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1d · 36
I am the sound words
Passing among the gossip lips
Vile hate on their tongue,
And bitter tasting to the beholders ear.

You carry me on
Far across the town
Like a wildfire
You are the dry, dark-gold grass.

I am the most powerful weapon
In destroying a life,
Naive ears fear me not,
For I am not their own property

I am yours.
I hate people who gossip...This happened to my friend a few weeks ago.
I play the Wii theme songs
On orange juice cups,
And dance to the song
From despicable me 2,
Have a fun Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy. Today I am HHHHAAAAAPPPPYYYY!!!!! The title is my voice while singing the wii theme song btw
5d · 262
Fake friends
B ecause
R eally,
O ur
K indness is
E agerly
N aive
This is true too many times in life
Nov 22 · 63
A windowpane
Renee Danes Nov 22
I see the passion in the words
They fight for life,
And breath,
And their emotion can overflow in me,
Their inspiration can overtake a soul.
Watching the storm waters
Rising on the ground,
Raindrops falling dance,
And remind me that all storms will pass,
Just like in life.

There is calm after the storm as well.
Have a fun Friday, I hope this was inspiring.
Nov 22 · 36
Because I am.
Renee Danes Nov 22
We are followers of the world,
We go where the world does,
We copy what the world says,

For once, I realize,
I am my own self,
And I have my own thoughts,
And I will never be the same as the world.

But that's what makes me human,
My creativity.

I am the only thing that can stop them
From making me lose these things.

So what if I am the rebel?

They cannot withstand my passion,

I will change the world,

Because it is who I am.
Just a powerful thought for such a young mind...
Renee Danes Nov 15
A lively fellow
A helpful sort
Found hunting and fishing
To be a good sport
One day he resolved
To go to the wood
To shoot a fowl
The idea sounded good
He saw a man a-walking
And so he went on talking
And helped the man carry a keg
Of beer or spirits or something,
Came to a strange valley
Found bowling pins
Not a bowling alley
Some weird men that were a-bowling,
Now while this was about
He came and took a draught
Of the keg and he found out
He felt he ought to sleep.
He woke up by a tree
His hunting gun, rusty,
His dog nowhere to be seen
And thought of those things
That happened before he slept
He swept his feet away to find
The place that he had left,
Strange confusion filled his face
For couldn't find the place
Where he was sure it had been
So he left again,
He went to his hometown
Changed in many ways
The people, tavern, and his house
Had all suddenly changed
He inquired of some people
About his missing friends
And to our surprise
This Rip Van Winkle guy
Had slept through the American Revolution!
We read Rip Van Winkle in English class today, I thought it would make a hilarious fun friday poem. Your Welcome ;p
Nov 13 · 62
Renee Danes Nov 13
Our calling is not as individuals,
But as a whole being,
The fluid thoughts
Interconnecting through our passion,

Our never ending river of poetry
I love this thought of mine.
Nov 8 · 1.2k
Renee Danes Nov 8
It is quite easy
To look back on life
And believe you went wrong.

It is harder
To look at where you are now
And appreciate all you've done
To get here.
Just a thought.
Nov 8 · 52
Renee Danes Nov 8
While waiting
For the time to pass
Waiting for a time
With mine craft skills
Then arcade games

Just around the corner :)
I am going to Craigs cruisers tonight, and me and my bf are going to be playing a lot of mine craft before we go, fun Friday yyyeeeeeeeee!!!!
Nov 1 · 46
High School Band.
Renee Danes Nov 1
Got a pass
From English class
To play an instrument
For cross country,
I didn't have to finish my
35 minute
Question timed
Fun Friday.....!!!!!!!YYAYYYAYYAYA
Nov 1 · 46
School on Halloween
Renee Danes Nov 1
There is a monster
That hides in the corner of your brain
And seen through the slits,
Creativity is like candy
And you watch them devour it.
This is school is, homework destroying creativity. I want to do something!!!!!
Renee Danes Oct 31
Life is full of ups and down,
One that are hard to measure
With the formula x=−(b)± the square root of (b) to the 2nd, multiplied by -4(a)(c) and divided by 2(a).

