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Oct 2020 · 122
Qweyku Oct 2020
Established thought
unearths reputation as
a time-based construct.

Little wonder He is named;

Rock Eternal
Ancient of Days.

© Qwey.ku
Matt 7:24
Aug 2020 · 130
Accra by Night
Qweyku Aug 2020
There is an evening breeze that comforts the path to Accra by night.

A common wealth for all who conquer its gradient;
prizing the illumination of the citied valley beneath.

A learned African crown jeweled with serene delight
little mountain secrets kept best by moonlight.

Unsuspecting souls seen from heights above,
minuscule yet vivid through the glimmer of artificial lights.

Their hidden stories birthing true conversation.
A solace of reasoning with sparse escape from the sofa of the mind.

Picture pleasant occasion frozen in time
found only in joyful thought
youthful moments divine...

These are the brightly darkened scenes
under a carpet of stars
channeled through the lens of ‘Accra by Night.’

© Qwey.ku
‘Accra by Night’ is a longstanding  student name given to a Legon hilltop on the University of Ghana campus. An elevation located behind the campuses infamous Commonwealth Hall, it offers expansive views of parts of the city of Accra. (Top tip, best viewed at night.)
Jun 2020 · 266
Beauty Reign
Qweyku Jun 2020
Deception sought to beckon in the shadows,
But the wind carried the gentle lips of Wisdom,


“...only fools believe in the trickery of darkness.”

Such a fragile bridge
From dusk to dawn today
Its moorings & way too narrow,
The fingers of the heart
clinging to deceit.

Set the dew of diligence at the gate
Like the flaming sword of Eden!
Forbidding fear ingress, but
Thoroughfare to the Comely Trio;

Righteousness, Peace & Joy!

Permit the Spirit of His Kingdom
Wholly reign within.

© Qwey.ku
Jun 2020 · 110
A lover called Wisdom
Qweyku Jun 2020
deception beckons in the shadows
but beauty is (lips called) Wisdom
whispering on the wind

© Qwey.ku
Wisdom is the principle thing
get Wisdom get understanding
Apr 2020 · 758
Qweyku Apr 2020
Physical distance
can never undo
the physics of God

© Qwey.ku
Nothing can separate us from His love, not things present nor to come.
Jan 2020 · 189
Fools Void
Qweyku Jan 2020
Deception sought to beckon
in the shadows,
but only the fooled believe
in the trickery of darkness.

For it's a fragile bridge
from dusk to dawn.

© Qwey.ku
Oct 2019 · 187
Qweyku Oct 2019
wishes are wistful things
i speak truths
when i proclaim
i pray you the very best
all we need is little faith
Aug 2019 · 1.0k
August Sun
Qweyku Aug 2019
An ancient river
an old London chapel
& our last summer rays
of such an august Sun
The promise of niceties...
laughter, drinks, ice cream
& perhaps a softly stolen kiss

Fill my hand with yours.

If you please;
a pleasant walk with you
up on Tower Hill

© Qwey.ku
Who knows?
Apr 2019 · 657
Soul Lights
Qweyku Apr 2019
our windows
to the soul

veils permitting
light within

darkness foe
& gifts
of Gods' giving

of the soul

© Qwey.ku
Mar 2019 · 4.3k
Sun Children
Qweyku Mar 2019
Sun Kisses
& melanin
a cocktail
made for

Radiant power
within brown skin

Witnessed by
heavens glory
white-lies & kin

Look yonder
troubled waters

...rays of hope
bask in futured
lumination of all
His Children

© Qwey.ku
Sun's Children
Oct 2018 · 828
Qweyku Oct 2018
in sleep i saw something
beautiful in your eyes

no doubt you have regenerated
my awakening

                    © Qwey.ku
Sometimes I write what I see within the night
Oct 2018 · 3.0k
Wounds Heal
Qweyku Oct 2018
YOU ARE so much more than your wounds,
but when you craft your signature,
your scars share the weight of your pen...

