Raven 1d

Imbedded not only on my skin but on my mind
Intertwined with the beating of my heart
Salty tears fall onto these wrists
Not melancholy because of what I've done
But rather what I've left
He says my body is temple
And I destroyed this church
Forever in debt to my own skin
Forgiveness encapsules healing but not physically
I am stained,
I will never have clean skin.

My regrets of doing something so permanent during a temporary time.
Raven 5d

Sitting patiently on the edge,
Heart pounding and stomach knotted,
I prepare to take the plunge.
My conscious warding me away,
The depression shoving me towards.
My palms smell of sweat
And body of untaken showers.
Gripping my pack and lighter,
I walk into the room with overlapping chatter
And head straight for the vodka.
With shaking arms and swelled eyes,
I take a sip of future regret.

Raven 6d

They say “I love you,”
They say “I care,”
“I’ll never leave you
I promise, I swear.”
But time passes
And promises fade,
The love is lost
You’ve been betrayed,
They left, they’re gone
Just memories remain
Playing on repeat,
Can’t ease this pain.
Fell for the soulless,
The one with no heart,
The devil was once an angel
And heaven and hell aren’t far apart.

Raven Jan 12

Tears brimming in my eyes
Like a volcano ready to explode.
Instead I keep it within myself,
Shredding my insides
And melting my skin.
A cry for you is swallowed,
Escaping for a moment
Only to be clapped over,
Sobbing into these hands.
The air in my lungs fill with smoke,
I shake as I am ready to erupt.
"Explode explode explode."
Instead I sit back and watch
Myself from third person perspective.
The screams of pain
Filling up this brain
Like a volcano ready to explode.

— The End —