Math class... am I write? Yes, I bee leave sow... ;p
Oct 28 · 59
Renee Danes Oct 28
Tell the heart you're lying
Keep your soul from crying
A pain that spreads
And dying
The hope you had

Screaming for a hand to hold.
I'm sad today
Oct 25 · 63
Scavenger Hunt
Renee Danes Oct 25
You can run
As fast as you can
Get the items
Back to the class
After that
You'll have band
The last football game
And no more
Painful hours
Of learning how to traverse
Or dying on the sidelines...

Happy Friday
We have a fun scavenger hunt thing in our advisory class, and also this is the last day of marching band season!!!!!! yyeeeeesssssss!!!! Have a FUN FRIDAY!!!!!!
Oct 24 · 44
Space Claustrophobia
Renee Danes Oct 24
The dark takes away your fears
I am lost here

But I am not afraid.
Within that space in your mind.
Oct 23 · 59
Bugie adorabili
Renee Danes Oct 23
How can this be real
Anything i touch
Everything I feel?
And yet I see you
A memory
And a puzzle
But nothing I can ever put together,
Nothing I can keep safe.
You are like the fog on a wispy morning
A hand I pass through you
And you fade from my fingertips.
Why are you torturing me
When you are gone
Why does your words
Still haunt what I hear?

Perché mi hai mentito

E hai detto che lo era
Google translate-This is Italian.
Oct 23 · 69
Distress of a Poet
Renee Danes Oct 23
When did the letters stop talking to you
When did words start to fade in your mind
You lose the ability to think
Now you're stuck at a loss for words

And stuck on a blank page.
I feel like today is going slow :(
Oct 22 · 158
Flags of love
Renee Danes Oct 22
I never judged
Your flag
Your views,
Who you love,
I never intend to,

I love you rainbow friends
I have a lot of Trans and Gay friends, etc. and when I hear people talking about them in a negative way in that aspect... I want to beat the *^% out of the bully's. People should be able to be who they want to be without people saying it's wrong.
Oct 21 · 241
The dark of 2 am.
Renee Danes Oct 21
Sometimes we need to watch
Where our feet our going
So that we don't fall down the stairs of life
And end up with broken bones
And tears that last eternally...
Because I feel.
Oct 18 · 177
Renee Danes Oct 18
This is sparkle dolphin town
Everything is glitter now
Lots of lights all up and down
Stay here and there
And sparkle now
I have a sparkle dolphin thing that my bf gave to me... happy fun friday :)
Oct 11 · 51
A Joke
Renee Danes Oct 11
If you had a table,
And on this table
Were big grey animals,
And from time to time you moved this table
Back, and then forth again and again
Would you call this table
The Periodic Table of Elephants?
Just a joke for Friday that I made up... lol. FUN FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
Oct 10 · 146
Finding the Truth
Renee Danes Oct 10
Sometime there are more questions than answers,

That doesn't mean we stop searching
Renee Danes Oct 7
You were the soul to my smile
Et maintenant tu n'es pas

A page, or a chapter
Mais ensuite tu m'as déchiré

I could have loved you
Mais tu me fait mal...

Tu n'es pas mon Roméo
And now you are nothing, Quand une fois tu étais mon tout...

Btw, the part that is different is in French for those of you who don't know, I used google translate if you would like to read what it means.
Oct 4 · 153
Hallway Runners
Renee Danes Oct 4
Happiness find the child within us all
Screaming through the hallways
"Run for your life,"
And getting hugs from a girl
Who pretends to be a koala.

This is the happiness within our hearts
That will stay with us forever
This is a fun Friday, it is also homecoming for us. In going to a dance with my bf, i am so exited. Have a fun Friday everyone :)
Oct 4 · 51
Renee Danes Oct 4
Traveling the hills
A light meets your face
There is no hesitation
You must run
The wind whipping at your face
The air around, spiraling
Every sound a melody,
But it grows calm.
Find the lost meadow
Where you used to laugh
And play
And grow.
It calls your name
A silent whisper
That is growing louder,
Find it.
It is the want of your carefree soul.
Hear it and go

Faster and faster as you come to the clearing
And all you see is the river
That stretches on before you like never ending waves of blue,
Remember your past
But don't let it haunt your dreams,
The memories run deep
But don't let them consume you.

Let your heart run wild
My little one,
Keep these woods
As your childhood
Until the night fades
When the sun has gone
I didn't get much of a chance to be a child
Renee Danes Sep 27
This is Franklin,
He is a bear cub.
He likes space
So he is wearing space pajamas.

