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  Jun 2017 Purple-heart
L Marie
I was the love of your life

I was your biggest fan
I'd make you smile and laugh
I'd wipe your tears
I'd let you rant and yell
And I forgave you
I was patient
I tried my best to understand
I'd bite my tongue
I'd bake your favorites
Apple pie with a laced crust
And strawberry cake
I'd tidy up your room
I'd make your bed
I'd watch your favorite shows
I'd shower you with kisses
I'd play wrestle you
And say I'd won
I never did
We'd lie in the grass
Watch the stars and dream
I'd tell you of our future house
Our many cats
I told you I wanted you
To name our first kid
We'd watch movies on the couch
We'd hang out until you fell asleep
And we had more plans
Than we had free-time
And that was okay
We had forever

I was the love of your life

But then you met her
And now she'll be your wife
And she'll  have your kids
You'll share your cats
She'll bake your favorites
I hope they taste better
And she better be
Your second biggest fan
For you'll never know
How much every part of me
Admires you

You're the love of my life.
Purple-heart Jun 2017
I wish I could explain your eyes
Each time I look at your pictures

The pain and sadness behind them
And an unsure smile that sits along side them.
Believe me, I can see it.
Purple-heart Jun 2017
You might have forgot what we spoke about but I will never forget

You once said I was the strongest person you had ever met

Little did I know I would need so much more strength just to bear the loss of you.
Purple-heart Jun 2017
I think I know
What it is you want

All the secrets
And everything we had

All of it
You want it gone

The memories we made
All the love we had

Its Like an old *****
Buried in the sand

To be swept away to sea
And never to be seen again.
Wish I could change your mind, Sometimes I just come here to be close to you, I Miss You so much♡
Purple-heart Jun 2017
It was only a matter of time
Before his gorgeous scent
Swept through the room
Soaking into my airways
Filling up my lungs
Making me weak
It was the smell of love
Taking over my bloodstream
I hope her favourite smell isn't the same as mine.. Knowing she gets to inhale your scent every single day crushes me with jealousy.
  May 2017 Purple-heart
Jamison Bell
I expect nothing of you.
Just as I do of everyone.
I am as I have always been.
To long for what will never be.
Will you find me.
For you if you should need me.
You feel alone.
Will only ever have to say my name.
Or twice you may have to say it again.
I make no promises, save one.
That is my friend.
I will continue to love.
For every reason you could never understand.
I do what I do for you.
You do more for me than you.
For a moment a happiness unrivaled.
My nirvana to simply know you.
Well as you have allowed me to know.
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