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Is not the fire of your soul
Burning higher than a free falcon
Catching a wind so furiously strong,
You ride its wings
Bearing free reign
For now and still, for long,
This pressured air
Upon your face
Restricts your shallow breath
The choice is yours
Stay or, let go,

I expected
Nothing less.
To those who know, but do not tell.
Does anybody else here want the end of the cliffhanger... (I raise my hand, "Me...")
I find I was not searching for answers,
I was searching
For meaning.
It's a chocolate drizzle
The snow, vanilla
Creamy snowflakes
The sprinkles, rain
A root beer sea
And cotton candy clouds
Filling the sky
Pudding mud
Cocoa flood

Happy fun friday to every poet out there. This sounds delicious...
I feel as if I were a season,
Changing, but always the same,
And yet different enough
To be frowned upon,
And the same enough to be overlooked,
Trapped in a cycle.
When you think about life and how repetitive it is...
The raindrops
Pass through
Make rainbows for me...


I see you from the sky
Coming from nowhere
With nowhere to go but down,
You ask me, "Why not up?"
I tell your destiny is to help things grow,
Make beauty for the sky,
And supply the creatures on this planet.
I suppose some of you do not listen
That is why we have drought,
But not all of you are rebels,
You live your cycles of evaporation,
As do we,
But you never end,
And we do.
The life of a raindrop
Renee Danes Mar 15
The inside of my heart
Is gone
Where did it go?
Misplaced it?
I don' know
Re track, retrace
Start slow...

I walked out
In the snow,
Walking down the street,
As I was on my way
There was a man that I could see,
The wind began to blow
And my heart had skipped a beat
The wind was going faster
Almost knocked me off my feet
I waited for the impact
Of cement on my cheek
When there was none
I opened them
And then our eyes did meet
I felt his arms around me
And oh it was so sweet
the depths of color
In his eyes

It made me feel a need
To want your skin
To kiss your lips
It was a sort of greed
I don't know why i thought of it
It really seemed insane
Because I didn't know you
I didn't know your name
To say it was so sudden
You are not to blame
Then you became my husband
And took my heart away
I'll never forget
How windy it was
And how love, overall, did reign
To him who stole my heart, and will eventually be married to me... This isn't actually how we met it just sounds cooler lol
Renee Danes Mar 11
A point of distraction
Chemical reaction
Sporadic convulsions
Tripped step, losing traction
Into a contraption
Of mental destruction
Internal corruption
Blood-boiled eruption
Of distant confusion
A new resolution
To fight the intrusion
Consumed by illusion
Starting revolution
Or come to conclusion
My boyfriend is sick... I am sad
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