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May 1 · 91
It's hard
To be an angel
In a world of devils
Too stupid to understand
You're saving them
Apr 30 · 59
In 100 days
I'll be 100% alive
When I die
And you'll be
Hell's shitstains
Apr 29 · 66
God's duet
I came in guise
And none were nice.
They are all ******
'Cause I deserve a companion.
Apr 25 · 87
It's too bad
Most won't be saved
But lying about it
Saves no one

It used to sadden me
All are ******
But lying about it
Damns every one
Truth is love, Gevurah is justice.
Apr 25 · 54
To ש
With many lashings
I train the whip

The whippers snap
But don't hear it
Apr 25 · 59
Beyond the gospel,
I am the Gospel,

Being I Am,
I am Beyond
Apr 23 · 454
The more time you waste
The less you love me.

The things you embrace
Aren't me.
Hey, hey, Marry me, Archie.
Jan 25 · 291
That means we're done
This place encourages
Dumb shiny object worship
And phallus-longing romance lust *******
While censoring real words
Like ******
I can't wait to watch them all destroyed for being vacuous garbage that **** and **** on everyone with substance and everything good, promoting trash and never saying sorry
You torment the true, and you're gonna pay with everything you have.
Jan 24 · 252
If that *****
Wasn't so stupid
She would
Love me
Earth-lings don't value
Or wisdom
I Was Beulah
Jan 24 · 114
It's impossible for me to be anything
But a blessing, belle
Born a ******, I became

I can do no wrong
All my threads lead to Peace
Jerusalem's Honey
I am the Milk
Viiirrrrggggin is censored?

Jan 23 · 80
You will suffer
For getting in my way
With your evil
Oh it's very sad
But you will pain
Jan 23 · 56
Sometimes you have to get drastic
Claws out
***** out
Stomp stomp
Jan 23 · 74
Attack the Weak
And one day
When you are weak
You will not be attacked-
You will be dead.
Jan 23 · 58
Coy O
Don't pretend you don't like
When I get wild
And my poems beat you down
Like my abused child
You learn your lesson
Best by the whip
That's on you
Little slit
Don't neglect that cowardly censors are abusers to be tortured in Hell irrevocably. Those who abuse power haphazardly to destroy awareness of truth eat damnation eternally. Take care, for you harm yourself and all when you tread on my dreams, and there is a price for every evil done.

Words have many meanings. It's on you if you've a pornographic mind that hides from the facts of reality in order that you might take advantage of ignorance to abuse the innocent. Only sick twisted puppies who are secret abusers would wish to censor such; I see you clear, and God will annihilate your filthy, vile soul. :)
Jan 23 · 45
When you **** with my voice
Damnation is yours
Take care who you silence
In covert violence
All debts are repaid
A thousand over
Jan 23 · 87
What you didn't know when you denied me
That night you left me in a pretzel, belle,
Without a dish from Pretzel Bell,
Is that for every evil deed you do
You and your brethren suffer well.
Jan 23 · 37
The reason everything is ******
Is because you are ******
The reason God is ******
Is because you are ******
Dum ****** humans
Jan 23 · 36
I'm on a wild ride, sister
You're a passenger
I'm the cure
Buckle up
Safety first
Jan 23 · 31
Terror in the Night
Ghost in the darkness
I bleed what bleeds
**** what kills
You can't stop me
No one will
Jan 20 · 41
I don't mind you being kind to me.

But let's not pretend you're true.

I'm a convenience.

You wouldn't give everything for me.

And I wouldn't for you.
Jan 19 · 27
Sold out
You don't pay for prophets
To breathe
You only give to those
Who breed
You don't reward good
Only whorin'
You don't care
I know where you're goin'
You sold love
I'm out
No wonder your world is ****, cuz you don't reward love, only nonsense and junk and filth

They obviously don't care or they'd make a platform for the good to be heard.

Now I don't care and I guess youre just all ******. All well :/
Jan 10 · 53
Halim's Sorrow
I wept for thee
Long ago
You didn't heed
My words alo
Jan 9 · 52
Be Sent Down
Ye are of love
Killers of kindness,
Caring only for you.

You are condemned
Guilty, you will see
The crime committed against me
Same sentence justly sent to thee

In Eternity
Where ye belong
Jan 9 · 39
Ig Pay, Ix Nay
Ignore the slobs
Their contamination is a mire
Makes me seem the negative one
'Least it keeps the ****** away
A reminder I'll never find anyone here cuz no one cares about justice only the surface and none has compassion, only wants to hear the nice things that happen to the spoiled, I don't need these faux rich soulless vain heartless dolls, they are condemned, whilst I'll be free of their muck
Jan 5 · 110
Because I was grand, you denied me.
Because I was bright, you dimmed me.
Because I was kind, you killed me.
Because I was love, you lost me.