MORE than a conqueror

© Qwey.ku
Oct 2018 · 704
Broken Fragile
Qweyku Oct 2018
a   h e a r  t   m o u l d  o f   g l a s s

w h e n   p a s s i o n   b r o k e   f r e e

c  l e a  r  l y   my   s o u l   s h a t t e r e d

a s   l o v e s   s p e a r   t h r u s t

t h r o u g h   f i s s u r e s   q u a k e d

o n   t h e   i n s i d e s   o f   m e

© Qwey.ku
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
Qweyku Sep 2018
My Heart is made of glass
in it, I have tried to keep love safe
© Qwey.ku
Sep 2018 · 472
Within Us
Qweyku Sep 2018
in time
our parents
will become
our ancestors

our children
their beautiful
willed inheritance

a well within us
sweet waters, but
bitter proof; sorrow
gives strength to joy

© Qwey.ku
Sep 2018 · 8.1k
In A Jiffy
Qweyku Sep 2018
Time is...
a gift, barely examined
a present, rarely opened
locked away in a strong box
its key cobwebbed under
the dust of procrastination.

In disbelief
we feign ignorance  
mentally banking cheques
signed:'all the time in the world'

Yet we drink reflectively
from warm comforting
fragile glazed cups
filled with the brazen solution:
'no time like the present'.

Perhaps we all 'need a break'...
'in a jiffy' may be too late.

© Qwey.ku
Aug 2018 · 14.0k
Oceans Speak
Qweyku Aug 2018
drenched in a sea of waveforms,
dancing on the ebb of a digital ocean
its crests crowned with sound

pitched upon amplitude tides      
their volume compressed;
reverberating through glass speakers
mere dots in the sands

i hear cadence...
within the music of your speech
how can it be,
such a many word
yet forgotten,
indelibly on your beach?

if we could interpret the oceans
what stories would its sea speak?
of its corruption?
treasures unreturned
to lost and found?
or of its time to give up the dead,
or of the angels that fell to its ground?

© Qwey.ku
Have I told you of how I love the sea?
A duplicitous temptress.
choosing to drown or carry you afloat.
Aug 2018 · 3.4k
Bright Apparitions
Qweyku Aug 2018
This world is full of dreams
many are lost, found
& salvaged by others.

Some fade, starved of thirst;
ghosts haunting minds’ mirage.

But, there are those rare sparks;
shorn flashes of brilliance,
blazing through self-existence.

Yes. Our world full of dreams.

              © Qwey.ku
May 2018 · 919
Bl* *k B* * * *rd
Qweyku May 2018
I can only infer you
speak of my skin
this beautiful brown
this lovely melanin?

Yes. Father’s no more,
now long gone, but before
he departed he worked
himself to the bone
straying not a day
from home.

As for my colour
you must be blind
the contorted
black darkness
you perceive
has never been mine.

Why is this hue such
an affront to you?
policemen, judge, jury
school-teachers too?

Now it is said
we’re real-good actors;
for we play many a part,
but you pay no mind
to such sentiment nor
proverbial heart-to-heart.

No sah!
Mistake not my
composure for failed
advance, blink once
& I’ll lick you down
given half the chance!

But then you, your ilk
and your briers sown
would just rise again
with sated verbal abuse
& agenda obtuse.

Lawd O’ Mercy
I want off this
deadly semantic

Go home!! N * * * * r!!!
Seething; they scream!

...there goes another
coloured criminal
for being created
a shade of Eden's
dust of the ground.
melanite brown.

So, when you insult me
I can only infer,
speak of my skin;
this beautiful brown,
this lovely melanin.
Jan 2018 · 473
Black Ugly
Qweyku Jan 2018
I wonder if pictured opinion is found
in the sight of the visually impaired?
& if they might be inclined to share
views meaning behind Beauty Is Blind?

Have they too been sold a melanated lie?
That hue-man shades of brown
ought to be blackened with a frown?
& whitewashed with a lighter sense
of melanted pride?

