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Renn Powell Oct 6
that’s the only lullaby I’ll ever need
So keep letting your heart beat sing me to sleep
Renn Powell Oct 4
you told me you loved me a thousand times
you didn't say it with you voice
you said it with your eyes
Renn Powell Oct 4
you saturate my darkest nights
with all the colors that lay in your eyes
Renn Powell Sep 20
and if i never find another soul to love, i'll be okay with yours being the last.
Renn Powell Sep 20
maybe it will never change

maybe we will still be flowers on the side of the road

still no place to call home

but still flowing in our veins is the wildness and adventure that

we’ve always known to be

we would be gleaming with vivd colors.

still trying to survive

the droughts
the rains
the storms
the heat
the wind
the bitter cold

when winter comes along, and someone doesn’t stop to pick you next and we will be left

to wilt


something once so beautiful and fragile

now lifeless and limp.

r. Powell
Renn Powell Sep 20
maybe the hesitation that ached below my skin
when i met you, was something i shouldn't have ignored.
Renn Powell Jul 10
we waltz in perfect time at the end of the line

back and forth


with a face full of smiles

with a heart full of ache

that the music will soon be over

and so we will.

but just for an extra moment
i get to hold you near me.
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