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Thoughts are gloomy,
Filled with empitness.
Words were unspoken,
If not, uttered in vain.

The love is fading.

Hearts bleed in cracks.
Gone are the days
That hands once caressed,
Lost in the void.

The love is fading.

Dreams dropped down
Shattered with uncertainties.
Tears with black stain
Left a symphony of endless pain.

My love we are fading.
Sometimes love is like an old painting, it just fades.
Every piece that I birth
reflects the tormented
shadows of my unsung
laments. A framed memories
with different scars and
dreams of sadness.
Penning purged my soul
to a color drained future.
Left a vivid picture of
a safe place to leave a mark.
Free from the fear of the unknown.
Writing keeps me sane when I'm in pain
Time to burn
the old book with
gloomy chapters.
The one with
full of griefs and
broken promises.  
The old one that
was once
my life.
Time to write
a new one.
With a new
story line.
New characters
that will add a
twist out of the blue.
A new story
where there is always
me and you.
A piece about a new beginning. Happy New Year!!
A place filled with toxicity.
Influence speaks with fluency.
Flaws are under scrutiny.
Opinions are mutiny.

Gossiping is trendy
and always up to date.
Colleagues are user-friendly,
greedy and full of hate.

If only I could stay at home
with no worries or headache, I would.
But it would be best to stay calm
while in this place, for family's sake.
This piece is about the struggle of the employees in a toxic workplace.
We are currently
living in a world
personal interests
far outweigh
the moral values.
Burning passion
from his heart
sets the pace
of his will
to reach
God's grace.
I wrote this short piece to feed the notion that we must walk with God in all of our endeavors
For them
she is a
dark, vile, and cruel

A living embodiment
of vanity.

For me, she is a WITCH
and a *****.

C-ontrol of

H-ell of a Woman
Sometimes we judge a woman by her outward appearance without even bothering to look behind the curtain.
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