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RBWhite Sep 11
A deathless life,
without a reason why,
the manouvers to breathe had become scarce,
And the night's promise of dark will take over everthing on sight,
The Cruel phantom of pain came all over her,
She's desperately trying to gain what's lost,
but awakaned she can't do much,
The shadows rise, sun's death smells of ash,
And the crown and Kingdom is nothing but a forgotten land in front of her eyes.
This poem belongs to my BLACK X POETRY series and it tells the story of a woman's journey through hell and back, her madness and search for meaning. enjoy! all the poems from BLACK X POETRY use the hashtag #blackxpoetry
RBWhite Sep 11
The tears of the universe
These are the stars landing on your eyes,
The moon sharing kisses all over your white,
The wings of the clouds landing in every North and South,
As you remember every start and every goodbye,
In a while it will pass,
And the Sun will arise,
For new beginnings are always in the way of life.
For all of you who fell unwanted unloved or just sad... You're not alone
RBWhite Aug 23
I ****** you so hard that I no longer remember who you are,
I treated you as bad like a dictator falls over Holy Lands,
I never thought for once of your tears falling like wound's blood,
And when it came to say goodbye,
I dissappeared like a ghost into the dark,
Never knowing how to love,
Always going back to hurt your soul,
For once,
For twice,
You reached out to the Moon in a desperate cry,
You pleaded to the Sun for one more night,
But I found out of your needed lies and for the first and last time,
I finally ran out of your life.
Ghosting was something I did with many of my past lovers and is not something good or even sane for a person to suffer. I regret nothing I lived but ghosting the people that loved me is not a good way to go.
RBWhite Jul 30
I wasn't supposed to be in love so soon,
To loose myself on you,
But the moment I saw you,
Couldn't you notice?
That I was enamored from the first glance?
Is my bare heart on a silver plate,
For you and your demons to share,
'cause I don't care,
Because as long as I'm reflected in your green stare,
I'll be fine,I'll be okay,
When we say goodbye again for many nights and days,
You won't hear my mournings,
You won't see my tears,
All that I have for you,my dearest,
Is my happiness and bliss.
It is with a great happiness that I announce my sadness, no longer from grief but from the everlasting flame on your green's
RBWhite Jul 19
Is your turn to decide,
As always my heart will hide,
Between lungs and bones,
It is you I will always follow,
through thick and thin,
'Til my blood turns green and the skies rain sand,
And the sight of your smile destroys the blazing fire of desire,
Can't you forgive me?
For everything I did,
For the cause of my grief,
I no longer wish to live, if your love is not resting between my limbs.
Love is a Woman in pain.
RBWhite Jul 3
Before the sun it comes rain,
But her body is covered in thorns,
She can't take the guilt no more,
Fate chokes on her veins and how she could remember, she couldn't tell,
A black snake hovers on top of her *******, clinging teeths and skin,
Leaving life behind, bringing back her lies and chants,
The Sacred Goddess returns one more time,
To **** her old wounds and make new ones,
Atone for dead souls that she tore without remorse,
And cry out her name in the depths of regret.
This poem belongs to my BLACKXPOETRY series and it tells the story of a woman on her way to hell and madness, her subsequent rise to the hellish kingdom she created and now she can't escape her faith. You can see all her journey in all my previous work, all of them are tagged with blackxpoetry so you can enjoy them all if you want to. Thank you!!
RBWhite Jun 24
Cuando yo te ví,
no sufrí, no sentí,
Te viví,
La agonía de mí vida la dí por perdida,
La promesa de tú alma y la mía ahora cantan en armonía,
Los vientos fuertes que cortaban mí piel, ahora acunan tu querer cuando la brisa se intuye al amanecer,
El agua que esperaba y me ahogara, nos sumerge a ambas en un mar de calma,
Las espinas de mi jardín, anuncian la flor de las rosas, como una alavanza que brota del albor de un amor,
De los pétalos se asoma el deseo,se humedecen a la par con el rocío tíbio de un caluroso estruendo,
En estos aromas y formas, la cruel caricia de una ninfa recorre aquella senda prohibída,
Con tal experticia que no cabe duda ni el atisbo de la huída,
Recorre y conquista,
Abre y le mira,
Está contenta de ira,
Muerta de júbilo y de vivaz agonía,
Aquella ninfa nunca pensó que la Obscuridad la haría mía.
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