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RJM Jul 20

i break like glass;
you break like waves
on the ocean.

RJM Jul 17

honey, i could be a comet
floating through your space;
burning up in your atmosphere
in the most magnificent kind of way.

RJM Jul 15

perhaps we never made it
to the end of this story;
but i’ll always remember
the pages your name was on.

RJM Jul 5

barefoot prints in wet sand
as waves and sunset meet;
her light dancing across the water
seashells washing at my feet.
and within i hear an ocean
a lullaby once lost in time;
or perhaps, i hear the echo
of a time your love was mine.

RJM May 5

from darkness we emerged
a fragile little dream;
the wonders of the universe
and all that she had seen.
our bodies each a vessel
from a time before our own;
suspended between a sunbeam
a world we call our home.
and yet, the beauty of it all
is the clock upon the wall;
as when nothing else remains
only the stars, remember our names.

RJM Apr 9

we are but
two lovers lost
between worlds;
worlds in which
we have always
lost one another.
time and time again;
we meet
we fall
and again
we lose it all.
how else could your face
reminder me of a home
that has never been,
but yet, was always so close.
how else could i know you
before you spoke a single world.
how else could i lose you
and remember this same
empty feeling.
my love
our moments together
are not measured by time;
our bond
our longing
our contention
transcends understanding
defies reality,
two souls lost
in the same place
at the same time;
forever searching
for each other.
a tragic love
divine fate;
our beautiful paradox.

RJM Apr 3

perhaps if the stars
could ever gaze back
upon themselves
suspended in the night sky,
revel in their own beauty.
soak in their own majesty.
in awe of their own wonder.
perhaps only then,
they would understand;
what i see in you.

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