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Court Jul 2019
Thankful for the pleasure but even more the pain
Always seem like it ain't right until it's right..
Always seem like somethin is missing..
Where's that piece that I need to complete my puzzle? ..
What did I leave out of this masterpiece?..
Unfinished work irritates me..
Unspoken and unseen...
I dont like it so I won't keep putting up with it...
I just wish it was better..
From the relationships to the connections..
From the intellect to the condolences..
From the real to the feel...
But atleast I'm thankful..
Somethings gotta give...
And what's gonna be given is my effort... Giving to myself..
So that I may vision my further being as an ultimate one...
My ultimate self...
Court Jul 2019
the worst feelin in the world when you can't trust a soul..
Not that you won't give em a chance but you, know wat chu kno.
God given talent, makes a ***** mind rigorous
Thinkin you're on ya **** but your ***** tellin you different... Bend da corner.. flip a rock
Free throws.. You take tha shot..
you knock it down, so now they watch.. They see your ambition.. but they don't see your plot..
But they want your spot ....  
They didnt think of when they could've been the spot,
to help you lift that heavy rock.. and as you try to straighten up, they couldn't have seen how strong you've got, so now they start to smile alot and you think its of good cheer but it's really not,..
it's of fear of your shot.. they scared of that wrist, cuz when it lock they expect swishh..
See they want chu to think that they want you to win, but that devilish grin is not hoping you win its, suppressing the struggle that they've been holding in,
so instead of them giving you a hand to support they, try to push down, adding weight of some sort, but they seem to forget just how strong that you've got,
and since they can't win from within, . that grin.. turns into grit so they just. , move from the spot, hoping they can get their shot but you're still at your spot, trying to move that same rock,
so instead of one helping one it became.., two helping none and now look what's been done...
We all can shine.. but...
Selfish acts shades the sun..
Court Jul 2019
I'm tryna climb up outta this hole
Like a groundhog
i see my shadow is probably tha only one that's stayin down..
Never left my side like a 9 and a bunch of 12 around me
Hands up *****..
**** I'm tryna keep my bands up *****
My pockets gettin thick I need to pull my pants up *****
I can't chance a second of my life
Some people never get a second chance at life..
All this envy amd strife
it's Unexplainable and unattainable..
The cards is on the table..
Dancin with stars like Terrell Owens
my horses at the stable
Keep it alive like that ***** tellin
He won't see it comin
Across em from the left you just kno he aint right
Like Africans from Jamaica
Terrified killas.. Scary but tryna put a **** up in ya..
But that don't mean that its tha end of the world..
Keep it G. tha 3 I gotta keep up
My gaurd, my grind and my grub..
Its always better when your silence speaks up..
Jamaica silence africa world grub grind gaurd ***** envy strife groundhog shadow pockets stable
Court Jul 2019
Deepness has no limit..
Love has no end..
there are no words that could explain..
Only Spirit..  
The generosity..
The effort.. 
The feeling of being gropped.  
Held hostage by the ******* of life,
The only control is of self..
Which indeed is....  
A very special thing
Court Jul 2019
The hardest things are so simple.
but the easiest things are so hard.
Space seems better but,
the closer, the stranger..
The odds are even..
you think you're getting even,
then the oddest things occur..
Special arrangements are canceled,
trying to make everything right..
but effort goes unnoticed..
Left for dead..
Left on read..
the biggest heart is broken and damaged..
Torn between..
being the best that i can..
& the worst i could ever be..
either to fly, or to die..
To stand, or to bury..
Water is life..
but it also kills...
heights are scary....
but they can build confidence..

Im High af..
Court Jul 2019
Never focus on
what isn't for you
but wat is...
Put it on your back
and.. take tf off..
Keep it close
never lose your flavor..
That's all anyone is ever
gonna remember...  
Yo Flava..
Court Jul 2019
Keep yourself from spazzin out

Put that energy elsewhere.

Do not give away anything.
provide for self (first n foremost)
Love conquers all
Love yourself and the complete favor will soon return
Feelings aren't the same all the time..
Only when you need them..
Be thankful..
Be glorious..
Be inspiring..
Its something atleast

— The End —