R Mar 16
Self Love
Should be your First Love
  Mar 16 R
I am so accustomed to the fact that no one gives a ****.
No one really cared.
They were never my friends.
They pity me and tolerate me.
I'm annoying and useless.
They don't want me around because I'm not good enough.
But they'd never know,
As the smile on my face,
Just as fake as them.
  Mar 16 R
Amelia Crake
As I looked over my list of so called friends,
I dared to seek a name on my list worthy of the name, “friend.”
I looked it over carefully, each name in kind,
With these few things on my mind

Would this person accept me for whom I am,
Or a change upon me force, that I be a different form of man.
Would he or she be there in my time of need without expectation?
Or a payment of reward be their destination?

As I went through my list of names so many,
Only a select few came through as true as a penny.
There were things that set each name apart,
But only those few would remain in my heart.
Forever to be called, friends to the end

With the few names that now remained on my list,
I started the same process with a little bit of a twist.
Has this one been true?
Or have they done something that made me blue?
The next question asked in my Quest,

Would they be there to stand the test?
Or would their excuses cover the land as they loudly protest.

Over and over these questions I turned
And in the midst of all these questions I learned,
To find a friend that will be there forever,
One must act in kind and judgmental never be,
For what you put forth shall be returned unto you,
A great friendship that is strong and true.

The passage of time has eclipsed many moons,
And your bonds of friendship have since grown,
To a place where you both hold,
One-another’s heart as if it were pure gold
The friendship you search for in your time of need,
Shall be at your door, a true friendship indeed

I followed my own lengthy advice,
And, it was through this vast search,
One name jumped out at me to stay,
It was you dear friend and I must say,
“I love you my friend,” forever as much as I do today.
My dad wrote this and told me to post it if I wanted to... I wanted to. c:
R Mar 16
when they leave your life,
it doesn't mean they leave your thoughts
  Feb 24 R
If you can't stay faithful,
stay ****** single.
There is no excuse for cheating...EVER -.-
  Feb 24 R
Yes, I may be single
I may not be talking
I may not like anyone

But in all honesty,
Girls and boys like me,
We give the best relationship advice
Why? You may ask,
Because it's what we wish we could've done in previous relationships
Honestly I'm 10/10 feeling this comeback, totally neglected this account for a while and its mostly because with my life right now I'm going through many changes and finals were two weeks from yesterday and I'm stressing so sorry guys
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