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I think
I tell more lies than the amount of freckles I have
And that’s a lot. I’ve never been able to
Count how many I have
My lies come out of my mouth
The same way syrup greets waffles
A little too sweet and thick enough to
Completely hide what lies underneath
Every day I should be charged a felony
For saying I’m someone I’m not
Because the person I’m pretending to be
Doesn’t exist and I say this over and over
But nobody’s ever around to hear
Nobody look at me while I peal off
What I can of this mask
And each time I peel a little more
I’m closer to flying
Until one day everyone will see me
And since most clouds are too high up anyways
But all clouds are only freezing masses of water and natural pollutants to keep it all
If someone aims a gun at me
Where can I go?
To go back to ground is to live dying in
That **** claustrophobic cage
To stay is to die living
But why am I thinking this when
I don’t know if anyone in the universe
Will ever give me my wings
When I'm searching for an exit,
I escape into my own heart.
Your beauty of silence
and your unheard words
Like colours ready to
Seep through
Naked the wind
enveloping the soul wit soul
You embrace silences,
lulling my soul of dawn
Loving our story
before it begin
I'll bring the paper
you hold the pen.
Life simply isn’t about positivity and kindness.
That’s naive.
We have to be prepared to negotiate suffering
and deal with dark times and difficult people.
I don't like feeling nothing.
I need to feel it all to feel alive.
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