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May 19 · 202
not today
Puck May 19
Clouds often make me wonder if I could suddenly disappear too
Puck May 2
Your blood red dress
Twirling in eights

Like an age old contest
My heart still waits

Though not mine to possess
My bloodshot eyes will follow you

Till the night is just a blur
Stuck forever in this slur
Mar 16 · 81
Puck Mar 16
I threw myself into the deep. Little did I know it would scar me, climbing out.
Mar 2 · 69
blue and green
Puck Mar 2
the love in him it cries for you
yet you left him bare and blue

so he starts to build his walls
not capable to take another fall

slowly stones replace his loving heart
and i’ll indefinitely hate you for that
Puck Feb 27
With bare hands
And nothing to lose
Into the air
I built a tower for two

Only lately it has just been me
My head it hurts
Where have you been?
Feb 27 · 51
i miss you
Puck Feb 27
lately the smoke in my head has been getting cloudier

i’m afraid i can’t keep up either
Jan 20 · 70
expectations kill
Puck Jan 20
giving meaning to meaningless things is like drinking poison
it makes you hollow…
empty smiles
Nov 2021 · 273
i don’t know
Puck Nov 2021
I hate them for making me hate myself
Jul 2021 · 137
Puck Jul 2021
And this time when he screams tears from his throat he lets himself cry too.
Jul 2021 · 210
Loose promises
Puck Jul 2021
When the sky suddenly turned purple and the stars fell down to earth you looked me in the eyes, told me we'd be fine. But as the stars had hit the ground with such a horrendously dreadful sound. There was nothing magical nor fine about the stone-cold death we led.
Jul 2021 · 48
Puck Jul 2021
A cry for help will always be the echoes of your heart. It's a loneliness you don't even understand.
Puck May 2021
The only thing that makes me cry is the time that keeps passing me by
Mar 2021 · 405
Why did I get attached ?
Puck Mar 2021
I did not know I had a heart until you broke it
Puck Jan 2021
I want to tell you how I feel
About what you really mean to me
But they told me love can tear you apart
And I’m not brave enough for that
Puck Jan 2021
It was an ugly face you turned on me
It was a heartbreak in secrecy...
Nov 2020 · 147
You, always
Puck Nov 2020
I knew it because I was sure and I was sure because I knew it
Nov 2020 · 121
Lover of the ocean
Puck Nov 2020
The tide hit her forever unexpected
Loss and love took equal turns
The waves had always been a hard thing to face
Drowning terrifies her
Puck Oct 2020
You could've turned heaven into hell
With just one burning yell
Oct 2020 · 676
Puck Oct 2020
A toast to life
Sad and confusing but beautiful at last
Puck Oct 2020
I am in love with strangers and the unknown
Aug 2020 · 129
Take the leap
Puck Aug 2020
I'm haunted by a life
Of what if's and could have beens
Aug 2020 · 72
A golden cage
Puck Aug 2020
I grew up in safety
But sadly I can't shake of a fear
A wishing to be
Anywhere else but here
Puck Aug 2020
It's a long way down from paradise
But when I look into your eyes
It feels just right
Jul 2020 · 71
I’d do it all for you
Puck Jul 2020
And if your heart is a house on fire
A fireman I'll be
Puck Jul 2020
Maybe it was because you were so ethereal
That I couldn't picture a reality of you with such a simple soul as me
Jun 2020 · 371
Doomed from the beginning
Puck Jun 2020
Oh my love even the walls wheep for us, the ghosts cry too
Puck Jun 2020
'What is the greatest tragedy of life?'
The young girl asked curiously

'Forgetting' whispered the old lady
Jun 2020 · 134
I love you
Puck Jun 2020
On a sunny afternoon in the midst of june
You finally found the courage to tell me
What you had only told the moon
Jun 2020 · 353
Summer romance
Puck Jun 2020
The smell of pine trees and the rain
Always makes me wonder
If I should have given us another chance
After that magical summer
Can I forgive myself for having surrendered?
Jun 2020 · 106
Alive not just excisting
Puck Jun 2020
Oh, what a courage it takes to live in a world full of cowards
To live is the most rarest thing in the world, most people exist that is all -Oscar Wilde
Jun 2020 · 364
My 11:11 wish
Puck Jun 2020
At night as I lie awake I beg
To let me live as many lives
As there are stars in the sky
I want to experience it all but all I know is the ceiling of my cage
Jun 2020 · 90
Puck Jun 2020
A picked flower
Slowly draining
However it could never be
You or me

