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Music is playing softly and I know the lyrics
Will i sing along? but for how long
Am meditating
Lots of thoughts pending
My mind is exploding
A cloud of *** smoke spreading

I'll let the musician sing in me
It will ease all that there is and
The smoke, its warmth will take me to slumber land
Till tomorrow for a better stand
When the sun will present it's brand
May 31 · 401
Pretty nice words
All put in a poll
I love you beats them all
May 25 · 153
Smart alert🚦
So many songs,
Writings of different forms,
Signs bearing emotions,
All done to define and express love.

What makes this exceptional?
It's Me and You getting functional
Where time here is neither money
Nor a factor as company

Sing to me your feels
I'll listen and do the beats
Dig in me your prints
Show me how you do your kills

Love to grow and glow
Should be let free to flow
May 23 · 205
Loving again
Love is in the air
How many more will I love
My heart now in shock
Just when you thought you found love then you love again
May 22 · 1.1k
Is in your eyes
You just have to notice it
Real people appreciate what they see
May 19 · 163
beer tickets
folding stuff
legal tender
This is all money
And I got so much pity
Not for those that don't have any
They still got Life
But for those that are greedy.
It's all human nature but be benevolent
May 12 · 492
No Title
Love adding heat to the already hot environment

Love's a beautiful thing but to others it's a predicament

Lucky for me it was meant

So hot to others that they can't
Love's a beautiful thing to those courageous enough to take it
May 12 · 145
Hold you
Baby..let me hold you in my arms
And I'll make you recall being in your mum's
Just like justice in the court of arms
Or like my lip in your sweet one's

Come closer bring your charm
Show that which always Stuns
Do the amazing move, make that turn
You know I missed you, shake that ***
Speak to me our language hunny
Let's "burn" Let's "bang"  pun
Hardest in the room
May 11 · 235
Breath in

             Breath out
Come back to reality
May 7 · 1.1k
Future Queen
My only vision of you is your character
That's not easily found in another
Now it's your face am trying to figure
And am finding it much more prettier
May 1 · 284
Past tense
Making you up in my dreams
Is better than reading memes
Cashing out earnings
Or even visiting inns
Somehow Interesting how Some feelings fade away with time
May 1 · 128
Your say
Some say this
Some say that
What do you say
What do you believe?
May 1 · 162
My Quill
The patterned colour(s) it leaves behind is magic
You'll read and may get nothing to grasp
Instead, you'll see then come to learn what's penned
Writings need attention
May 1 · 229
Drunk in Love? No
Am high and you know
The temperature hear is low
Join me, take this plant of ***
Come up and make it hot
You're so hot, grace my thought
The high af level
Apr 30 · 223
I wonder why am feeling my breath
Oh! it's that you remind me am alive on Earth
Even while enjoying a cold bath
My love for you still hot like hearth
Feel the love
Apr 30 · 375
Eye candy
Wind blows on this side
Close my eyes and turn to hide
Now it's you I find
It's a Haiku isn't it?
Apr 30 · 172
1835 magic
Being Magnificently made and
Having alot to offer
~you are great~
Am told this but I hear no sound
I ask, who said that?
Maybe am in fantasy!
~see the background~
I take a look and I notice
~it's the current moment~
There is so much to see in the mirror
But most importantly
~the focus image~
That's you
~that's the future~
You're Great
Let the mirror tell you so
Apr 30 · 185
Don't hurt me
Though everybody falls for you
I fell infront of you
Though It didn't hurt
I will if you leave, I'll hurt
Apr 28 · 266
One for all, All with menace
Giver of life you've filled ours with Grace
Like sunshine leaving out no single face
Everlasting, you're the desire of ages
Apr 27 · 203
Another day
Another say
Give thanks for a new day always
Apr 27 · 183
Make it
Everyday style up and give thanks
Even though you're not visiting banks
Just have in mind nothing of all is cranks
Crank enough to find taps on top of tanks
Positive energy🔥🔥
Apr 26 · 54
Hips don't lie
I love to see girls dancing
The dance tells you something
And its what you'd want to know
As it shakes she can't fake
Really, those hips don't lie
Apr 26 · 78
Visibility counts
Put it will go up so high visible to everyone like the sun for your voice will be heard and maybe forgotten but the ink will dry and forever remain
Apr 26 · 302
Good intentions
I have grown to be fully independent
But now, I've known you and I need your best
Your best being what you have and the rest
You will always be my all time Interest
Apr 24 · 88
On sight
I like it ..i like it that am seeing you, seeing you is a blessing of its kind. You're so beautiful, can I get your name?
"You can if you want"
Ooh!! I got it; Angel 👼
It's truly a blessing
#beautiful #angel #blessing
Apr 23 · 342
Go bad
Being around good girls makes me go bad
Apr 23 · 86
In my little old days I really believed I could fly
Swinging my arms believing so to others was a lie
Not until now that am feeling so high
For your presence sincerely lifts me to the sky
That which makes you feel so light..that feeling (wings)
Apr 21 · 344
You kept me distracted
more from myself
Apr 10 · 53
The Scope
Born simple having only God's work why want more
On your smooth skin no mark, now there's one more
Instead offer me what I lack, your love Mi Amor
Make me the happiest black whom everyone will adore
Give to me all your love not a pie

Until when, Until when will you realize
That am not those men who say name the price
Rather I'll include you in my plans for I know that's what's wise
Come with me to my den where happiness will be a spice
Give to me all your love not a pie

Blessed with life, God's gift why not cherish it
Being sometimes jovial that's how I like it
And the good fact that am with you seals it
Sad fact-Life:we've got separate ways of living it
Love and understand me the way I am

You're my gift from God's unending love
And I'll make you happy with everything I have
Slow down the pace and ease your nerve
Life's got every moment to live for love
Give to me all your love not a pie

I clean fúçk and cook for you
Am I not giving all you need boo
What more would you want me to do
Believe me, to you there isn't any planned coup
Love and understand me the way I am

I chose you to be my offsprings bearer
And so I need you much more nearer
Time, that's what I require from you this era
Perceive this and all will be good señora
Give to me all your love not a pie

Am so longing for the end of this chant
Darling, you know your heart is my trophy
Ever will it be up and never faced down as a bat
My aim is to make your life comfy
Give to me all your love not a pie

In all the good times and bad
Let God be our guide
Surely we'll be happy  not sad
For I'll ensure our Love knows no need
Love and understand me the way I am

That being said and done
I believe you won't hurt
You'll always be loved as the one
Let's believe and make this healthy and fat.
A look into a couples conversation both making their stands to me all your love not a pie...lady-love and understand me the way I am

— The End —