I ponder,
eyes closed.

Do minds,
deeper see

**© Qwey.ku
On Jan 14, 2018, an ABC online article under the heading: 'UK party suspends leader's girlfriend over Markle remarks' ABC reported on a story being carried by several UK publications discussing private texts sent by UK model;
Jo Marney, girlfriend of the suspended UKIP party leader.
Where she referred to so called 'Black people' as "ugly" adding other disparaging comment and opinion on the intellect and ethnicity of British Royal Prince Harry's fiance Meghan Markle.
Dec 2017 · 808
Qweyku Dec 2017


T r  e a s u r e


m o m e n t s

soon will be

m  e m o r i e s


© Qwey.ku
"...wherever your treasure is there your heart is also" ~ Matityahu 6:21
Nov 2017 · 279
Qweyku Nov 2017
infected by your
contagious smile

for this the heart
has no antidote

© Qwey.ku
Nov 2017 · 1.6k
Qweyku Nov 2017
An aged woman her sight waxing dim
Waits at the gate called patience
A stalwart near the inner court;
Whose walls are named deliverance
Bolted by a door of praise.

She watches at the gate intently
Though many hurriedly egress
& fewer enter by it.

She tells those who will listen:
I look for the one coming from Edom
The one dressed in red
The wearer of the royal turban
The giver of the eternal ring.

So old
She is rumoured to be immortal
Her name is Kheftsivah
Though some call her Beulah
But I prefer her sacred name; Wisdom
& the secret one not yet given.

She is there still, they say
Ancient yet standing
Watching & waiting

           © Qwey.ku
Oct 2017 · 375
laughter lines
Qweyku Oct 2017
wrinkles in time
etch the pillars
of the lights to my soul

lines of laughter
take residence upon my brow;

[these furrows] the collagen
masking the prayer of sorrows
that draw deeper than skin

© Qwey.ku
Sep 2017 · 318
Little One
Qweyku Sep 2017
Before you see it
Before you realise
Before you know
& comprehend

A glass sits before you
Measured above 'a little late'
Brimful at the line;

"No time like the present"

A gift given all,
Barely examined & rarely opened
Save with warm sorrow & sober reflection
Ever thankful of past occasion...

Drunk on youth!
Grasp & be enlightened;

The future is indeed an education.

© Qwey.ku
Epiphany: My Heart is made of glass and in it I have tried to keep love safe

For Raphaela
Jul 2017 · 524
Qweyku Jul 2017
I heard the dawn whisper

"Hope is on the horizon"

Just as her Sun rose
clothed in copper orange
eclipsing the shimmer
of earths waters
with soul piercing rays

Illuminating the day forwards
like flames winged with healing
engulfing paths with the brightness
found in the joy of wisdom

Imparting strength
in the sure vision
of understanding...

Hope IS on the horizon

                    © Qwey.ku
Jun 2017 · 700
Qweyku Jun 2017
hopeless grief

waves of emotion trigger
compassion of comradery
displayed in nothing but
the simplicity of love.


what dawn of terror
May 2017 · 530
Sleeping Giant
Qweyku May 2017
A son of Africa
but your sons will remember you
as their father
your daughters too
and childrens' mother
as that one talk-dark-suave
African brother
her friend and her lover
surpassed only by your faith
in a higher other...
the eternal soul lover

G-d! (Ewruade!!!)

How quickly you returned
from “where you came…
...Chaley” a type of original journalism
May G-d permit my spirit to do the same

Go rest.

We’ll see you when we’ve done our time
when we’re old and journaled grey
In glory crowned as such
reflecting His brilliance bronzed
In faith
we'll keep the watch.

