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Regan 1d
Bury me in the
Yellow Flowers
As my thoughts
drift away.
this is my first poem to hit the top of front page! thank you all for the support! <3 :)
Regan Mar 6
a shot of *****
home alone
cries at night
when you’re alone
stealing cigarettes
and burnt up matches
slim smiles
tired laughs
burning daydreams
mind of fire
long days
late hours
missing love
wanting more
maintaining youth
with society’s
sad ideas
and no love
not a call
from heaven
fearing nothing
scared of
acting tough
needing love

it’s hard being a kid
when society pushes
you to grow up.
i want simpler times back
Regan Mar 6
i don’t strive to be beautiful
but i find beauty in humor.

i’d rather charm you with my personality
instead of a face i paint on.

i’d rather see you smile because of me
than to flirt without boundaries.

i’m different and i want you
to love that about me.
Regan Mar 6
i cling to those who hurt me most
and those who don’t care about me.

i’d let someone take all of my happiness
in exchange for a second of attention.
Regan Mar 5
i went from smiles
to sadness
too fast.

i saw my glow
become dim
and disappear

but i was a stranger
to who i am

9 months ago
and today -
i’m a different person.

though my smile
still turns sad
i’m better than i was.
Regan Feb 22
once you stop
waiting for love
and searching for a partner
they tend to show up
at the right moments
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