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RBWhite May 16
How did I ever cared for those thieves dreaming of my sleep?
Or cartoon Kings waving their flags for the ones that did not count?
I stand on my own ground. liquid or steel,
I swim or kneel,
And then I'll get no more of what I give,
No turning back on love,
Won't drop my sword for old foes to joke about my warm welcome,
Truth be honest, I'll **** those worhless comments,
A **** for Justice will be fulfilled, Just as Persephone running up The Hills.
Inspirations: Kate Bush, Mariah Carey, Florence Welch and of course, my own life lol I feel Empowered today and every day! This poem belong to my BLACKXPOETRY series, Enjoy!
May 12 · 74
Pour Elle
RBWhite May 12
Je vais prendre soin de toi,
aime ta vie comme si c'était la mienne,
danser et rire,
pleurer et sangloter,
Je serai là, ma belle âme.
c'est mon premier poème en français. N'hésitez pas à juger car je suis très nouveau dans cette langue.
May 12 · 177
RBWhite May 12
She heard the chanting of another morning closing by,
Feeling her spirit rise above ash,
The wretched memories crashed before her eyes,
And now she's taunting faith without remorse or lies,
Nothing can stand higher than the truth,
Even when The Dark sings of her wounds,
**** and fire consumes finally,
And now her heart is a Black Void,
As dead as night,
As cruel as destiny,
But she was swept away by an Angel,
Chanting the beginning of dawn for a dark soul like hers,
To keep her wary of the many threats coming from ****.
This poem belongs to my BLACKXPOETRY Series,Enjoy!
Apr 11 · 346
Faustus Strike
RBWhite Apr 11
She soars in a black horse in the death of night,
All the elements are chasing her,
Running faster than time and light,
But nothing can reach her **** for faustus stars,
In a moment,a cruel lightning busts out of her scalp where her mind used to shine,
Her hair rains heavy drops of blood,
A woman made of doom and dust,
Not won or lost,
But she remains to be a legend among Known Gods.
This poem belongs to my poetry series BLACKXPOETRY,Enjoy!!
Apr 8 · 318
Divine Light
RBWhite Apr 8
She grew out wings on her back,
Flying above the skies and sure she shines,
Because she left me covered of her light,
And soon she'll be guiding my steps through bad times and night's dark,
I'll be happy and shiny,
Just like she taught me to,
Reach the deepness of my soul and be thankful,
Because above it all,
A Divine light soars all over my Skies.
Dedicated to Divine,Rest in Peace. I wrote this from Cali's point of view as I know she loved Divine very much. I send all my prayers to Cali and Divine's family, I don't know them, but I've also lost family members and friends so I know what it feels like and I think we have to be there for each other through the worse times more than ever. Thank you for sharing your amazing soul with us,Divine,Fly High!!
Mar 22 · 44
RBWhite Mar 22
I have a lot to tell you, Sit among our memories and feel the strength of those myths we share, Because nobody ever told me what you've learned, And I want this in a million books, Let everyone know how much you've loved me, How much I have surrendered you, And that I will always keep in my river of sighs, Tell me one more time, Teach me the warmth of you love, Help me forget that some day I saw you turn around and never come back.
Mar 19 · 666
Midnight Dessert
RBWhite Mar 19
Do you like what you see?
How I feel myself in front of your eye's dreams?
Listen to my heated seams and make your self the conquerer of all my favourite needs,
For you and me thriving on top of the heavens,
Shot down the archangels and dark messengers,
And return to a land where nothing can be wrong,
Because once again my body and yours will make everything and all sink all over our souls.
Lost and found...In you and I.
Mar 13 · 373
Fire Moon
RBWhite Mar 13
The Moon of Fire,shining through her sanity's desire,
She dreams of rest,longing for the moon's fire,
When love disappears and her ghost lingers,
The obscure will dare,dare to tame her rage,
And he will fail,
Because the moon awakens in the fire of her gaze.
This poem belongs to my BLACKXPOETRY series
Mar 4 · 358
RBWhite Mar 4
What did you do to me?