Rest now
African Sun


We'll keep the watch
Jan 2017 · 2.7k
Fallen Words
Qweyku Jan 2017
Despair unrequited asked of me;

where do proverbs, poems...
such wisdom's go to die?

do they expire with the ink of thought
penning themselves out of imagination?
or simply tire of expectation?

tell me
i would scourge
that unenlightened grave-site,
guillotine its immoral keeper,
decapitate him upon
a writer’s block!

show me
i will breach earths bowels
wrenching words from darkness' depths
with the light verse of celebration
a calligrapher’s paragraph of praise.

only then should i rest in piece
from wordy passion
scribed with its, novel pleasures

when spent, 
upon my epitaph do write;

'she was consumed,
birthing words to life'

© Qwey.ku
Nov 2016 · 1.5k
Qweyku Nov 2016
Spirit of pleasant memory told me;
(to) keep writing
sweetly fell her words
to the crests of my shoulders
she lifted me with high breath...
"the world was waiting".

Selfishly I seek that soul of a day,
such that creation no longer tarries
save at least one precious moment,
sooner, than what was writ afore.
Thank you
Nov 2016 · 15.5k
Rain Music
Qweyku Nov 2016
Sometimes the rain falls
as if its penning poetry
to the rhythm of its own music;
a sonic tune of liquid tapestry.

Cleft from a sky immersed
in the scene of a tragedy.
It's tears,
the pitter-patter;
a solemn dance
for all humanity.

An ancient jig this fluid frolic
never tiring of its endless cycle
vesting and revisiting this terra firma
like a lover emasculating the earth
of its desert state,
or adding to its oceans
in a bid to be free.

But you’re here again, I’ve noticed
for even through windows
your music plays a clamorous
and rather brazen beat.

Take my hand, why don’t you?


Dance with me.

**© Qwey.ku
Nov 2016 · 897
Qweyku Nov 2016
my lips parted
humbled by your resplendence
enchanted by the mystery of your beauty

so i spoke the words of promise
forged on an anvil of insanity
fashioned by a trembling tongue
the fire of fearful fidelity

a passion extinguished by acceptance
reborn from the sated ashes of embrace
reignited with the kindle of emotion
the inferno in the flame of your breath

                  © Qwey.ku
Nov 2016 · 597
Perfect Day
Qweyku Nov 2016
If I could undo the hands of time
There would be no tomorrow.
For yesterday would ever remain,
One perfect day with you again

                      © Qwey.ku
For Jim
Nov 2016 · 5.1k
Love Transcends
Qweyku Nov 2016
I speak of love
when I compare you to
sweet summers day
or a rose of its garden

I speak of passage in the sea of time
when I say
forever or always
whichever tide ebbs first.

I speak of knowledge
when I say
the body of a young lady is heavenly
but a womans' decidedly divine

I speak of faith
when I say
nothing good
ever became
without an
inject of pain

I speak of fear
when I used to say
you'd be gone some day
but now I know,
love transcends the grave

© Qwey.ku
Oct 2016 · 11.2k
Bitter Sweet
Qweyku Oct 2016
strange things:
the same hands we raise
in victory are those we
lift in surrender, just as
joy is known because
we've tasted the fruit
that sadness yields.

**© Qwey.ku
Oct 2016 · 374
Qweyku Oct 2016
the turmoil of the universe
was carved of a canvass
of black so its stars would
shine ever brightly.

our celestial picture is heaven
astrologically saying;

"the darkness of your troubles
simply serves to luminate
the brilliance of beauty
in all your battles of victory...

for even death is undone
with the last flicker of breath
like falling stars leave
a glorious trail of descent"

**© Qwey.ku
Sep 2016 · 311
Qweyku Sep 2016
ancient shades of brown
defiantly labelled black
deeper semantic collusion
perpetuating tall tales;
a mass hypnosis of the
emperors new clothes            
                                                       hue man
                                                       colour blind
           not seeing
           i am because
           i was taught so

                                                   **© Qwey.ku
Sep 2016 · 377
Qweyku Sep 2016
Finding oneself is painful.

Its simile is precious gold
never  exorcised with ease.

Only at an arduous end
is carat (er) considered Golden.



“Dig Deep” when life troubles
for Wisdom says you are;
”A Hidden Gem”.