A change of mind
Withering and closing in
A last attempt of reaching out
For you from me

With petals lost
The flower's long gone now
And I get that
We will never be the same
You weren't good for me anyways
Jun 2020 · 1.8k
Puck Jun 2020
There was a silence fogging us
But now we see clear
We speak
We say their names
We change
Educate yourself and others.
Jun 2020 · 176
Star-crossed lovers
Puck Jun 2020
And I was willing to spend eternity’s alone
If that meant I could have you know
The memory of you would forever be better
Than to have never known you at all.
Love can touch us one time, and last for a lifetime -Celine Dion
May 2020 · 97
Make you love me
Puck May 2020
I wish I could swallow a dictionary and baffle you with the most extraordinary words in existence.
May 2020 · 163
Woman Rivalry
Puck May 2020
Green of jealousy
Whereas instead we should be
Feeling sick of pride
First attempt at a Haiku
May 2020 · 121
Puck May 2020
To find meaning in a world as meaningless as ours,
is what we all crave for. Longing to be loved, but more
than anything else we long the feeling of being in love.
Because even heartbreak outshadows the feeling
of having never loved at all.
Just want to feel alive
May 2020 · 226
Puck May 2020
And when the lover of the stars
Found himself on the deepest pit of the ocean
He finally understood that all his life long
He had made the wrong choices
May 2020 · 108
Puck May 2020
I feel a longing I can’t describe
A certain wish to be that
I can no longer hide
I am addicted to feeling
But mostly I'm numb

That’s why
I spend my days waiting under the sun
Filling time 'til you finally come along
In all of your glory and all of your shine
Declaring that you forever will be mine
May 2020 · 553
My wish
Puck May 2020
Sometimes I wish life to be
A little different than it is
I would rather run with stars
Collecting light instead of money
I would rather drown in minds
Exchanging words instead of worry
I would rather smell like life
Inhaling air instead of numbness
I would rather sound like music
Wander together not alone
May 2020 · 101
Puck May 2020
Always driving past, all those places just flashed by
Now I’m older and regret, rushing through my life
May 2020 · 105
Love letter pt. 2
Puck May 2020
And as the wind still silently sweeps through the trees
And the sun carries on to shine every day
And the seasons keep on changing
And the years keep coming by
I’ve never loved you more
May 2020 · 94
Love letter pt. 1
Puck May 2020
And I know you want to be heard
But first find the courage to speak
Speak the words that are dying to leave your lips
Tell me everything you have ever dreamt about
and all the things you want to change
Talk for the rest of eternity,
I don’t care, I’ll listen
And I know, I know you don’t believe in love forever,
but I have faith enough for the both of us
May 2020 · 88
Puck May 2020
The stars
So close and yet so far
Just like you
I used to see you so often. Sadly you were always out of my reach.
May 2020 · 117
In the dark
Puck May 2020
In the shadows I saw your face
For you would hide away from daylight
To afraid of what the world would say
When they see that you outshine them
May 2020 · 104
Red Giant
Puck May 2020
I used to compare you to a star
Yet it took long before I realized
How truly right I had been

For you did shine brighter
Than anyone I’d ever seen
But had been burning all along.
Because we're all made of stardust
It was intelligable that I had mistaken you for one
May 2020 · 109
We were on fire
Puck May 2020
We were on fire
The world never saw
Such brightness
Before their cities
All burned down
We were on fire
Puck Apr 2020
I saw a man and his drowning dog walking in the rain
Teardrops on his cheeks and a storm raging in his brain
Apr 2020 · 159
The pain of loss entails
Puck Apr 2020
It’s winter and the snow embraces my already cold heart
And while I’m walking through white weeping woods
Where lust and laughter is forever doomed
I can’t help myself from thinking back to the time
When the sun lightened the world and you were still mine
Once upon a time
Apr 2020 · 304
Puck Apr 2020
If people were colors

You would be bright blue

And as a simple grey

I would probably get lost in you
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