I can't sleep for days and nights,
Always ready to take a fight and leave no lights,
What have you done now?
That everything I think about is your lips taking mine,
Your Aura is consuming my soul and everything at all,
And it is the fog surrounding your hair that spills a scent greater than Heaven and ****,
Is your own kind of spell,
Flying all over my skin,
And I claim such a sorcerer to end my grief,
I can't no longer eat and live,
Have mercy of a wanderer of seas,
Drowning in a pool of memories and letters,
Always trying to leave off shore,
Where I can rest for the little time I have left on my own.
This poem belongs to my BLACKXPOETRY series.
Mar 4 · 310
El Vino Del Mar
RBWhite Mar 4
¿A cuántas sirenas has de hechizar?
Con la profundidad que me hace llorar y trinar,
Y transformar en olas furiosas e intensas,
Lo que hace tanto tiempo desée olvidar,
Por tantos mares probar y que ahora ya no quiero tomar,
Es Este El único océano abierto fundiendose en mis dedos,
Que tengo tintados de recuerdos férreos,
La luna será una estrella de muchas,
En El reflejo secreto de un deseo de amor eterno.
Una dedicatoria a mí Pam. Te amo.
Jan 19 · 408
RBWhite Jan 19
I don't know another way to cry,
Than to write down my blood sprawled on the ground,
I can't think of another way out,
Than to be striped down of my walls,
I will lay bare and say to them how everything made no sense and at the same time, I won't be afraid to love again.
RBWhite Jan 5
She fell in love with a cowboy,
And the smile she had, no one can take it back,
Because her cowboy ran away again,
Loving others as he loved her,
Her watery eyes cry out for the cowboy running wild through the night,
And every time she opens up the door,
She thinks its him, looking out for his true love,
Her friends warned long ago, that cowboys don't come back for love,
They go on a journey filled with blood and addiction,
Childhood memories and  deep depression,
And if they do come back,she'll be dressed in black.
Just like life,love only happens once. I've always been inspired by country music so this is me paying a tribute to all my favourite country musicians,Enjoy!
Jan 5 · 93
Hellish Kingdom
RBWhite Jan 5
She destroyed the Blooming Flower of Fire,The only God's desire,
With her goals aimed to remain on the blood Throne,
And watch with new eyes a land made of thorns and holes,
Just like her own invading her soul,
But as she approched her lost love,
A profoundly cruel look took over her sight,
And cruxifiction teared down His cries,
She watched His skin fall, dreams and all,
After night gives up a New day, a new order will take place.
This is the 5th poem of my BLACKXPOETRY series that describes the path of a woman on her way to **** and subsequent rise to the depths of the Hellish Kingdom,Enjoy!
Jan 2 · 143
The Woman of Doom
RBWhite Jan 2
She crossed a path,
A Land where she can't look back,
Her Fall Will be her Rise,
Through Storms and White Clouds,
The monstruous sound of Afterlife soars above ****'s Night,
She began in dark and will end in light,
Disaster turned order,
War became Peace,
Just as well,
Hate became Love,
And Death gave Birth.
This is the 4th poem of my BLACKXPOETRY series and it tells the story of a woman on her way to **** and her subsequent rise to the Hellish Kingdom,Enjoy ;)
Jan 2 · 124
The Rise
RBWhite Jan 2
Down,down she goes,
To a cold **** she always wanted to know,
And she flies,with horns disrupting the Red Sky,
Passing through human skinned mountains,
Listening closely to the sirens of the desert,
They're pleading for peace,
For their only God to appear,
And destroy the one with Eagle wings,
Horns made of the Saint's bones,
Eyes made from mistery and intensity,
To finally rise over her rage's claws
So then,The Giant Rose will bloom,
When the moon lurks dressing her sword,
No longer her World it is anymore,
But a dream she awoke when the kiss of death began.
This poem is the 3rd poem of the woman's journey to **** it belongs to my poem series BLACKXPOETRY,Enjoy!
