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Nov 10 · 105
Nov 1 · 158
love drunk
Renn Powell Nov 1
was it magic or fate
flowing through our veins ?
whatever it was has intoxicated my brain.
Oct 28 · 86
Renn Powell Oct 28
and i'm swallowing stardust
i'm feeling numb
my heads higher than the clouds
cause i finally found the one
Oct 28 · 157
Renn Powell Oct 28
you speak
in love
every time
you move your tongue
Oct 23 · 109
Renn Powell Oct 23
you are serotonin and dopamine

i'm so high

but drug free
Oct 23 · 154
Renn Powell Oct 23
he's a Saturday morning sunrise
he's a best friend
and the love of my life
he's a warm cup of coffee
he's a late night movie
he's everything i wanted
and everything love should be
Oct 6 · 177
Renn Powell Oct 6
that’s the only lullaby I’ll ever need
So keep letting your heart beat sing me to sleep
Oct 4 · 1.0k
Renn Powell Oct 4
you told me you loved me a thousand times
you didn't say it with you voice
you said it with your eyes
Oct 4 · 258
Renn Powell Oct 4
you saturate my darkest nights
with all the colors that lay in your eyes
Sep 20 · 276
Renn Powell Sep 20
and if i never find another soul to love, i'll be okay with yours being the last.
Sep 20 · 126
wild flowers
Renn Powell Sep 20
maybe it will never change

maybe we will still be flowers on the side of the road

still no place to call home

but still flowing in our veins is the wildness and adventure that

we’ve always known to be

we would be gleaming with vivd colors.

still trying to survive

the droughts
the rains
the storms
the heat
the wind
the bitter cold

when winter comes along, and someone doesn’t stop to pick you next and we will be left

to wilt


something once so beautiful and fragile

now lifeless and limp.

r. Powell
Sep 20 · 109
Renn Powell Sep 20
maybe the hesitation that ached below my skin
when i met you, was something i shouldn't have ignored.
Jul 10 · 259
Renn Powell Jul 10
we waltz in perfect time at the end of the line

back and forth


with a face full of smiles

with a heart full of ache

that the music will soon be over

and so we will.

but just for an extra moment
i get to hold you near me.
Jun 30 · 537
mornings i miss you
Renn Powell Jun 30
when do i miss you the most?
when the air conditioner is freezing cold?
or i just burnt breakfast because i got caught up kissing you good morning ?
or when i can't let go of you and its 11:30am and we've already missed the chance to get donuts at the drive thru?
I never thought i'd actually miss you.
Jun 30 · 280
haunting you
Renn Powell Jun 30
you woke up all alone
in the same bed we shared for 2 years
i bet you can still feel my bones
underneath the sheets
how many times have you  tired to wash them clean.?
Jun 13 · 596
Renn Powell Jun 13
i think we’ve all fallen down a time or two in life.
it's the ways we’ve chosen to get back up that makes us powerful
Jun 13 · 210
Renn Powell Jun 13
trying to read someones intentions are confusing , they may look like their staying. But they've already stepped a foot out the door.
May 28 · 114
magnetic souls
Renn Powell May 28
we used to be like magnets
if we got close we knew we couldn’t separate.
if we got to far apart, there was still a strong
sensation that kept pulling us together.
but we kept breaking down into small bits
and began to scatter.
we lost our strength,
now i’m not sure if our souls will
ever reattach to each other again .
May 27 · 114
Destructive love
Renn Powell May 27
Like two thunderstorms that came
From opposite directions
And caused mass destruction
That’s exactly what happened when our souls met
May 26 · 91
Renn Powell May 26
my hopes are so high
i hope they don't crash
because i'm not sure
if they'll survive the landing
May 26 · 92
fading dreams
Renn Powell May 26
my dreams had faded
like photos that had been hanging
on the walls for too long
once the summer sun
starting sizzling outside
dwindling out
as the seconds went by.
May 26 · 686
Renn Powell May 26
You taught me a lesson, and that was to never trust again.
May 25 · 136
Renn Powell May 25
i left my happiness out for too long
its beginning to rot away.
i've forgotten how to put it up,
so its just turn to decay.
maybe i should have preserved it.
and never walked away.
but now forever gone,
and i'm the only one to blame.
May 25 · 100
Renn Powell May 25
sometimes i miss waking up next to
but if i woke up to a body that wasn't yours
i'd be disappointed
May 24 · 193
Renn Powell May 24
how do i fix myself when
i don't even know what broke me
in the first place.
May 24 · 128
Renn Powell May 24
I’ve sunken down into dark holes
That I’ve dug myself.
The blisters are throbbing on my palms.
I know the way out.
But what lies above
Are the things that scare me.
And I’m hoping that hiding will heal me.
May 2 · 1.7k
Renn Powell May 2
you’ve stolen so much of my soul,
i’m still trying to remember who i was
Apr 29 · 202
love and lies
Renn Powell Apr 29
i was so desperate to hear the liquor induced
"i love you "
that oozed from your lying lips.
Apr 25 · 237
Renn Powell Apr 25
They remind us of the past
They remind us of the pain
They remind us we can heal
They remind us we have a future

