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Dovey Oct 2018
In a world where Pluto is warmth
And space ripples endlessly beyond her feet
That silly alien cried
Because her chest was made of mostly dark matter
And even Nobody circled out of her orbit

In a world where the heavens are empty
A little girl threw herself
Down down down towards the earth
And the stars clawed her as she fell
Scraping at flimsy skin but she smiled
Because she was so warm
So warm
And she crashed head first
Into the arms of the earth

And her chest fluttered with stars
The people who loved her
Said it was so beautiful
How unearthly she was
And she laughed
And laughed and laughed
Because here the stars are close
The sun is so warm
Her eyes
Are so warm
Dovey Jul 2018
Let me build a nest inside your chest, love
Let me build a home inside your heart
let me fit right in between your ribs, love
Make it so that we can never part

There's a pretty bird inside my chest
Locked in an ivory cage of bone
And it flutter flutter flutters to your song
I think that she might want to sing along

Somewhere in your body
Is a cherry blossom tree
Your mouth continuously spills petals
so amongst your branches my bird settles
Dovey Apr 2018
Your smile
Comparable to every ray of light
Your eyes
Glimmering with the twinkles of the night

You you you
are the sun and the stars
and you you you
are my favorite by far

Though in truth, I don't give a **** about the stars in the sky
The one I'll always love the most is the one close by
Sure, there are plenty of stars that have more light to give
But the sun is the only star I'll ever really need to live

You don't know, but your gravitational pull is so strong
No matter what, I always find myself strung along
Dovey Apr 2018
I can't let you touch my body

Kiss my chest

stroke my thighs


I don't understand it

I just dont

Don't hold my heart in your hands.. I can't give it to you
I don't love with my body, never will
and my heart is still part of my flesh
I'm sorry

but, if you'd like
there's still my mind
perhaps you cannot explore
every hidden inch of my skin, secrets under cloth
but you can explore the forbidden
areas of my head
my deepest secrets
joys and sorrows and loves and fears
you could explore every thought
and I would bare it all

there's still my spirit
you say you'd like to see parts of me that
no one else can
new faces, soft sounds, gentle caresses
a me, unprecedented
she doesn't exist
but I can show you other aspects
my spirit
the hidden faces of a girl who
cried in the dark beside a mailbox
or who laughed alone in her bedroom
the smile of a six-year-old long gone
or the chatter of the woman who lives now
every person I've ever been
and ever will be
if you want it, I will show it to you
every face I have ever made
and you can be privy to them all

and, there's still my soul
I can think of no better intimacy
than my soul
are you asking for my everything?
my soul is my everything
what greater gift can I give?
my soul encompasses who I am
and in return you could
give me yours
we could form a bond like no other
share an intimacy that is
totally untouchable
our souls

I'm sorry
I cannot give you what you want
and if my everything isn't enough for you then
I am not the one for you

My love is honest and I would like
nothing more than to give you
the parts of me that are
truly me
I don't quite understand physical intimacy?? But I'd like to think there are so many other ways to be close with the one you love.
Dovey Apr 2018
We can run as fast as we can
it'll never work
We can try as hard we possibly can
there's no way to disperse this murk

If we're always changing... why do we still go by those same names?
I called out "I love you"
to the unfamiliar person who was no longer you

It's not fair of you to smile at me with such a familiar face
because those lips will utter lost words and unheard conversations
here I am, struggling with a sense of loss and frusteration

You're gone you're gone you're gone
Dovey Mar 2018
Would you sing sweetly to the dead?
Love a corpse with infected, rotting skin the color of a funeral dress?
Kiss knife holes and scratches that litter the skin of it's *******?
Or perhaps **** blood like milk from it's chest?

Love, love, love
Would you sing pretty lullabies
for someone who wants to die?
This is, uh, actually a fairly old one from nearly a year ago, and altered about half a year ago.
Dovey Mar 2018
Curled up in on myself
and pouting like a child who has lost
something precious in a fit of tears

I have no idea where you went
and finding you is hard, so hard
I collapse down on the carpet, spent
and put up my flimsy guard
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