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Being with u still not having you.
When u feel crushed of being not with that person though that person is with you
It's ok to not to be ok for a moment but its not ok to not to be ok for the rest of your life.
move on life has to go on... shed your tears for that moment
I like this burning desire of mine which turned me into an unknown poet with a witty smile.
The hopes which never gets fulfilled
Which one to believe?
When you tell me I am the one,
Or the fact I am just another one.
illusion of being one... when you know you are not the one it's just another screen
Life rotates in an orbit in which axis is society.
Caged in a society rule... It feels like chopping the wings of a bird
Harsh night, broken heart and a walk.
"Man dies of cold, not of darkness."
-Miguel de Unamuno
In a wink everything felt a while back, still so frisky.
When it was us u never respect it... now that its over U want me back and reminds me of past
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