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Raaawr Dec 2016
we make promises
but dont keep them

we pretend we live on forever
but we dont
we die
and it ends

there are no words
left unsaid
nobody hears the words they need
we dont give eachother what we need
Raaawr Apr 2016
maybe when they let a little goodness in,
they can't keep it out?
like a little hole in a ****,
can take the whole **** down!
Raaawr Feb 2016
some fruit are sweet; some bitter
  you cannot eat one;
  then judge another
Raaawr Feb 2016
I paint your skin
With these brushes and strokes
Old boxes crumble
And paint dust scatters
From our weight
When we fall down
From our kisses
Raaawr Dec 2015
"my art never had any meaning, beginning nor an end,
it was always just me -- holding your hand,
whenever you felt afraid or alone; my friend"
Raaawr Sep 2014

I breathe in,
I breathe out,

sunlight comes in through the window and graces this
single particle of dust when it twirls the universe around;
like us when we dance

- it all comes into focus

Raaawr Jun 2012

i was tormented
    boney and charcoal black
                as i crept out of my mind
- and twisted back into a human being

— The End —