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Kiara Plummer Aug 2019
A lady has elegance,
A lady has pride;
But she wears ripped clothing-
Showing too much skin.

She's as loud as a speaker and overly ill-mannered,
Outlining everything about herself;
When she doesn't get her way,
She threatens with her eyes.

She hates working and despises cooking,
Wearing nails as long as a rope;
Her makeup is always smudged, though she wears a lot,
She is far from a lady.
Kiara Plummer Aug 2019
What makes you think you can insult our religion?
Abusively holding some of my kind captive,
Choking them with your overbearing attitude;
Puncturing my religion with detestable words.

Is it the bonnet on our heads-
That bother your ugly souls or the fraks that we don't wear?
Is it because we say Jesus and you say Allah?;
A difference in opinion.

Our lord will surely bring our captured-
Back where they belong;
And justice will be served
But not by us.
Kiara Plummer Aug 2019
The one I look to for strength,
His eyes like shining blue crystals.
A noble and honest Man;
One who's as loud as a speaker .

Not afraid to tell you the truth,
Or be my knight in armor-
My rock, salvation and my downfall;
This man, my angelic demon.

His nobility controlled me-
Overpowered was I,
I had no strength against him;
I knew he was The One.
Kiara Plummer Apr 2019
Gone were the days I believed in love-
Finding me a bestfriend,
A lifetime partner;
The one I'd trust.
His love would be like God's-
Everlasting and desired;
His lips would be ripe red cherries-
Juicy as ever and sent you in a daze.

He'd have rocks for abs-
And arms well toned;
A firm voice that is controlling
Yet would be meaningful.
He would be mine,
I'd be his forever;
We'd be inseparable and nothing-
Could come between us.
What'd the world be without him?
A cold, empty, heartless place,
With people having no hope-
Or dreams of finding another him.

Now, I think it's stupid of me-
I don't need someone to define life,
Or to play me like hopscotch;
I only need me.
I'm not sure of the future;
I do have more knowledge,
Knowledge of what though?
That I won't be too vulnerable.
Kiara Plummer Apr 2019
Hurt, pain, confusion she feels,

All hidden and kept in a bottle.

She now wishes things were unreal,

Accepting life's blow full throttle.

Many years later she chose to rejoice,

Thanking lord God for hearing her voice.

No more of her cruel father's abuse,

Happy at the thought of not being used.

She now finally decides to marry,

Ecstatic she was able to tarry.

Out with her hubby on vacays,

In the sun, enjoying their days.
Kiara Plummer Jan 2019
Was he my father, friend or brother?
To me, he was all; I looked at him-
Tall and thin, my protector.
Was he not my counsellor?
I'd ask things and he'd tell me all;
Everything I needed to hear.

Was he not my confidant?
Oh yes! I told him things-
Quite indoors too and advice I got.
This man had wise words,
He was like superman;
One indeed but without a cape.

Was he not my knight?
Yes indeed! He shielded my
negative words and clothed them,
with positive. Was he not good?
He was generous and caring. I
wondered why he chose me to care
for. Perhaps our spirits were meant
to be crossed; he was an angel. That
God sent to guide me, away from all

I find his traits to be entertaining and
honest, not too upfront to blind your
feelings. Was he not always going to
be my friend, father and brother?
In my heart I think so.
My english teacher was who inspired me to write this poem. I wrote this poem about him as he made me see things about myself that I thought was impossible to see.
Kiara Plummer Jan 2019
He held all I saw-
Glistening eyes,that held generosity;
Black shiny locks, made to show his beauty.
A voice, like one's favorite lullaby,
His personality was golden.

He's talented, a singer to be exact,
But not one who brags-
His voice wasn't made for bragging,
It was made for entertaining others.

His style was elegant like his voice-
Nothing to flashy, to show off;
Or to criticize others about dressing,
But style to suit himself.

Life isn't for criticizing;
It is based on togetherness.
What's beauty if one can't compliment?
It's not made to just stare back at yourself!

Beauty is in everyone,
It just needs to be expressed-
Not judged on outer appearance;
But on the inner one.
I wrote this poem about someone I met, all out of inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

— The End —