Jan 2 · 314
The After Death
RBWhite Jan 2
Woven in the dark,
She finds herself Incapable of shouting back at such a might,
Countless strives lead her down to His Kingdom of Lies,
She'll die an Eternal Night,
For what it has transpired back to her when her only Angel died,
Devils will reign and lovers remain,
After life and death,
Only her will pray in vain.
This poem is the 2nd of my Series of Poem BLACK X POETRY and it tells the story of a woman in her way to **** and her subsequent rise to the hellish Kingdom. Enjoy ;)
Dec 2018 · 898
Yellow Night
RBWhite Dec 2018
Stars and tears lead the sky,
In a Moonless night deprived of yellow light,
Stock White remains bright,contrasting  heavily when the Demon decides to arrive,
So soon,such a shame,
When Angels started to lead her cruel way,
And now she said and did everything she was meant to be,
Shedding blood from Earths and Skies,
As if nothing else was going to mend her own wounds,
But she sure saw the Demon crawl,
The second her smile brought back the Yellow Light.
Everything we sacrifice will form an important part of who we are. This poem is the first of my poem series BLACKXPOETRY and it tells the story of a woman on her way to **** and her subsequent rise to the hellish kingdom,Enjoy!
Oct 2018 · 721
RBWhite Oct 2018
Stay,for my leaves leaving my wind and seas,
Don't leave,my only need, leave your heart on my sleeve,
Stay,for all that is sane and tamed, don't say that I'm crazed for a haze of despair,
Let me crawl and beg,
Make me an Obscure Saint,
Let me cry and rage,
For it is my heart that you are tearing apart,
Unbound me of your velvet destiny,
Ignite the end of truth and eternity,
So I can rest finally,laid down under a cloud of hunger,
And my skin turns red and swollen,
Breathing out,breathing down,
Leaving behind my broken laws.
Sep 2018 · 109
Black Blood
RBWhite Sep 2018
Ever to burn in flames,
Whatever it leaves on their ashes can turn a catastrophe into dreams,
A desirable rendevous in a crazed tantrum,
In pictures of **** and darkness,
Caring for tears and blood,
Leaving travelers lost,
Sorry to whisper lonely ashes,
With lungs black as coil,
And the soul, a thunder of storms,
Winds, traveling through sins,
Craving more than religion and bliss.
Sep 2018 · 279
Mind Travel
RBWhite Sep 2018
She wakes up from reality,
With one breath between heaven and ****,
Someone is calling out her soul,
Whispering sweet titles of self,
And when she reaches out to her Emissary,
One hard pull of destiny takes her back to a dream of dreams,
A queen of her own being she is,
The reason why,lays beneath her eyes,
Another life is waiting nearby,
Across seas and saints,
Behind her black wings made of sins,
Long and far she finds a land made of lies,
She's just passing by,
Secret Queen of Sins,
Secret Saint with tears all over her eyes,
Secret lover of Faith,
Secret flames burning inside,
Secret face hiding highs,
Secret in her lips,
Secret...Between and inbetween.
Sep 2018 · 93
Angel's Foe
RBWhite Sep 2018
Book in hands,life will arise from white,
Another proof of time reaching for my arms,
**** and freedom ignited like blue firebolts crushing down,
Senses blind without her lovely light,
Thunder rolls and her sheets take a toll,
Love is her only saint,
Hate an undying enemy,
A disaster made from the flower's tears,
Because of this,to loose is to breathe,
In her dreams,her choice is to resist.
Sep 2018 · 103
Automatic Systematic
RBWhite Sep 2018
Won't return to last,
Won't be there to fall,
Won't hear mourning lies,
Won't try to reach Holy Lights,
Won't love the one's soul,
Won't think to say,
Won't leave to stay,
In between,Won't be.
Sep 2018 · 180
The Trigger
RBWhite Sep 2018
Is a trigger pulled by faith,
And her chains are bound down to the ground,
In the closing dawn of years passing by,
Above people and believings she's reaching the Mount,
Magna the cross she bears in her back,
But she stands and walks,
Like Jesuschrist resigned,
As crucifixion has ways to heaven,
Death is a way to reach her demons,
A bounty lays in her head,after death takes her,
Same as her hands and eyes,
Lungs and liver,
And she'll give away everything,
For a long promise in time,
And maybe then she will find,
That her own lies laid down deep inside.
