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Regan Wylde May 28
I wanted to go to university,
And then I failed college.

I wanted to be a writer,
But now my words have lost all meaning.

I wanted to love someone forever,
Yet they couldn’t love me for a day.

I wanted to live a healthy life,
Now substances hold me hostage.

I wanted to be somebody great,
But not anymore.

I don’t want anything at all.
I am sorry I haven’t been active in the community recently , I hope everyone is safe and well.
Regan Wylde Apr 23
Do you ever just forget what’s going on?
I forget.
I forget that the world isn’t normal.
I forget that nothing is the same.
And every realisation is just as heartbreaking.

I really wish I could forget for a lot longer.
Just forget.
I could pretend that nothing has changed.
I could pretended that this is normal.
But my heart would still sink just as hard.
Been a little inactive recently so thought it was time I posted, thank you for all the love ❤️
Regan Wylde Apr 14
Life used to be so dull,
My heart used to be so heavy.
What I thought was an eternal pain,
Is now just a memory.

Since you came alone,
I can finally breath again.
Your soul fills my lungs,
You are my oxygen.

You’ve brought back my brighter days,
I never thought they’d return.
Thanks to you my angel,
I couldn’t ask for more.
  Apr 14 Regan Wylde
I tought
in my utmost deep
that I was not alone
but alas
altough hard to believe
it was all fake
 just a cruel trick
for when I was lost
crying away in the dark
everything I had turned to mist
and then I saw
in the light of a heartbreak
only a desert
full of me
  Apr 14 Regan Wylde
Gulden Girl
My heart is heavy and it hurts
I don’t understand where I go wrong
One after the other
All the same
Starts out so strong,
But as days go on,
Words and conversations lack
Till nothing...
But an empty shell of a connection remains
My heart is heavy and it hurts
I think I’m giving up.
Regan Wylde Apr 7
Each night I call for my love,
Yet I get no response.

Each day I think of my sweetheart,
But I can’t get further than a thought.

Each evening I cry for my darling,
However tears solve nothing.

Each hour I picture my angel,
Though the image is no longer clear.
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