He loves hugs as much as I love you.
So hug him, and some other people
And BEE happy ;)
This is a fun Friday, in fact, it is the most funnest Friday ever because it is this Friday!!!!! Give lots of hugs and feel great today :) (I made a note for my bf with Franklin the bear that i drew so that he doesn't feel alone when I can't be with him, that is what inspired me to write this, also challenge day which i just wrote and you can check it out on my page)
Sep 27 · 396
Challenge Day
Renee Danes Sep 27
For some reason
Every hug I get,
Every smile I see,
Every fist bump,
High five,

Makes the world seem

Just a little

Brighter :)
In my school they had this thing called challenge day that made me feel like i wasn't alone , and there are people I can talk to about my struggles in life. Yesterday I gave 20 hugs, received 4, and two fist bumps. I have never felt happier in my entire life, 3 hugs can make your day, 12 is ideal and anything over that... I have been all smiles!!!!! Hug people, you'll feel better, I know I sure do :)
Sep 26 · 200
I am alright
Renee Danes Sep 26
How do people know
That you're now okay
If you never.
Tell them.

The truth?
Sep 24 · 37
The Burning Room
Renee Danes Sep 24
By the second
I feel the world go cold,
And warm at the same time,
And then I can't feel.
I'm lacking experience
In how to deal with this,
How I can't find you.
Did anything change,
Or was it just me.
I feel as though I have nothing
Except my love for you,
That always remains.

But what about you,
I can't hear your heart beating,
I can't hear my lungs breathing,
As if all of the air in the room
Had been snatched away from me.
Can someone tell me where everything has gone?

I thought that hope was light at the end of a tunnel,
But all I see is the fire
Blocking the door that will lead us outside.
Sep 12 · 214
Renee Danes Sep 12
The only place I can be myself,
Left in the sound
Left to the beat
Carried away.

In my own little world
The only sound is the rhythm,
The rest is silence
New things are seen
Darkness seems to fade.

I am lost,
Lost in the sound,
Lost to the soul,
Lost in the best way,

Only to be broken
With the uniform

The "educated"
Find no meaning
No understanding the reason
That these sounds
Let us free

They have never let loose
Holding their chains
Music is not their foundation
Not their inspiration
It is our aspiration

Let us go
Let us hear
Let us out

Let us have our lives back
Our school won't allow us to listen to music in class even when we are working on assignments diligently, i get that you cant have phones in class but if we are on the computers they can see if we are working our not. I wan't my inspiration back!!!!!!
Sep 9 · 54
Renee Danes Sep 9
If I never felt colors
I would be empty
But to say that I am filled with darkness
Would not be correct
For emptiness is in the color
Of the bag within it is put
So what color is the bag
That defines the color of empty
Or is it distance
But still,
Distance is a color too
As if one was looking over the ocean
It is not dark
It is a blue sort of shade
And yet it is still a distance
And not always empty,
But what then,
May we add
Would possibly be the color of empty,
Perhaps it is seclusion
Hiding in a room
Without a light,
So does that make darkness empty...
Still no,
Seclusion could be in the light
Just tucked away in plain sight,
And further still
It is seen and ignored
But it is not always in darkness
The color of empty depends on the color of the bag...
Although darkness does not always equal empty
Empty doesn't always equal darkness either.
The point is, you know a lot of random, "Peinguins" don't ask, just don't... lol
Sep 9 · 65
1 Night Stand
Renee Danes Sep 9

