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RedBerry Dec 2019
I hear you talk,
I see your lips moving.
The shape of your mouth forming letters after letters.

I smile and agree.
Eyes crinkle with mirth,
My voice booms in the space between us and the silence of the universe.

I see you,
I hear you,
But do I really?

I'm there, but I'm not.
I feel, but I don't.
I smile, when I feel pain
And I talk when I'm not sure what to say.

It's not me you're talking to,
But my body responding to you,
Like an autopilot.
#i didn't intend to publish this. But here you go...*awkward silence*#. #autopiltot
RedBerry Nov 2019
Yesterday I was lost.
Screaming and running
I tried to find a way out,

But only dark alleys and silence I found.

Today I'm lost again.
Screaming and running,
I try to find a way out,

But only a far, far away light I find.

Tomorrow I will be lost again.
Screaming and running,
I will try to find a way out,

Because no one knows what i will find.

Be it darkness ,
Or a way out,
My feet won't stop running,
And my voice won't stop screaming,

Because hope still runs through me.
RedBerry Oct 2019
Sweet peaches
Round, pink and soft
They are all mine, not for you though.

You keep on looking, I know you do
But don't worry, I understand,
You want a taste of them too.

Not to be rude,
But I don't like to share.
My sweet, pink peaches are not on sale.

You keep on starring,
Would you please stop?
How many times,
Should I say no?

Smelling like goodnes,
They sweet and ripe,
You'll never find others,
Looking like mine.

You seem hungry,
Hungry for my peaches?
How silly you are,
Just keep on dreaming.

Oh, look
It's already so late,
But before I go, let me remind you,
You won't get any today.
Sweet, rosy, and ripe, you too want a taste of my peaches now?
RedBerry Oct 2019
Wake up, the sun is shining,
My mother's words are loudly calling.

Turn right then turn left
I feel more tired than when I went to bed.,

My hands are cold,
And so are my feet.,
The cozy, warm blanket is my only relief.

Tick-tock, tick-tock
A silent someone, going by Mr. Clock,
Is buzzing in the background,
Reminding me that I have to wake up.

My eyes are now open,
But I still feel sleepy
A deep, scary feeling is slowly sinking.

Get up and face the world.,
It's what I tell myself non-stop.

But deep inside,
I wish I could just stop the clock
For I am too scared to face the world

Cowardice is not my excuse,
I just am tired to keep accepting rules.
Problems over problems
Hate over Love,
All big stones, laying inside my heart.
Bittersweet, like the soft and warm sunlight, caressing your skin in the morning...
RedBerry Oct 2019
An unknown feeling is lit up from inside.
Like my grandpa's fireplace, its fire is burning red.
Hand reaches up,
Trying to hold myself from burning up.

Nose scrunched up,
Brows all furrowed.,
My mind is ragged, my soul is beat...
When really...
Silence is all I crave.

Breathing slow and breathing deep,
The sweet pain is all I feel.
Call me mad, or call me crazy,
It won't hurt, cause I am already.

The unknown feeling has reached me now.,
Should I stay, or should I run?

Fighting, is what I do.,
With "Happy Thoughts",
And "Big Smiles"
But sometimes,
I still lose the fight.

Gasping loud, I open my eyes.,
I think the world, just took me apart.

Darkness is all around me.,
The feeling of wool under my skin,
As I realize it was just a dream.

My body unmoving,
My mind racing...
I can hear the silence I was craving.

But now, I feel stuck
And empty.,
Should I go back to sleeping?


But don't worry,
Whereas I am stuck, unmoving,
Time is running out.

One, two, three...
...tick-tock, tick-tock.,
Heat is slowly sinking,
And my heart is still beating.

— The End —