Sep 2018 · 197
The Fate of a Sinner
RBWhite Sep 2018
Look up to the skies,in the depths of a rainbow arc,
Days in story's time where a demon lied,
Summoning black veils and long smiles,
Sand is on our feet and sun is in her highs,
Pink seas in an angel's house,
The fall of war is a sign of life,
In her feelings, it will strive and rise,
As a mother's craddle bearing her only drive.
Thank you for reading my poems ;)
Sep 2018 · 147
The Emperor Of Darkness
RBWhite Sep 2018
He,who lies on my secrets and remorse,
Only unique to senses when by a chance he cares to please them,
He,who soars through one of many nights pursing teeth and claws against my swollen throat,
He,who lives from blood and guts,The one who says everything I need to know in times of doom,
He, Oh Lord of my deadliest sins,
Where's his wrath now that his crown is mine?
Wasn't his head tall and bright talking about war?
Now beheaded,like a kingdomless Conquerer,
I took the title of The Emperor of Darkness,
And beg for me he will,
In the depths of his guilt filled dreams,
Because not once he thought of me as his enemy.
Sep 2018 · 167
Rainbow Heart
RBWhite Sep 2018
In your heart,my love letter is a flag of light,
Is a proud sign of the life I share without asking why,
And you'll wonder in the deepest of kisses,
And beg for a response from a forgotten Goddess,
Because,my love,
My sweetest thoughts are of you,
My love as a whole belongs to you,
A rose is not meant for you,nor it will be,
You have a Kingdom of Rainbow Flowers in your heart and I as a proud warrior I stand,
Against all of your enemies,
I stand,My soul,
In every universe and reality,
I stand with you.
Sep 2018 · 88
Un día en Tú Universo
RBWhite Sep 2018
Tras una noche helada de Septiembre,
La nevada cubre la piel desnuda de las montañas,
Las manos del calor la abrazan por el norte,
Es particular y perfecta en todas sus maneras,
La suave brisa mañanera,
El viento y sol descubriendo juntos un nuevo día,
Y aquí está de nuevo, la promesa del Universo,reiventando con la naturaleza un juramento eterno.
Un día desde tus ojos.
Sep 2018 · 115
Tú y Ella
RBWhite Sep 2018
Qué buena combinación,
Una oda a la deseada ilusión,
Ahí se ve la mirada,
Ahí tengo la emboscada,
Porque con una fuerza de mil universos,
Tendré el de Ella grabado en mis huesos,
Espero paciente,como el león que suprime su hambre por el juramento de la carne,
Riego conocimientos en lienzos,
Y miento de miedo ante un vientre lleno,
Así obtengo lo que quiero,
A la fuerza e intensidad de un beso con precio,
Entre Tú y Ella,
Estoy en la dulce rivera,
Remitiendome a la Diosa de las Candelas,
Porque una está muerta,
Pero la otra me quema las cejas.
La Poética.
Sep 2018 · 489
Customized Love
RBWhite Sep 2018
One can know even the slightest change in things,
It will leave in customized tears,
Knocking dusty winds and precious fears,
Is too far to see it down under her veil,
But at the end, a love is always doomed to fail,
When you regret mistakes,
When the sun does not love to rise again,
A woman will feel her soul leave,
To a better place,
One that doesn't leave her in flames.
It is not loved the one who loves.
