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the room was empty but it was filled with boxes of our things.
my hopes and dreams for us,
your secrets and lies.
you kept them taped up tight,
and every month that passed by you began to unbox them
one at a time.
and when i lost you,
it allowed me to become someone new.
my mistakes have been haunting me
they begin to cover me like a rain storm
when i've forgotten my umbrella
and i can't find my car keys while digging in
the bottom of my leather purse
its drowning me
all over
but i can still breathe
people tear people down
as if they're 19th century
buildings that
can hardly stand
on their own anymore.
they see the weak spots,
and start the bulldozer.
I thought seeing you would help me heal.
I’m currently trying to patch up the wounds I just reopened.
how do I begin to
let my mind process the thoughts
of giving my body to someone else?
when I don’t even feel like its mine in
the first place.
i wasn't aware of the pain you felt.
but if i could have taken it from you,
i'd let it skin me alive.
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