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Kelvin Githinji Jun 2021
Music is playing softly and I know the lyrics
Will i sing along? but for how long
Am meditating
Lots of thoughts pending
My mind is exploding
A cloud of *** smoke spreading

I'll let the musician sing in me
It will ease all that there is and
The smoke, its warmth will take me to slumber land
Till tomorrow for a better stand
When the sun will present it's brand
with open petals
sunflower awaits sunrise
nodding  and smiling.
Kelvin Githinji May 2021
Pretty nice words
All put in a poll
I love you beats them all
Kelvin Githinji May 2021
So many songs,
Writings of different forms,
Signs bearing emotions,
All done to define and express love.

What makes this exceptional?
It's Me and You getting functional
Where time here is neither money
Nor a factor as company

Sing to me your feels
I'll listen and do the beats
Dig in me your prints
Show me how you do your kills

Love to grow and glow
Should be let free to flow
Kelvin Githinji May 2021
Love is in the air
How many more will I love
My heart now in shock
Just when you thought you found love then you love again
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