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rey May 16
Life can be great
My happiness can be through the roof
The days I skip instead of walking
The days I smile and laugh loudly
But all it takes to destroy all of it
is a simple touch

It’s been three days straight
I’m only sixteen
you won’t keep your hands off
you’re twenty five
I just want to get through my day
without you on me
instead of being happy
I will lay in my bed
and cry until i have a panic attack
let all of my pain out
because one day you won’t
be able to walk all over me
one day i’ll stand up for myself
one day my body will be mine
one day.
rey Mar 19
how is it mine when you took it
you were here to love it for me
you certainly did when you could
you couldn’t forget me
you couldn’t forget what you took
you took your own to try to forget mine
but it was mine
it was mine
it was mine
why did you take it
why did you steal the only thing i had
why me
why me
oh how i weeped when you did it
i cried out for help
i cried out
i cried out
i begged for my body
but didn’t know it was gone
i trusted you after you hurt me
you hurt me
you hurt me
now i shake when i think of you
now i cry when i remember you
now i cry
now i cry
i will never know how or why
you took the easy way out
when will i get closure
when will my body be mine
when will my body be mine
when will you give it back.
rey Jan 14
I feel as if I've lost my way
I pray
Today just was not a good day
I pray
In my bed I lay
to pray
I thank God for this new day
thankfully I pray
I tell Him my worries so come what may
when I pray
No matter what they say
I still pray

Since I pray
I know tomorrow will be a better day.
rey Dec 2020
you’re the prettiest girl to exist
but this love i have, i must resist
they can’t find out i love you
they would tell me it isn’t true
they would scream and holler
they would make me shrink smaller
you’re eyes are like stars
you have the most beautiful scars
i want to kiss you until i can’t breathe
i certainly despise when you leave
if they found of what i feel
they would hate it, even though it’s real
your face and your hair
but i’m scared
you’re my best friend
this love i want to lend
i don’t want to cause a scene
i don’t want them to be mean
i want your love and your passion
i love your style and your fashion
i dream of us together
i have dreamed it forever
one day i’ll get the confidence
to tell you what i wish
to hold you close all the time
to call you baby and all mine
oh how i crave your touch
i know my emotions are too much
but i hate i have to hide
and i have nobody to confide
this love i wish to receive
will never be what they please
i hurts me to say
there might never be a day
for me to tell you
how much i have loved you.
i cuff my jeans. sweater weather. ya know :)
rey Nov 2020
people stereotype children with innocence
but what is a child with their innocence taken?
merely an adult in the shell of a child.
hello, i’m your average child with the mindset of someone in their mid 40s
my childhood was brief unlike those of my peers.
i knew the troubles and the pain and they didn’t
i knew the pleasures and the mistakes
i knew the wrongs and the rights
i knew the rebuilding and recovery.
i used to cling to what was left of my childhood
now i have finally accepted that it’s over
hello, i’m still your grown-up child.
i understand complex things
i can read a situation faster than that novel you picked up a year ago.
i can find my way out of trouble
i know how to defend myself
i’ve grown up fearing what i knew
i’ve grown up trying to find others like me
i cling to the fellow broken kids
i cling to what i know.
rey Nov 2020
i’m gasping for air in the only place i’m welcome
let me out! let me out!
nobody can hear me screaming!
i’m stuck in this brick box!
rey Oct 2020
I’ll always be right here if you need me

please don’t leave me here
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