Chosen by the pounding sensation,
The pumping rhythm that resides within,
A piece of mystery yet to be solved
Explained without logic
And bordered by the edge of fantasy
And your body is all I feel,
This feeling is all that's real
And the drum is our beating hearts
Attune to our innermost desires
Of love and affection,
The flowing sensations that would keep together
The skins that reach for each other,
And the rush afterwards,
One might wake up to the feeling of a hangover,
And the remembrance of a nights passion.
--------  <----- This is a bar, there is this bar -          (The space bar) And there also a bar bar, _u_ (That is a cup) So, which bar am I referring to, you get it. (Is A Mars bar a space bar too?) How many other bars can you think of, i'd love to know in the comments. :)
Aug 24 · 52
Demon reality
Renee Danes Aug 24
Welcome to your home
I'd invite you in
Come and have a seat
And tell of mortal sins
The constant need of affection
That you have come to meet
And egocentric ideals
That sit within reflection,
I have come to cure you
From every pain you have
But first let's eat our dinner
I'll tell you what I'll have
Your soul so dark
It could black our the sun
Your mindless thoughts
That say you could have won
This internal battle
Your mind surely rattles
And yet your imagination is intact
But you can never have it back
What you have sought
Has left you without
And I had never known what life was about
Oh mortal if you knew
What I dreamt of in my youth
You'd want to be dead
So your heart you could sooth
But that is gone too
Fun this has been
These words I have said
Forever gone to man
Dont even ask... I'm just as confused as you are...
Jun 4 · 83
Renee Danes Jun 4
Scarlet flow,
Tears of crimson,
Lashed body,
Wretched and cold,
Lying in the road

She was brave,

She was obedient...

She was the daughter of an alcoholic...
Not true for me
Jun 3 · 51
Renee Danes Jun 3
Into the clouded
Dusty air,
It finds its way
With solemn prayer,
A cry on high
A shout of hope
All left behind
With the noose on the rope
I feel like being depressing today
May 31 · 64
Renee Danes May 31
See the
Air flashing asteroids
Fire and wind
Outside atmosphere
Inside eyes
Watching the star-dusted trail
Following the burning glow
Wish again,
Luck, a myth of desire,
Fades in time
Clusters of stars
Our galaxy an endless wonder
Calm, but calamity
Black holes
Stolen light
Burning sun
Perfect alignment
Happy fun Friday y'all!!!!!
May 30 · 69
Mechanical nature
Renee Danes May 30
Howl wolf howl,
Don't wake up the owl
Disturb the peace
The oak tree's sway
The sky is grey
No happy bird chirps
In the darkened day,
Frantic deer run
Field jumping faster
Away from the evil
Away from disaster,
Loud sounds in the distance,
Steps heard,
Visual footprints,
Whirring noises all around
Cutting all the forests down.
The problems of deforestation... help the earth, don't destroy it please
May 23 · 56
Mister Misery
Renee Danes May 23
Let the torture
Torture you no more,
Does death hold the way to life
Misery is the existence of your whole being
But living for nothing is exactly what you do.
Get it over with mind,
You can't decide,
As if just living itself
Has become meaningless,
But why do you live when there is nothing,
No one,
To live for?
Does the heart hope to find someone,
Does hope still reign?
Is there a flame that is unknown,
A wish to fulfill
In this short span of what we call a lifetime?
That is for you to decide...
I feel like writing something depressing.. sorry.
Renee Danes May 16
The world is full
Of unwilling
Experimental human beings,
Devotees to the
Slavery of school,
Consuming all assortments
Of meaningless gibberish
In the most confusing of ways,
Wasting energy
To waste energy,
To end up in a
Low paying job
With too many bills
And useless knowledge,
Those fortunate souls
Work hard,
Some go to college
Where they get an expensive piece of paper
That may be on the wall for show
And means that its owner
May be smarter than the average person
Walking down the street,
School doesn't prepare for the future
It only tells of the past,
Creativity and eccentric ways
Are mildly shunned ,
Information is taught for 13 years
And yet few is retained by most,
So are schools systems failing?
It's safe to say they are.

It needs to change.
This is true...
May 6 · 210
1 year
Renee Danes May 6


Melting ice cream on my tongue

Cotton candy

Beach sand on my feet

Staring into your eyes

Anniversary love
Yesterday, loved it, i love him so much... Happy anniversary
Apr 30 · 108
Spices & Fruit
Renee Danes Apr 30
Vanilla scented
Lavender blonde
Peppermint days
Cinnamon kisses
Pomegranate nostalgia
Mango skin

You are perfect.
makes me hungryyyyyyyyyy !!!!!! mmmmmm
Apr 29 · 87
Then, school.
Renee Danes Apr 29
7 page
Due a few
Weeks from today,
Scared to death
Not getting rest
Preparing for
A history test,
Screen glow
At home
At night
Write, type,
Study late
Coffee break
Wake up, hey,
The bus just came,
Drive to school
Follow rules
Stay awake
Apr 25 · 155
Close to first
Renee Danes Apr 25
We're almost there,
When they said "sky"s the limit",
We broke off their chains that strapped us down
And we're re-defining
The boundaries of love
Almost to our one year of being together!!!!!!! I love you so much babe !!!!!!!!
Apr 24 · 121
Opposite night
Renee Danes Apr 24
Lightly stepping
Towards the light,
Silently quickly
Quickly silent,
Cloud moving
Moving clouded
Sleeping over
Over sleeping

Dreaming dreams daring dreamer
Got most inspiration from the show Jeopardy... wow.
Apr 23 · 84
I'm sorry
Renee Danes Apr 23
Will I
Ever have the words
To tell you all the hurt
I never meant to cause?

