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I can't decide,don't know what to do,
I look around but I find no clue.
Is it some other quest of life too?
I can't decide,I can't even move...
Longing for answers to all of the questions related to life and future...
RVani Kalyani Apr 30
Feel like the time's running faster,
Life's that long tongue twister.
RVani Kalyani Mar 30
I keep on walking the road,
Feeling the wind so cold.
Have all my assets of life packed,
Still can't figure out what I lacked.
Going on,just following the way,
I'm not sure when I'll make hay.
Suddenly,I find the crossroads,
Me in the centre,beneath the clouds.
I can't decide,I just look up,
Want the Lord to ask me what's up?
In the situation of Robert Frost's,
Where do I go?Wish I had the hearts.
Should I go straight? No,left or right?
I'm confused,I can see no light,
Will time solve this or my mind?
Will both my way and life rhyme?
Confused to choose among 3 things,3roads,3destinations.
An inspiration from Robert Frost's "Road not taken".
Yet still confused....
RVani Kalyani Feb 10
Have I  been good at writing?
Do I remember?I keep wondering.
Rely on my dear pen and words,
Can my dear poem move any hearts?
I wish and leave all to thee,
Hope you receive these thoughts of me.

— The End —