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Randy Dec 2018
Funny is sought by most.
Found from coast to coast.
Thrills, adventures, and games to play.
You can find funny every day.
Jokes, falls, and hits.
Screams, tantrums, and fits.
On tv, videos, or seen.
Funny things are....keen.
To us or others, fun abounds.
Other times their just found.
Some times you make it.
Some times you fake it.
Dog licks a face, happy are we.
Such are the things funny to me.
Randy Dec 2018
Odd to be odd
Different to me
Weird to others
Ignorant thoughts
Mistakes made
Out side the box
Drawing with my mind
Tasting your thoughts
Never understanding
Mysteries abound
The mind bending
Caged beings
Randy Dec 2018
Resting on my back
Eyes closed to the world
Random thoughts become dreams
Rest, just pure rest
Rest, just to rest
Tired, used up
Horse trodden
Pound to dust
Not seen or heard
Never forgotten
Randy Dec 2018
Earthy smell
Kicking for life
Gaging wretch of a man
Crushed under the weight
Got to pay for it
Burning embers of life
Putrid thoughts
Still fighting
Never give up
Holding my nose
Choosing love
Looking past it
Seeing light
Fresh air to breathe
Cool breezes raise my spirit
Rivers calm my soul
Rest comes calling
Randy Nov 2018
Oh how I loved you
If only in a dream
Oh how I loved you
Puppy love, maybe
We met in our youth
We came so close to love
Separated by time and life
Marriage and children
Now ended and grown
We met again, three decades now
Excitement in our eyes
Time together, kisses too
My hopes of love build again
You didn't requite my letters
Your confession quite strange
Is our time through?
I wained to and fro
You are a witch
I still want to see you
Be your friend
I hope for love to grow
But, I cannot overcome
My beliefs, my ways
We're not comparable
A witch and I
White or not, I am sure
You will forever be there
In my thoughts so sure
Ones from our youth
Ones from our time recent
Kisses so soft and pure
Memories only to be?
For me, for now
Yes it has to be

True story of mine. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Randy Nov 2018
As I look out my eyes
I see someone else's arms
Someone else's face in the mirror
Like I'm watching a movie

A movie of someone like me
Seeing his life passing by
Watching him go on errands
Fixing meals, doing laundry

I feel his loneliness
I feel better when he talks to others
They encourage him and I want to cry
I can see them worrying about him
Randy Nov 2018
The Doctor will tell you so you can Heal. The blood clots and closes the Wound. It brings Life to build new skin.

Depression has a way of making Us focus on the Bleeding. And not on the Clotting and Closing of the Wound.
So We can focus on our new Life.
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