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Lea Britto Mar 2020
I’m in love? Is it true
If so, why do I still feel blue
Maybe it’s because, I’m not the one for you
As time flies we simply  grew

We grew older and farther apart
Some part grows cold in my heart
I don’t want to part
But I think I have to

I’m simply scared of commitment
Some ingrained part of me resistant
My feet grow hesitant
As you lean in to be kissed

I can’t help but wish to be dismissed
I know you’ll be missed
But I know you’ll be happier with her
The  girl with tattoos and colored hair
You can love  her I’m sure
Lea Britto Mar 2020
At times the only emotion i feel is sadness
So I seclude myself in a blanket of vastness
blackness  engulfs me it’s relentless
Sadness is blackness disguised as a vastness that’s awfully relentless

Burn everything to ashes
Filling the sky with blackness
Is this feeling greatness?
No just more dulling blandness

The ashes taste ashen
Lacking any semblance of compassion  
Conformity is in fashion
I’ve lost my passion

Did I contribute to the madness
Now everyone’s filled with sadness
Their cloths blackened
Ash everywhere in the vastness
Lea Britto Mar 2020
This blade is smooth
Like a  tooth
Sharp and deadly
I’ll cut you sacredly
Drip drop
You beg me to stop
Have you forgot ?
I don’t listen to thots
Beg me beg me
See if I set you free
Ha you idiot
You’re simply a bigot
Slicing and dicing
I left the water boiling
Drip drop
You beg me to stop
Watch me pour
This water on another *****
Leaving gooey sores

I’m sorry what was that?
You’d like more
On the darker side of things
Lea Britto Mar 2020
As the sun goes to sleep
I lay awake and weep
As I welcome the moon
I’m surprised it came so soon
Why am I crying
I’m not sure I keep daydreaming
Of a better tomorrow
A day not filled with sorrow
Seems like yesterday
When I last saw your face
I suppose I’ll leave
These stories of make believe
Far behind me
While I say goodbye
Resisting the urge to cry
Goodbye dear moon
I know I’ll see you soon
Lea Britto Mar 2020
Oh hello Mr. imaginary
My therapist says to only mention you
In my leather bound princess diary
I don’t know why
Talking about you
Makes my family cry
You only whisper in my ear
“**** them. Watch them die.”
You’re sweet it’s true
Watching me when I’m blue
Black blob, misshapen, with beading eyes
You watch me while I cry
Mr. imaginary please don’t go
I’ll flip the switch blade
Too and fro
To keep you close
By my bedroom door
It’s odd
I can hear someone screaming
“Please no more”
I look down to see
Blood splatters all over me
Hello? Imaginary friend ?
Lea Britto Mar 2020
Look at the stars
Arnt they so beautiful
I thought we’d go far
But I’m here at your funeral

You can’t see me
But I can see you
you’re so cold, so blue
I shouldn’t have let  you leave

Should I dwell in my regret ?
Should I hate myself for loving
As if I could fix my love of neglect
As if I could see the secrets swept’

Underneath the pretty rug
You covered yourself In jewels
Yet you mingled with scary bugs
Am I just another  fool ?

Look at the stars
Aren’t they so beautiful
Now I love you from afar
Someone had to attend my funeral

— The End —