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Time to burn
the old book with
gloomy chapters.
The one with
full of griefs and
broken promises.  
The old one that
was once
my life.
Time to write
a new one.
With a new
story line.
New characters
that will add a
twist out of the blue.
A new story
where there is always
me and you.
A piece about a new beginning. Happy New Year!!
A place filled with toxicity.
Influence speaks with fluency.
Flaws are under scrutiny.
Opinions are mutiny.

Gossiping is trendy
and always up to date.
Colleagues are user-friendly,
greedy and full of hate.

If only I could stay at home
with no worries or headache, I would.
But it would be best to stay calm
while in this place, for family's sake.
This piece is about the struggle of the employees in a toxic workplace.
We are currently
living in a world
personal interests
far outweigh
the moral values.
Burning passion
from his heart
sets the pace
of his will
to reach
God's grace.
I wrote this short piece to feed the notion that we must walk with God in all of our endeavors
For them
she is a
dark, vile, and cruel

A living embodiment
of vanity.

For me, she is a WITCH
and a *****.

C-ontrol of

H-ell of a Woman
Sometimes we judge a woman by her outward appearance without even bothering to look behind the curtain.
Her elegant gaze
the wicked souls
of desire.  

Her simplicity
the beauty
of a goddess.

And yet
she offers
her nakedness.

Not her body
but her
authentic soul
for me to write on.
I wrote this poem to feed the notion that simplicity beats perfection.
  Jul 2019 Manuelito Pio Roda
I'm okay
is by far the
most often
lie I tell
and it's also
the lie that
always gets
me caught
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