RBWhite Aug 2018
We could let that sail ship,
Away from present and future,
To the ends of doom,
And into every beginning my life would end,
Yours will always remain,
My lovely soul, search for me,
As I will for you,
It's just one forever of many,
Become a temple where my mind sleeps,
As you know,the knowledge of you I value greatly,
No goodbyes, but it still hurts,
Let me miss you,let me cry,
My lovely soul, I'll die forever,for the memory of you is a blessing,
The wounds in my flesh and bones are fatal,
A feather could worsen my state,
Don't you care about them,
An angered warrior is what I am,
Violence is a law, impossible not to accomplish,
And when I get what I give,is natural,
As the heavy breathing leaving my weak lungs,
Don't you ever mind about someone that takes souls for freedom,
But have present that I will protect you,
Lying,deceiving and bleeding is a pleasure,
When it comes to you, my lovely soul,
I hear your cries and tears blend with blood,
I said what you have to do,
But you don't listen,
**** me then,with tears and mourning words,
All those arrows and sword wounds are useless,
For the power of your love under me,will end my life,
The power of your faith for me,
How many times have I asked you why you feel for me?
And why you say "A saviour is what I am
Peace is the law, to take and give life is what I do,
Love, Passion and Faith is all I know
My lovely warrior, leave your soul with me,for I'll forever take care of who you are"
A hero of many is not what you are,
I've arrived to my home,to the end,
End I wanted for so many suns and moons,
We could let us be together,
Over lifetimes,
Over seas and sands,
Over storms and tranquil clouds,
Over war and love,
In your name,I rest.
Aug 2018 · 104
El Amante Un Jueves
RBWhite Aug 2018
Prefiero decirlo a callarmelo,
Prefiero que duela a que no sienta nada,
Prefiero saber que ignorar,
Prefiero la promesa de una luz que la completa obscuridad,
Prefiero el conflicto a la frialdad,
Pero si a eso vamos,también prefiriría el mar a una ciudad,
Y si de eso hablamos, prefiero la soledad a una compañía sin plural,
Aunque si me lo preguntas, te confiaría mi alma sin chistar,
Entonces vuelvo a tú pregunta...
Nunca es suficiente en tú mundo autosuficiente,
Y me quebraría los dientes masticando mi expediente,
Temblaría de terror al ver al silente de frente,
Quemaría mi propia frente a fuerza y con demencia,
Para que mientras me ves morir salga de mí,
Todo aquello que un día no me permití,
Hablar de un mar sin saber nadar,
Amar,sin conocerte a tí,
Y mil y un retratos que pensé al verte en el puente,
Pensando lo mismo que pensó el Amante un Jueves.
Estoy pensando en traducir todos mis poemas en español... Lots of work tho.
Aug 2018 · 215
La Ejecución de Tula
RBWhite Aug 2018
Es un pensamiento peligroso,
Pero me llena de gozo,
A una hora del terror y el deseo,
Que me apunta con sus dedos negros,
En esta habitación nacen desvelos,
Que de tu mirada pueden vertir trillones de sentimientos,
Apunta con certeza adelantando al ejecutador,
Su Anfitrión será el único espectador
Y de uno de sus tajos se vertirá sin parar
Aquello que tanto desée probar.
Aug 2018 · 535
RBWhite Aug 2018
There are a hundred shadows upon me,
Seven Iron crosses will not allow their reign,
In this love,hollow and fulfilment can't be apart,
In this clouds,there will only be dark,
He will come soon,to reclaim your soul as his,
With a hundred shadows upon me,
How could I resist?
Without your light,
Is it a good ****?
Without your scent to lead my sword and claws...
Is my blood sprawled all over your bed a good sacrifice?
Aug 2018 · 610
RBWhite Aug 2018
I keep silence but my soul needs answers,
I don't want the truth to leave your mouth,
And be the one to be executed,
But I need to be redeemed,
How much hurt have my greed cost,
Could not be let loose,
And the amount of **** in my eyes is as endless as my instincts,
They will never leave,
As you know that you will.
The title is in Persian and it means "The End"
Aug 2018 · 163
Lavanda en Diciembre
RBWhite Aug 2018
El Valle de tulipanes rebosa de emociones,
De aquellas historias en donde habían oportunidades perdidas,
Pero en estos recuerdos de lavanda y dientes de león,
El juramento de un sentimiento quedará grabado en la naturaleza,
Y mí instinto es prueba de ello,
Él me lleva a tí,
Y me deja ahí, incluso luego de morir.
