follow the same painfull process to survive slaving away and receiving minimal Reward.
Rex Verum Regem Jul 2018
Do you believe in love ?

Because I do!
That warm feeling of the summer breeze as you hold your love on a cold winters night.

Vivid thought of future pleasures seep into imagination only to be made real by loves touch!!

Are you alright baby!?

Should I take you home!?
Can I sit you down,  massage your feet with some hot coco to go!

Long strokes caressing you
Loosen up your muscles, making you weak, relaxed, opening your mind to new possibilities an I'll do it all if it pleases you

Should I go on!

Maybe work on your mind a little
An no no no baby.
I don't play no mind games
I know you wanted to ask
So I saved you the trouble
release your mind
See past the barriers of time
50 years an when you return
Know that this is love!

Rex Verum Regem
Love we want it seek it even fight for it but only a few are willing to sacrifice for it!!! Love if caring, love is forgiving, love is kind. Mind, body and soul.
Rex Verum Regem Jul 2018
Cry’s endlessly into the night
Hoping to be heard
Never to be found
Dimming with every year
Subsiding with every thought
Fleeting is thy first love

Rex Verum Regem
A moment of reflection
Rex Verum Regem Jul 2018
Do you know what makes us great!?
Do you know the delphian feeling!?

I have walked on the sun and slept on the moon
Letting out my own flares
Creating my own current

We have been burnt and suffocated
Leaving ash in our wake
Multitude, overflowing; adrift, washing away

Do you know what makes us great!?
The ability the see the lights potential and make it shine seen through all the sky’s as a dying star
We are capable
Yet we long for more

Do you know the delphian feeling!?
Our ability to achieve and go beyond, encouraging greed, deception, betrayal
The Light!!
A two headed sword
Cementing history
Creating mystery
Certify Victory

The light beautiful and bright
Yet dark and mysterious.

Rex Verum Regem
Rex Verum Regem Jul 2018
I don't understand
Please explain
Tell me why
When ?

When did we stop?
Stop loving
Stop caring
Stop seeing Ourselves in one another

The war, the hate, the disgust
I see the layers that covers the training given by man
simmering below
hate coupled with a hint of disgust
seeping into our hearts
slowly turning and working there claws in
when all is lost and we can only hope

After the evils have found there way out
After the souls have cried their last cries
hope will follow.

Rex Verum Regem
To may times do we judge others and act based on what’s has been done to us letting the bad out shine the good but where there is love there is hope and where there is hope we can always get better and do better regardless of the wrong done to us

— The End —