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Red Fox May 2016
From the crest of your head,
To the ***** of your feet.
I love every inch of you,
A couple of forevers.
Only makes you taste,
All the more sweet!

I get lost in the ocean,
That lies behind your eyes.
A manifestation of your love,
Even greater than
What's between your thighs!

Making constant eye contact,
To disseminate later periods of bereave.
As open as a window,
On a cool summer night's eve.

A couple of forevers,
Just falling leaves from a tree.
A couple of forevers,
Just small trials to endure.
Even smaller,
When I think of you,
Spending forever with me.
Red Fox Mar 2016
I think you're gorgeous
But don't know how to say.
I'd hate to come off thirsty
But a slide in your DM's
May be the best way to get the feelings conveyed.

Wanting you but a little too shy to say it
My actions kinda already display it.
Miss texting you,
Even when my days lit.
Overthinking and too scared to say ****.
Feeling indifferent
To all other women I can get with.
Its shoot your shot 16
But you're the one I want to end with.
I don't convey my emotions much
I want to take this chance
More than I wanna give it up
On top of it all
Your overall beautiful
Like finding a briefcase
With a few million plus
Nevertheless, I'm glad I got it out
Nothing left to hide
We can call this verbal lust
Even if you shoot me down
I've already put my feelings aside.
Red Fox Feb 2016
The rhythm of my heartbeat.
The sound of my soul.
The emptiness I keep hidden away,
Filled with hollow words,
That I use to write these poems.
What poetry really is for me
  Jan 2016 Red Fox
its gonna make sense
if you can't feel love
you are only breathing*

not living

to live
to love
  Jan 2016 Red Fox
Denel Kessler
we are here
to bless                                
restore                    ­                                                              

the broken

from chaos

with devotion

let our love
be absolute            

asking nothing
but to freely
Peace my poet friends...
Red Fox Jan 2016
I bare my life in these words
Never find shame in your slurs.
Avoiding action,
Unless Malcolm follows,
Your name,
Preceding a verb.
Red Fox Jan 2016
You can never save the world
Without Loss
You can only change within
No Matter the Cost

Change Within
Our Greatest Weapon,
A prolific ammunition,
Conveying wounds through the most infinitesimal incisions,
Ricocheting across the battlefield,
We call our nation.

The greatest weapon
Against our greatest enemy,
Is our ability to inspire one another.
Love Conquers our Differences
Time can Build a better Future,
Even over a foundation of
**Belligerent Ignorance
I am neither White or Black
I'm just ME
Without an understanding or empathy
For anyone who can't see that
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