© Qwey.ku
Find Wisdom
Sep 2016 · 5.1k
Qweyku Sep 2016
Character is an island
Where men fear to sail

It's waters too deep a reflection

© Qwey-ku
Sep 2016 · 384
Last Night
Qweyku Sep 2016
I dreamt of father,
He confided, he was dying.
Mother Mercy watched on,
All knowing,
As he & I embraced...

Through a whisper,
I cried
“I love you”...

Never have I held one so tightly,
As I did last night.

**© Qwey.ku
Aug 2016 · 1.7k
Qweyku Aug 2016
Take heed, falter not
Your time is currency,
Tied ineffaceably
To the heart rate of
Your Fiscal Policy.

Spent but once,

“Spend your time wisely"
Advised are we
But time invested
Face-value perceived,
Too steep a price paid

Such an idea of a lie,
So psyche ingrained.
Dire submission
of modern humanity
Ever so
Intrinsically sealed
We even

“These moments are stolen”
our time considered;

“...too precious”

© Qwey.ku
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
Emotion Home
Qweyku Aug 2016
Hope's expectation is
Carried by the wind,
A turbulent sky's ocean,
A heaven of jetted wings.

**© Qwey.ku
Jul 2016 · 2.6k
My book ends
Qweyku Jul 2016
That familiar,
Wicked whisper


Dreams destruction.
Especially when it screams...

"You'll never achieve!"



Is quantified as the


Weighed as a tiny
Mustard seed.

Ending with...


~ QB
be an inspiration first to yourself and then to others
Jul 2016 · 282
Qweyku Jul 2016
We write our history with footsteps.

We rarely read in between the lines.
Hope is there,
Indelibly, invisibly, inked;
Blood red,
Between every page
pain & glory.

~ QB
Lev 17:11
Col 1:27
Jun 2016 · 3.3k
Qweyku Jun 2016
Why do the tongues of little birds
converse with the morning?
And their hearts stanza their beaks
to parley each dawn?

Have men lost their voice?

That creatures so small;
Should be the guardians of days night.

**© Qwey.ku
Qweyku May 2016
I held a Mother in my arms,
With love
tears of mournful abandon,
Watching as she passed to paradise.
In time,
I heard a Father’s breath of silence;
His silver cord too, shredded.

Oh my soul!

We have been force fed a lie;
That real men don’t cry?
for it is written;
“and Jesus wept.”

A son shouldn’t search such unsearchable sorrow...
But it's right that children bury their parents,
Not the other way around, a painful truth;
our caretaker's are now in the ground.

How long before sunshine’s healing rays
Dissipate this institute of grief?
When will the Son rise?

(G-d have mercy on us all.)

~  © Qwey.ku
Mar 2016 · 645
Qweyku Mar 2016
Sorrow is too painful a Master;
I must resign his employment.

© Qwey.ku
Mar 2016 · 561
Abraham's Bosom
Qweyku Mar 2016
Yesterday a Father died,
He journeyed far from a village called No. 1
He gave his life.


I hope you've found peace;

                                                         ­           the ***** of Abraham.

~ QB
Jan 2016 · 1.3k
Qweyku Jan 2016
The shortest distance
between pain and peace,
[between what is
the fruitfulness of the morrow]

is a rugged shortcut;
an unattractive narrow path
gated small,
travail  &  obedience.

A steep elevation,
hewn of solid rock;
an ancient Roman road,
* traveled few.*

Pay mind to where you tread.
Be walked conditioned fit.
relinquish all your baggage.

© Qwey.ku
The distance between pain & peace,
Is the light at the end of your tunnel.


~ QB
Dec 2015 · 386
Qweyku Dec 2015
There is a reason why
never friend...

They try to visit on force of occasion,
but blindly
like lone
in the stiff dead of night.


a haunting divide;

an ebb


of salty foam.

An eerie vacuum...

a sense & state of pregnant airs' taste

...a forever's of fleeting tranquility.

**© Qwey.ku
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