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What once was
may never be
a cruel lesson that life
has taught me
so I savor every second
like it's the last
so it will last as long as can be
Your body language,
Speaks to me,
in ways,
I yearn to understand.
The walls painted,
In the accent of lavender,
air tainted with *** scents,
of him and her.
My head knows all the reasons not
But my heart is a knot
Longing for you
To hear your voice
To hear you say you're okay
I miss you, old friend
One of these days I'll be brave
But tonight is not that night
I'll slink into the shadows
Drown in the shallows
And mourn the fact
I still miss you
//On her//
i’ll always matter to you
but i’ll never be your person

i’ll always just be a

just a gentle
play on words
Dear Love,
I keep thinking
you have taught me
everything thing there is
to know about the word pain,
then I make the mistake of loving again.
fate in the hands of the Universe,
i give myself to you

teach me what i've yet learn,
and what i'm made to do
resigned from my racist *** workplace because i'm not about that silent **** anymore
i want to kiss you in every body of water i use to wish i was drowning in
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