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Tabby Jul 2018
I came across your photo, you're smiling so silly. My greatest, crazy friend.
You looked so happy. So healthy and susceptible.
Who would have thought you'd exhale for the last time. And so soon after this portrait.

My heart aches bitterly, clenching tightly with sorrow.
My eyes swell up with your memory, and your nonexistence on earth.
I wish I had but one more day, so that I could have embraced you once more. So that I could have said I'll see you soon.

And though it has and will be years- Though I have and will she'd many tears, I'll see you soon.
Tabby Apr 2018
I sit here on the floor
Closed in by the door,
I wonder if you really know
How fast my heart can go,
The sight of you will make me smile
I haven't felt like this for awhile,
The thought of you can make me blush
but you don't realize you're my crush,
I wish you knew how much I care
its why I often stare,
But soon enough if I pray
Ill be lucky enough that you take me away......
Old poem I found from 2013.
Tabby Feb 2018
We used to be best feiends-
But I don't need you, this is the end.
We were together for years-
You came for me, collected my tears.

I need you so many days-
You helped me, in harmful ways.
I depended on you, so very much-
Though now you're gone, I'm in such luck.

And though your presence will always be displayed-
Goodbye forever, tiny blade.
Tabby Sep 2017
Depression came back knocking,
He's lingering at the door.
I try, pretend like I'm not home; wanting so badly to ignore.

He knows I'm there, he's laughing; he tells me I can't hide.
He knows like always, he'll soon be back inside.

He'll push, and push upon the door; knowing it will soon open.
He laughs, laughs knowing; he is a lethal weapon.

I try, try to stop him; the door is bolted shut.
He laughs, laughs knowing; the door is thin enough to cut.

He found his way inside; like he always, always does.
I cry, cry missing; how things before him was.

And he laughs, laughs knowing; I'll never be completely happy again.
Tabby Sep 2017
If your love was the rain, my heart would be the flower.

If I don't have you, it will wither away.
Tabby Aug 2017
Long ago the sun was cold, her heart was caged with wire-
She let her heart loose, for the one that she desired.
He said he wouldn't hurt her, but he was a liar-
See, the sun was like the moon, before her heart caught fire.
Tabby Aug 2017
I've made so many agreements, none of which I could keep-
I've ruined so many, so I can't sleep.
I told someone I wouldn't harm myself more-
I told them that I'd stop, but that just tore.
I've agreed to that so many times, no longer can I keep track-
For if I had a penny for each, I would have a huge stack.

I told somebody recently, I told them I would try-
Though often, the thoughts do pry.
My skin itches for it, it's hard to say no-
But then I think of him, and the word bursts out like a volcano.
I want to stop for him, and one day I will-
So for him, and him alone; the promise will be fulfilled.
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