De mí para Tï
Aug 2018 · 132
La Ninfa Del Desierto
RBWhite Aug 2018
Y tiene tundras de oro puro en su dominio,
Dentro fluye el oásis de su amor,
Tan dentro de la tierra dorada que su existencia se confunde entre los sueños y la realidad,
La suave voz de su ninfa canta de la nostalgia,
De los recuerdos de sus besos en su cuello,para no olvidar sus palabras de eternidad salvaje,
Adorna la génesis de luces rosáceas, danzando sobre el agua cristalina,
Su único Maestro,
Su única Enseñanza,
El amar eternamente sin ser correspondida.
Y se hicieron milenios...
Aug 2018 · 222
The News
RBWhite Aug 2018
Have you heard about the news?
A glow of light is bursting out of my scalp,
Did you read the new story?
About a little pain so great that very few can tell it well,
Is it tempting to reach a black and red bottom?
As infinite as it is, I keep on falling apart,
If you can't reach out to answer,may I at least have one more question?
The desperation of a killer in love with his victim.
Aug 2018 · 322
A Dream Of Life
RBWhite Aug 2018
And it happenned to sound,
That chorus of beginnings and endings,
How much do you missed for misbehaving,
In a lifetime of sourvenirs and tenderness,
Careless joy and multiple lovers?
Did you ever saw her again?
Trapped into your arms,
Resting for one more night,
Leaving behind a million smiles,
Now walking between noble trees and orange lights,
Lavender clothes and brothers in line,
Care to have a look?
Maybe the sound you will overlook.
Inspired by a dream I had last night minus the violent part hahaha I heard "Carry Me" by Nadia Ali in my dream. Its a song my brother and I love a lot.
Aug 2018 · 345
Into The Night
RBWhite Aug 2018
I'm always in this moonless night,
The Bloodless Hunter for werewolfs and phantom childs,
Ever since the sun decided to be my enemy, I don't believe in My Fairy,
I strive and rise for the endless water than runs through The River of Tears,
I run without my mind set to rest,
I **** without thinking of death,
It is not enough and it will never be enough,
Because the moon is no longer there to guide my steps,
And the Sun will keep on cursing my name.
Will I ever stay the same?
Aug 2018 · 650
Woman Of The Heights
RBWhite Aug 2018
She has an unbearable way to mend her wounds,
A lavish look at them can make me just another agressor,
By the time we summon recovery,the sand and water drives us back to New York City,
City of Lovers and Lights,
She has a cruel way of loving someone,
Hating herself with every kiss,
A memory of a Face so familiar and at the same time unavailable can keep her from creating at all,
We have to go again to The Island because I can't wait any longer,
Another of her thoughts will lead me to oblivion,
She has every way to every one,
It is her power under my body that drags me to the center of the Universe,
And we can't keep waiting anymore,
Moon and Stars shine,
Love and hate combine,
And we're left with nothing more than Ourselves.
Is it a memory or a momentum?
Aug 2018 · 105
Dos Candelas
RBWhite Aug 2018
Tengo dos candelas,
Me las robé del Santuario de la Duquesa,
Una de ellas me quema las ojeras,
La otra está muerta en la Rivera,
Su espelma cubre las enredaderas y el viento incesante la obligó a torcerse de sobremanera,
Es su alma blanca la que prospera,
Pero aún así,
Tengo dos candelas,
Una media muerta y una eterna.
Qué larga es la vida y qué eterna es la espera.
Aug 2018 · 206
RBWhite Aug 2018
When Rome failed,these hearts poured down ****** clouds,
And crucifixion touched every nightmare I once had,
Don't you ever know?
That who you are is nothing more than everything at all for my heart and life?
It must be ******* me,
For a Magdalene I will be,
Sitting secretly in your Kingdom,
Because my lies will only work for them,
When stones become my skin.
"And when you're gone,I'll tell them my religion is you"
****** Mary,Lady Gaga.
Aug 2018 · 3.8k
Take it
RBWhite Aug 2018
Take it,
Come on,
Open your mouth,
Just like that...
Don't choke,
Do you like it?