Can I find
Words within this rhyme
As some sort of a sign
To tell you I was wrong

It's not your fault,
I know it's mine,
I turned a rebel
Thinking it was fine

I shut everybody out
Thinking you wouldn't mind,

You did...

And I don't know what to say except

Im sorry...


I'm sorry...

I didn't think
You cared for me
Even though you said
Your life wasn't easy...

I tried to be perfect,
Your everything girl,
Now that you know me
Can I ever return.......?

Ever return...?

I'm sorry,

Yes, I'm sorry,

I never meant to hurt you
You should know I really love you,
I'm sorry,

Blame me...
Go ahead...

I'm sorry...... yeah,

You never brought me up like this

I'm sorry,

For the me i'll never miss

I'm sorry

I never meant to hurt anyone,
Never thought it'd hurt this much,

The only thing
I hurt more is


And even though
It hurts

I will get help

It's just a matter of time
I'm holding onto these lines

I'm sorry...

Oh, I'm sorry..

I promise,

I'm sorry.
A song i'm working on, Do Not Copyright!!!!!! And real life issues mad me write this, this is dedicated to some certain people who I know will see this, and to them i truly am what this song is... sorry.
Apr 22 · 68
Walls of scrap
Renee Danes Apr 22
You think you know the pain,
The sorrows day to day,
False deception
Hides the truth some way

A slave to reality,
A maid to society,
The mask
Disguises facts
Behind the pearly teeth

Look at the robot,
The perfect machine,
Tell it what to do
Or ignore it,
It has no feeling

If it did
It wouldn't matter,
As long as it didn't talk back
Never voiced what it felt,
Was never itself

If it did
You would throw it away,
After all,
It was worthless,

Apr 19 · 125
Mystic Melody
Renee Danes Apr 19
Does every thought tingle,
Every sense heighten,
When I am with you?

Do the stars feel closer,
Do you feel invincible,
When I am with you?

Does death hold its breath,
Does sound yearn for its its voice,
When I am with you?

Does heaven miss you,
Does time stop definitely,
When i'm with you?

You are my angel,
Let me be your harp,
Play me like a song
Pull my strings all day long
And keep me to your heart...
Love is magical...
Apr 19 · 86
Renee Danes Apr 19
Ring, ring
"Hello this is me,"
"Hi, it's You calling,"
"You, Oh yes, I know You,"
"Good, do you happen to have any food?"
"Only a banana,"
"Can I have it?"
"Why not?"
"Because then i wouldn't be able to talk to you..."
"Because this is my banana phone, duh,"
"Oh, Goodbye me."
Hangs up
Me eats banana*
"Mmmmmm, Yummy."
Yes, i did have a conversation on a banana. Was it this entertaining... No, no it was not.
Apr 18 · 67
Stay Alive
Renee Danes Apr 18
I cry inside,
I can't move,
The tarry, oil black
t         h        o        u         g         h        t       s,
Fill me,
Consume my every motion
No light
No air
Iv'e        r    u   n
out of time,
Ran out of hope,

Then I drown
Swallowed by my depression,
Swallowed by the ocean
Swallowed by my fears.
The title of a song by social repose, also my inspiration. This is about depression and suicide, the dark oil/water in depression, and symbolizes the fear of death, but also the hopelessness one feels while being depressed.
Apr 17 · 354
GM (Good Morning)
Renee Danes Apr 17
It's a
Good morning,
Wake up call
Almost fainted
From a perfume smell,
Had a flashlight
Shone in my eyes,
A test
I didn't study for,
And a queasy stomach,
It's a
Good morning alright.
Real life *****, would you like to switch server?-No Game No Life in 7 minutes
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