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Tabby May 12
I feel such lonesome.
Yet surrounded by people.
Anxiety *****.
Tabby May 12
You are not anymore here,
The months seem like decades.
Feels like it was only yesterday,
Yet seems as if it were so long ago.

Life feels empty without you near,
I smile yet it's as I am playing charades.
I wish it were my decision for you to stay,
Heart feels so cold as if there is snow.

Never will I run low on tears,
Wishing you were not gone I've prayed.
Skies blue some days are now gray,
Slowly yet surely my heartache grows.
We miss you dad. 💔
Tabby May 12
So long have I waited for this positive, heart jumps as if to be doing somersaults.
Still in disbelief with this amazing news, seeing that second line I came to a halt.

So many negatives have I gotten before, can this seriously be real and true?
Still in disbelief yet also in such awe, there's a baby growing and I had no clue.


My baby is doing somersaults in my belly, as if they are training for the swim team.
Yearning does my heart to meet my love, never thought this could be but a dream.

Hearing that tiny lively heartbeat I beam, face hurting due to grinning so much.
We can not wait to meet you little love, daddy and mommy love you a bunch.
Tabby Jan 27
More than just an in law,
Always like a father.
Ridiculous and wonderful,
Crazy without you, we'll all be.
We miss you already. 💔🌹
Tabby Jan 5
Thirteen years ago,
you left us today.

Time heals all wounds -
or, so I hear everyone say.

Time must be healing slow,
it still hurts like yesterday.
Uncle Greg🌹💔
Tabby Dec 2021
Your love is like the ocean.
You crash into me, gently.

Your waves are raging.
Yet I'm in such peace within you.

Grains of sand are stuck on me.
Just as its me who is stuck on you.

I'll float forever into your love.
Of this, I am shore.
Tabby Jul 2021
Brothers are both enemies and protectors,
Right or wrong, they have your back.
One day all you do if fight,
The next y'all are best friends.
Hate them or love them,
Either way you're stuck with them.
Rich I am, because I have two;
Stuck with both, happily.
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