Open your legs,
RBWhite Aug 2018
I come from afar,
The lowest part of cold,hellish mountains,
I eat human minds in my sleep,
By the time my belly fills, I get no rest,
I love hookers and diamonds,
Pleasing enemies with my dignity,
I bend to Freedom and Freedom only,
These are shadowy chains,draggin' my ****** sins to no avail,
I lack ignorance,
Knowledge that I sneak in your insides when I make me yours,
I pray for Destiny,
To take its toll on my soul and make me blow,transform into one million owls,
I make Sanctuaries,
For my forgotten Goddess and her obscure lover,
And promises I won't keep,
'Til my Love completes.
There's nothing more important than your identity and I will always protect mine and the one from the persons I love and cherish.
Aug 2018 · 3.9k
I'll Be There
RBWhite Aug 2018
Will I make you see?
Will you belong to me?
Rest in my embrace,
Feel my need for change,
And I'll be your only place...
Where you'll rest in sleep,
When you come to me,
I'll be whatever you need,
I'll be the fall, catching you from the depths of despair,It won't matter, for whatever it takes,
I'll be there,
I'll be the sadness,the kiss in your tears, mending every fear,
Is my promise to make,
I'll be there,
In the light and the dark,
The warrior of your love, creating truth with my sword,
And I swear, you'll be okay,
Because I'll be there.
Originally written to be a song...
Jul 2018 · 285
Queen Mygale
RBWhite Jul 2018
The Final Sacrifice begins,
Punctures of blood all over the seiling,
Eight mementos of her own pain crawl all over dark walls,
My Goddess is here,
And Her Demon too,
Pretty words leave a cave of skin damped skulls,
And she lays down now,
Ready for heavy blows,
Remembering the vows she wished she forgot long ago.
Spiders are a never ending inspiration...
RBWhite Jul 2018
Extraño la ávida grieta de mi soledad,
Entonces dentro de mi mente se debería de hervir un sueño,
Pero ellos llaman,aún cuando no tengo por qué ir,
Y suponiendo que pudiera,
Me tengo que mover,
El liderar es bienestar,
El poder es una bendición,
La cual pienso reinventar,
Con cada uno de esos sueños magullados,
Que tanto me pediste salvar del olvido.
Me gusta el pensar en más de una manera de expresarme. Hablar es el manipular con tus palabras. Yo hablo con mi escritura. ¿Y Tú? ¿Hablas o Manipulas?
Jul 2018 · 153
El Amor Que Conozco
RBWhite Jul 2018
El amor que salvó el mundo,
Con sabor y textura propia,
Nunca nadie me dijo qué se podía encontrar debajo del velo *****,
Desnudo entre los valles y mares más  profundos,
En donde su silueta se dibuja en las incontables superficies,
No importa la bruma del terror que la rodea,
Pues el indómito rubor de los rayos del sol se asoman por las curvas del cielo,
Y tengo a los ojos de Ella,
Guiándome y Cuidando mis pasos.
La idea católica de un Dios masculino.  Pero nacido de Ella,de un amor infinito.
Jul 2018 · 334
Midnight War
RBWhite Jul 2018
My arms are tight against the steel of the armor,
One slash of my sword and another enemy falls,
Its a pity to know guilt will leave with sunrise,
And her love is only a ghost that looms between ****** corpses,
Wounds touch my body and they'll never leave my insides,
Because another one falls again,
And is my duty to send him back to ****.
Jul 2018 · 197
The See World
RBWhite Jul 2018
This is not a test,
And if I was looking for hope,
Now is gone,
Within coffins and coffee,
Never to mend but always to keep,
A tale of danger begins in her tears,
An endless wait in passenger seats,
Her shadows fear of the tree's dreams,
Leaning heavy in a tight embrace,
Resting in his tender stare,
Don't worry,
She'll be traumatized,
Tight in anxiety,
Pressed as his jaw to heaven.
I miss my dad so much. I can't even express how much he meant to me. And he's still my greatest support when I feel down. When no one else is there for me. The memories of his love cure my sorrow. I love you forever,dad.
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