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reisedvngill Apr 2015
Dear jetliner,
take me away from the pain,
take me to a whole new world for awhile -
because I ain't running,
I just need a weekend off.
Where I can breathe,
and stop swallowing my pride.
Too much to handle,
too much at once
  Apr 2015 reisedvngill
I may not the best daughter.
But you will always be the best Father.
Yes, I've been slapped, left and right.
But I know I deserved that.
And I'm thankful you do that,
So I will realize how wrong I was.
I always promise to do good
But I also broke that promise,
Cause every time I swear
Later on I'll do the same mistake again.
I tend to do bad things repeatedly.
Yet you forgive me no matter how worst it is.
I didn't love you truthfully,
But you and your love embraces me.
If it isn't because of your love I maybe in hell now,
Screaming in pain endlessly.
You promise to save me and go everywhere I go.
And you never fail to do that.
I cried becasuse of how happy I am,
To know that there's someone who's willing to die for me.
You gave me everything but I can't give you even a single thing.
I was so self-centered, I was so selfish.
But that was before.
It's true that you can't change yourself,
Unless you ask for God's help and guidance.
It is not only me who make accomplishments,
But it is also the Holy Spirit you sends me.
I admit that I can't keep promises
So I ask for your patience,
To always look for me.
I know you do and will always.
Thank you for making me happy.
I only need you in my life.
Cause for when I'm with you,
It was always beyond perfect.
a liitle girl who only have failures in life but because of her God she now have accomplishements. she never know how to smile from the heart but her God teach her. A girl who once a no one is now becoming a somebody. a little girl before but now a woman of God
reisedvngill Apr 2015
7,670 miles you said,
12,343 kilometres to be exact I added.

Yes, it is not fair!
It is not fair,
it is not fair of how
we just let the distance simply comes between us.

Been 4 months since I was laying next to you,
I cannot complain to these 18 hours of flight with two transits;
knowing that I am trying to make it home with you before the weekend.

Because years from now,
this will be a story-
A story of how a foolish traveled thousand miles to see her beloved one,
or a story of
long days and lonely nights,
lack of sleep and midnight dissertation,
followed by expensive airplane tickets and long flights
to make things work between us.

How can we live each day having intimately known the pain of 12,343 kilometres?

X, Reisedvn
reisedvngill Apr 2015
Mirror mirror on the wall,
why do not you say something nice?
Instead of reflecting the reasons why I fall
- when all I have on me are these deface.
reisedvngill Apr 2015
You said you love me but I would not understand your situation.
How could I understand if all I can see is you going down to your self-destruction alone?
Bring me to your level of understanding,
let me explore your thoughts,
open the gate to your heart widely,
I am standing right in front of your wall, knocking on to the gate of your heart.
Let me in, let me show you how much I care about your beautiful being.
You are not alone, so do not shoo me away.
Me… too want to carry the burden you have been carrying.
I will go with you to Heaven, earth even hell, no matter what.
Please do not hide anything from me…
Just hold my hand, as long as I am with that tall figure for me to follow, that broad shoulders for me to cry on, that gentle heart for me to love, that man’s soul for me to adore, I will spare my whole life with you.
Ollie, I love you.

— The End —