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Mira Alunsina Apr 2020
I wasn't prepared for this familiar feeling
I was always so certain
Always so sure
That I have left no more blank page in our book
That I have closed for almost two years now
And yet
This isolation is trying to rekindle what's lost
You said you are happy now
With her
And I said I was happy
For you
And yet
This familiar feeling has kept my mind awake
It's 2am now
I just want some sleep
I just want some rest
I just want some solace
I just want some
of you
I know it is wrong to long for you
Because then I will need more blank pages to write
I will need to open the book
But I can't because I am writing yet another love story
With yet another protagonist
There's no room for another persona
There SHOULD be no room for you
And yet
I have slipped a torn page from our story
Between the pages of this new book.
I should have thrown it away
Like all the memoirs of you
And yet
I still wasn't prepared for this familiar feeling of
Mira Alunsina Feb 2019
Hey stranger,
I had gripped your hands hard when we did some waltz
You gripped back.
The disco lights kissed your face.
It had given you the entire floor.
The music shifted to upbeat
and your dance moves were somehow weird
but then I found myself following your steps.
I was doing the same weird routine that you just invented.
Somehow the beating of my heart imitated the fast paced beat of the song.
It was wrong
or was it?
The DJ switched the music again
it was another ballad.
We swayed our hearts out.
I was lured by your long lashes.
I expected someone else tonight.
But then there was an impulse.
The stories were not yet told and yet
I felt bold.
It is as if I have known you a long time ago
Now, I'm longing for you.
It is wrong
or is it?
The night died.
So was our story.
Now all I can do is visit that memory of you in my dreams.
In my dreams alone
where we are a stranger to each other
but with feelings that are long known.
Tonight, I will be laid to rest.
I will play the song that you said you liked.
Tonight, I will once again reminisce that night.
It was a loose end.
It sparked hope for better days.
It was nothing but a secret to keep.
It was a bittersweet memory.
It will forever be an incomplete rhapsody.
Mira Alunsina Nov 2018
You clothe me with your naked soul
On a forbidden Monday night
We enthrall ourselves with fascinations of an easy traverse
Since everything is merely surreal
We worry not on the dictations of the world
Thus, in the still of the night we ponder upon the thoughts of our bare minds
Bare but with no sense of shame nor vulnerability
In your arms, oh in those arms I feel nothing but complete serenity
You engulf me and that made me feel safe
Your sweet caress feeds my silly but profound fantasies
You keep me sane with your insanity
You are yet another miracle and you came in perfect timing because I desperately needed one
You are my escapism
From this utterly corrupted world
You are my felicity
Which I truly long for
You are my secret
Which I never intend to share
We fall short
We fall in love
We enkindle amidst the darkness
We enflame with burning desire
We cease to exist
We commune to live
We made a mess
We won't mind
You are mine
I am yours
From this forbidden Monday night to
Mira Alunsina May 2018
He comes back with teary and hopeless eyes telling her that he couldn’t take the situation anymore.
Hence, it fueled the flame and so continues that quarrel that was supposed to end last night.
He always wanted to leave but he knows he can’t.
The sobs, turned into shouts and the time is stopped by her slapping him and leaving a cut in his left cheek.
She sits at the edge of the bed and she started looking at him.
Then she realized how cruel life was for the both of them because of the situation they’re in.
She starts to reminisce the moments and how those moments ended.
Eventually she finds herself alone again, in that small and gloomy bedroom.
Mira Alunsina May 2018
In a small and gloomy bedroom, she finds herself alone.
She remembers the argument they had last night.
Along with glimpses of her memories that show how sweet and tender their love was,
is the flashback of that argument.
She thinks of the memory of them dancing slowly
lost in the rhythm of La Vie En Rose
the passion behind each caress
the corny but sweet exchange of love notes
the dinner dates and the silent nights.
She then struggles to keep herself tamed with all of the mixed feelings of despair, anger and longing that she feels.
She looks at herself in the mirror and realizes that no matter how bad they fight was, they will still end up in each other’s arms.
Mira Alunsina Mar 2018
Under a mantle of stars
were two hearts trying to figure out
what could have happened if they
could make their own galaxies
"I would want a galaxy, still with you and I in it."
Heartbeats echoed with laughter
Smiles were drawn on each other's face
It gave warmth to that one cold night in March.
Two falling stars
Two falling hearts
It was nothing but pure bliss.
Clement and Camille 20th of March 2018
Mira Alunsina Feb 2018
At least one of us is happy.
At least one of use made it pass the broken bridge.
Well, I saw your picture today.
You gave her a back hug with your wide and bulky arms
Those arms that were once my dwelling place
Your eyes sparkled as you looked at the lens of the camera
It seemed like you had the world in your embrace
Then came reminiscence from those loveliest days
I didn’t know exactly what I was feeling
Was it jealousy?
Was it merely pain?
Was it regret?
Was it longing?
My mind wasn’t sure.
No, maybe it was my heart that is quite confused
Because even if I try to refuse
Even if I hide behind the blinds of my ego
The scars appeared from the memories of letting you go.
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