Apr 25 · 205
Renn Powell Apr 25
I was missing a few pieces
But every time you tried to
Glue them back on me
They would fall off
And shatter
Apr 18 · 125
moving into you
Renn Powell Apr 18
the room was empty but it was filled with boxes of our things.
my hopes and dreams for us,
your secrets and lies.
you kept them taped up tight,
and every month that passed by you began to unbox them
one at a time.
Apr 18 · 469
Renn Powell Apr 18
and when i lost you,
it allowed me to become someone new.
Apr 18 · 187
Renn Powell Apr 18
my mistakes have been haunting me
they begin to cover me like a rain storm
when i've forgotten my umbrella
and i can't find my car keys while digging in
the bottom of my leather purse
its drowning me
all over
but i can still breathe
Apr 16 · 138
Renn Powell Apr 16
I thought seeing you would help me heal.
I’m currently trying to patch up the wounds I just reopened.
Apr 15 · 118
Renn Powell Apr 15
how do I begin to
let my mind process the thoughts
of giving my body to someone else?
when I don’t even feel like its mine in
the first place.
Apr 11 · 138
i'm sorry
Renn Powell Apr 11
i wasn't aware of the pain you felt.
but if i could have taken it from you,
i'd let it skin me alive.
Apr 11 · 291
Renn Powell Apr 11
its throbbing inside my soul
like a tooth ache.

- wanting to love you again
Apr 10 · 139
Renn Powell Apr 10
my body has been aching
it feels worse than the flu i had
when i was a 10 year old child
lifeless and limp
food doesn’t taste the same
my face is starting to look different
its settled into my veins now
and i’m not sure i’ll recover

- you're the virus in my body
Apr 9 · 471
good liar
Renn Powell Apr 9
i'll forever deny that i still love you
and everyone knows thats the
biggest lie i'll ever tell
Apr 9 · 174
Renn Powell Apr 9
I  would have traded hearing you tell me
I don’t love you anymore
For every bone in my rib cage to shatter
It would have ached less
Apr 8 · 104
your childhood
Renn Powell Apr 8
i was angry
how did they not care for you
the innocent boy with blonde hair
blue eyes and
crooked teeth
listening to the worst stories my ears have ever heard
the new towns, new homes, new schools
living in fear
at such a young age
you never had a permeant place to call home
until you met me
Apr 7 · 128
Renn Powell Apr 7
as i dangled
as i danced
i no longer could use my voice
nor my own breathe
i was your puppet
on a string
and you controlled every
part of me
Apr 6 · 114
Renn Powell Apr 6
my body went into shock
it was like watching a terrible
accident happen right before my eyes
my adrenaline is pumping
my heart is racing
i feel like i've lost all control
sick to my stomach
something i can't quite comprehend
or make sense of

-watching you love someone else
Apr 6 · 255
Renn Powell Apr 6
you got stuck
in that same
place you begged me
to help you out of
like quick sand
now all i can do is
sit back
and watch you drown
in your past
Apr 6 · 373
Renn Powell Apr 6
you crept in my window
in the middle of the night
to steal all i had
right from me
nothing left in sight
place your hands around my
and now i can't breathe
the loneliness has robbed me
of everything
Apr 6 · 112
Renn Powell Apr 6
i'm afraid to see the dentist
it isn't the drill
or the long needle
that presses into your gums
that terrifies me
its the numb
for so long i couldn't feel a thing
but it finally wore off one day
and i don't want to know
that that feels like anymore
Apr 4 · 145
orphaned demons
Renn Powell Apr 4
you knew i could take care of them
i could nurture them
you orphaned your demons
at the doorstep of my soul
now they’ve started their chaos inside of me

- i can’t adopt them
Apr 4 · 288
Renn Powell Apr 4
i wish i could make you disappear from my mind
- i'm no magician
Renn Powell Apr 1
saying i love you
to get you to stay
was like burning my
tongue on a sip of black coffee

-its scorching me
Mar 30 · 225
Renn Powell Mar 30
every time i see you, it's like looking into the sun
- it hurts
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