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 Sep 22 Regan
People practice poker face,
I was born with it,
sometimes it becomes a necessity,
Not for the people to show,
But for ourselves,
to survive, to live,
to fight each day of your life,
To have a persona,
Of living in denial,
And it is not bad,
It's good,
For my reality
Is blood-ridden!
It's a haunted mansion-
Where screams are unheard
When you run on an endless road
It's good to be on the side of the devil
Than to be consumed by one,
***** the reality,
I am one with my mask,
It's my identity.
It's who i am now,
Man with a poker face.
But, after all these years
When i look at myself
I wonder!
Am i the mask?
Or the mask is me?
Well, it doesn't matter or does it?

© hopesflyhigh
 Sep 22 Regan
Lavanya Jain
I remember when I opened my eyes,
for first time in life,
your sun washed face was tensed.
I thought were worried for me
But your sadness didn't make sense.

I remember when I started walking
your shoulders were bent a bit
First, I thought it was for holding me from falling
But it was the burden, wasn't it.

I remember when you sent brother to school,
You asked me to help mom with plates
First, I thought that job was odd
But I should've understood that was my fate.

I remember when I played with my doll
& married her to other,
You also married me off.
First I thought you were playing with me
But you made me of him forever.

I remember when he bruised me
I remember when he abused me
I knew you could hear me from across the walls
Where I wept all day,
I thought you would take me away
& protect me from those blames
But unfortunately you never came.

I remember when I asked for help,
you never even tried.
In fact joy screamed through your silent eyes
The day your little girl died.
p.s.  To the society that has banned female foeticides but has started practicing barbarity against girl child . . .
one day
i will be okay
one day
i will wake up and feel happy
one day
i will stop crying
one day
i will stop giving my everything to people who dont deserve it
one day
i will smile and mean it
one day
i will be free

what if one day was today.

— The End —