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Liz Jun 8
We smile through eyes of sadness
Contradicting the choices we make,
Within hearts once full of gladness,
We smile just for old times sake.

In a land of decaying democracy,
Breaking down every wall once built,
Controlled by their vials of hypocrisy,
Injecting us with industrial filth.

Determined by the touch of a button,
Technology is the hope of all loss,
Like lamb dressed down as mutton,
Covering up the truth at all cost.

In a world full of corruption,
Stale from the greed of power,
We feebly await the eruption,
Whilst bravely sitting back too cower.

Then when all has become too little,
When we have sat back and waited to late,
When we are all too weak and brittle,
Have we succumbed to our chosen fate?

Lets not wait for fate to choose us,
Lets reach out for tomorrows dream,
No more watching the corrosion of rust,
Lets put a stop to yesterdays scream.
Liz Jun 8
Blank are my thoughts as I begin to write
My mind lost, in wonderings of white,
Pen to parchment, text to screen,
Drowning my words with the urge to scream.

A flurry of letters, all come out broken,
Confusing my mind, igniting emotion,
As ink simply bleeds, through veins of my page,
Blank is my mind..... Words are my rage.
My crazy mind when it wants to write, but no words take flight, so the letters become my rage...
Liz Jun 8
Reflections of a Warrior.

A wise warrior once said to me, hey girl look in the mirror,
See that reflection there looking back, well she's a winner,
Embrace her now, believe in her, give her a hug,
Wipe away her tears, all her fears, show her love.

Be kind to her, give her strength, make her smile,
Look into her eyes and chat to her for a while,
Take away her worries, her woes and all her hurt,
Make her feel amazing, let her know her worth.

When she’s feeling empty, fill her up with love,
When she’s feeling sad, give her a little nudge,
Remind her she’s a warrior, that warriors never fall,
They only get up stronger, than they ever did before.

When she feels abandoned, afraid and all alone,
Remind her how she's risen, remind her how she's grown,
When she’s feeling broken, fix her back together,
Remind her that she can, ride out this stormy weather.

Now look at that reflection, stare deep into her eyes,
Remember she's your soul sister, never your demise,
She's stronger than you know, so give credit when it’s due,
And remember that reflection..... Is the WARRIOR in you.

— The End —