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This is sparkle dolphin town
Everything is glitter now
Lots of lights all up and down
Stay here and there
And sparkle now
I have a sparkle dolphin thing that my bf gave to me... happy fun friday :)
Renee Danes Oct 11
If you had a table,
And on this table
Were big grey animals,
And from time to time you moved this table
Back, and then forth again and again
Would you call this table
The Periodic Table of Elephants?
Just a joke for Friday that I made up... lol. FUN FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
Renee Danes Oct 10
Sometime there are more questions than answers,

That doesn't mean we stop searching
Renee Danes Oct 7
You were the soul to my smile
Et maintenant tu n'es pas

A page, or a chapter
Mais ensuite tu m'as déchiré

I could have loved you
Mais tu me fait mal...

Tu n'es pas mon Roméo
And now you are nothing, Quand une fois tu étais mon tout...

Btw, the part that is different is in French for those of you who don't know, I used google translate if you would like to read what it means.
Renee Danes Oct 4
Happiness find the child within us all
Screaming through the hallways
"Run for your life,"
And getting hugs from a girl
Who pretends to be a koala.

This is the happiness within our hearts
That will stay with us forever
This is a fun Friday, it is also homecoming for us. In going to a dance with my bf, i am so exited. Have a fun Friday everyone :)
Renee Danes Oct 4
Traveling the hills
A light meets your face
There is no hesitation
You must run
The wind whipping at your face
The air around, spiraling
Every sound a melody,
But it grows calm.
Find the lost meadow
Where you used to laugh
And play
And grow.
It calls your name
A silent whisper
That is growing louder,
Find it.
It is the want of your carefree soul.
Hear it and go

Faster and faster as you come to the clearing
And all you see is the river
That stretches on before you like never ending waves of blue,
Remember your past
But don't let it haunt your dreams,
The memories run deep
But don't let them consume you.

Let your heart run wild
My little one,
Keep these woods
As your childhood
Until the night fades
When the sun has gone
I didn't get much of a chance to be a child
  Oct 4 Renee Danes
of snaking
hold me
up or
strangle me
knots tied
to tight
cannot be
if broken
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