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Quest Aug 2018
Listen. Livin’
is the opposite of
superstition, caste and division
You think something’s missin’
so you start following fiction,
Book clubs with the same old book
selling you a cure for an imaginary disease. Crooks!
You start singing praises
to a character in a fiction book
but you fail to take a good look
at his flaws, yet you applaud!
Victims recruiting other victims
to give up their lives for fiction
“Follow me, follow me, drop everything” mentality
Then you teach your kids the same
for the sake of tradition. How lame!
Quest Aug 2018
Birds in an open cage
I’m outraged they aren’t outraged
They’re happy to be enslaved
They have the minds of slaves
Chirp, chirp, on demand
when the master commands!
They holler and stomp their feet joyfully.
Insane, like they have pea-sized brains.

They clip off their own wings
They don’t want to be free!

— The End —