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Rand May 10
Hold the pen and draw
Tell the pen to show
The mountain edge
A Flame on a bridge
A rainbow colored snow

Hold the pen and see
A Garden full of trees
A golden river
A talking flower
A child racing a fleet

Hold the pen and breathe
Tell the thoughts to scream
An eye with a vision
A mouth sings a rhythm
A step towards the dream

Put the pen and fly
In each way to try
Draw justice
Outline passion
Fill the air, don't be shy
Rand May 7
Tik tok ... tik tok
Take a glimpse at the clock
It is turning eight
We can't wait
For the story in the book

Tik tok .... tik tok
Clean up toys like a rock
put this here
Put this there
Clean up the room everywhere

Tik tok ... tik tok
Bath time with some soap
Wash your hand
Wash your leg
Wash the day off your neck

Tik tok ... tik tok
Bed is warm and so soft
Close your eyes
Dream so nice
Tomorrow comes shine and rise

— The End —