Rebecca Kinga Sep 2017
Here my dreams
That perfect paradise
Lost in a darkness
Even sun doesn't rise

A bunch of wilted roses
For cremating lives
Lost Like an overdose is
No need for rusted knives

Phantoms are humming
With symphony of knell
Anthems stay in silence
For rusted broken bells

Priest chose the quiet
& the rest forgot to pray
No word could describe it
No tear did roll that day
This is not the complete version, but wanted to share this, I'm still working on it.
Rebecca Kinga Aug 2017
Learning burns
And burning teach
we've never learned
Rebecca Kinga Aug 2017
Behind that shiny thing on your head
There's a blood lust, why they are dead

Behind that cape that touches the ground
Lots of voices had lost and drowned

Behind that pictures you smile for fake
Maybe you do not even worth it to take

Listen castel with ones that you have

We are the same except the crown
You touch the clouds, we're on the ground

You own the cape, you whisper loud
We scream & shout, you hear no sound

You do want you need even with fierce
We rebuild the piers for flood of the tears
Rebecca Kinga Aug 2017
We're all on our way to seventeen
With torn jeans & clothes from velveteen
Faithfull friends like we're forever teens

Hi new days & graceful traces
We're the darkness in starfull places
Broken hearts of charming faces

Spending nights awake with our team
Roaming in streets with best of our dreams
We're the samples of perfect teens
We're all on our way to seventeen
Actually it's not like my other poems... just wrote because days later I will be 16 and enter the world of 17... and I'm on my way to 17!
Rebecca Kinga Aug 2017
There on the stair of a burning bridge
I glanced again, after I cringed

Stepped into my side, I collapsed & wept
For nights & promises we kept

I peered but you were lost in the smoke
While my tears streamed & stroked

I burst into tears, Bridges into flames
They made the most breathtaking frames

Ashes on the ground they will always remain
Like gashes of our hearts, rising our pain
(An image of a bridge from one side to another, burning)
Rebecca Kinga Aug 2017
Here my skin painted with shards
Raindrops are dressed in sinful arts

Stunning abstracts are on the ground
Painted so soon as drops they drowned
Last portrait of me, chilling & pale
Delighted & bloody, like a fairy tale

Silence was broken, by a dream, it's whimper
& I said good bye so loud in a whisper
I collapsed & closed my tearful eyes
Flood had breathtaking reflection of skies

Last breath I had, surrounded with dope
Last thoughts I had were filled with mope
Dreams of tonight, killing not harming
But last image of it, chilling & charming

My soul, my body, & tears of midnight
Ended so pleased, all I delight
Last portrait of me, chilling & pale
Delighted & bloody, like a fairy tale
An image of some one, taking her own life in the rain...
Imagine each word...
Rebecca Kinga Jul 2017
Broken walls of stolen homes
Bleeding hearts in broken bones
Dreamlands turned to a battlefield
Youngest hearts turned to stones

Thought I found a home for fears
Where waves of tears broke the piers
Singing birds lay in silence
I saw it last through a mist of tears

Even flowers here suffocated
Most simples thoughts are complicated
Cleanest loves are shrouded in mist
Happiest thoughts are frustrated
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