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Anka Nov 2019
Nights may seem long,
but day must come eventually.
Anka Nov 2019
We were always on the same page,

We were just reading different books.
Anka Mar 2019
Everyone wants the truth
But nobody wants to be honest
Anka Mar 2019
It is autumn again.
The echo of a time
long past gone
can still be heard quietly ringing
in the empty halls.

Before you know it,
tomorrow will become yesterday,
the ticking clocks moving quickly
and quicker still.

Not too long ago,
these halls were filled with laughter
and happy memories.

Now they are still and hollow,
a melancholy presence
amidst memory lane.

We are those halls,
those shrines
made for life and happiness.

We just don't have the time to sit and think,
to think and remember.

The ticking clock?

That's your life,
the bright light inside you.

It's dimming quickly,
caught up in the rush of this world.

Fall is here,
and so is harvest.

The seasons change to remind you
that you don't have much time,
it's running out and quickly.

Quick means the time passing before you can catch up.
Anka Mar 2019
I can’t say when it started,
me grabbing on to every precious moment
while life taunts me like a ticking clock
counting down the seconds
until my heart shatters into pieces.

It became more than a hobby or a habit,
it became an obsession.

Still as a stone,
not breathing,
I can spend hours upon hours
rewatching and remembering
what I would never let myself forget.

It’s both a blessing and a curse;
struck dumb
watching pictures and fragments dance in my mind's eye,
the only things moving are my lips that smile
and the tear that runs down my cheek.

From the vast expanse that is my mind,
new ideas and new thoughts come to light,
things I've never thought of before,
never realized.

Fragments of a shattered poem
that will be sung as a lullaby in a hundred years,
remembered by those who thought they forgot.

Yet I lay here, and remember.

The white walls tell their own stories
and are pressing in,
but the floor beneath my back is keeping me grounded,
keeping me sane.

My mind will continue to spin its tales
until I'm lost in them
from now until forever.

The end result is still the same.

No matter how long,
how hard you hold on,
there will always come a time for it to go,
whatever it is.

You will still hold on until you can't any longer,
until all you have left
is the bittersweet memories
and the pictures
left in dusty frames.
Anka Mar 2019
There are many people you can lay in bed with,
But there are few who you'll want to wake up with
Anka Mar 2019
The sun said, "Good morning!"
The moon said, "Goodbye..."
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