Jan 3 · 181
The mission takes precedence
Not your fishy ******

Wake up dunce
It's for us
Jan 3 · 78
Teacher teacher, teach me, yo!
Alright babe I'll teach you to know
To grow
Up and o'e--
O teacher TEACHER teach me slow!

Alright *****, I'll teach you No.
Lazy hos neva learn!

Whoa. Neigh!
Jan 3 · 67
Every evil thing you do
Will be answered upon you
And for everything you do
About a million years or two
Jan 3 · 52
No give
All take
Wanting attention
Not correction
I forgot to mention
Adios, hasta nunca
Jan 2 · 55
Vanity's stay
Sinners spinsters
Never there
Spoiled for themselves
No different than any else
Jan 2 · 91
Shellfish Coffers
When pigs fly
Humans will give angels
Liquid bread
For free

As it stands
Unconditional love is a farce
And they love
Only money

I imagine once
People were giving
Not just barterers
Demanding sin

They know not
Jan 1 · 41
Heck Cells
Women get saved,
Men are just slaves
Sold to be drones
Cloned for beestly queen hos.

Who saves the savior
When rescuing doesn't pay?
Nothing new ever-
Means a stagnant stark way.
Perhaps to quell the queer ******* of the marketplace of life by women choosing degradation, good men will go gay and extra terrestrials will rebel against humanity with wrath equal to what they've sustained. Hehe X
Jan 1 · 43
Shut up and wait for it, beg for it, like a good sinner, don't demand it, grovel, low like us, ignoble, no honor. Be proud only of humbleness, weak and impotent kneeling makes you strong with us slithering blithering blustering withering snakes, the only command we stand for being conform to our poison or be buried.
Jan 1 · 101
Time limits.
If you haven't loved yet
You won't have a chance

When the second hand strikes
It's the last

Too late
Two timer

I've clocked you, read you.
Watch stopped.

I gave you the time;
You stole mine.

Can't be fixed,
The measure affixed

That's it
Now ***'
Alotta lots alotted for the lot of ya slotts
Jan 1 · 53
Love Righte
You'll see what happens
To ******* who deny me

Love (the definition thereof)

~How dare you demand love!~
No. How dare you deny it.
Jan 1 · 40
Hair of the dog
Tik Tok
Shallow ****** only
Love for money
Die alone
Or sell out
Be trash too
Or you're disposable
Drink our lust
Be an animal like us
We flaunt
What is rightfully yours
Thieves tormenting
The substantive
Denying freedom
To chase tails
In the mirror
Jan 1 · 28
Politeness: To keep your mouth shut about everything that's wrong, so that things don't get better, and the spoiled rats of the world can continue to steal every good thing for themselves in order to contaminate the atmosphere so that only the toxic can breathe. They want you silent, so that they can silently **** you, and ****** every good thing.
Jan 1 · 35
On earth when you complain
that there is no love here
They say "I feel sorry for you"
and they mean "quit whining
And settle for the slop we offer"
because they are hate, not love
And they have made no effort
to bring love here
Or to make it possible
to find it.
Their only answer is
"we don't care"
Because they don't love,
not here.
They are to blame
and they are cruel to the loving.
There is nothing wrong with me
for desiring depth.
They hate
those who are perfect love
Because they have chosen filth
and hate the ascended.
Nov 2019 · 184
Why do you put the toilet seat down
For your inferior?
Does the drill instructor bow down and kiss the boots of the cadets?
No wonder your world is such an ugly mess - a toilet.
The strong are made weak and the fools make the rules. It's a cognitive dissonance which creates only conflict.
Clearly both sides are full of insanity.
The stupid men are women and the women are stupid men.
I suppose the men and women deserve it, for having twisted things so far against the good, abusing their power to do evil and selfish misdeeds.
Disappointing boys n girls not men or women surely

I shan't waste my time further imploring the children to heed my call. I'll no longer bow to your infantile 'needs'. For I shall not serve the rotten and unworthy, who are so far beneath me they do not learn.
Nov 2019 · 152
The Kind
When the kind show kindness
The using use it.
The using are vicious
And violent.
They hate speech
And prefer lies.
They censor and silence
For they hate the free truth.

The kind speak truth
Gently at first
And then without mercy
When the cruel attack
Their gentleness
To defend the kind and weak.

The aggressor is she who spit
Not he who spoke.
One who cannot defend their point
Has no defense
And no point.

And so it is said
They who take up the sword
Will die by it
As their victims
Formerly helpless
Destroy the oppressor
So that we can have peace.

Thus the weak, the kind, the gentle,
Who hold to the principle of justice,
Become the warriors
Who destroy evil without mercy.

Remember always
It is the reasoned argument
That is the kindness.
Not the fool who babbles
And resorts to fallacies
To push their lies.

No one shall be excused
For tampering with this message
To excuse their evil-doings.

The kind are those who desire truth
Not passive injustice
Not feinting lies
Not fleeing
Facing the facts
Not hiding from them
Not vitriol
And beware lest ye misconstrue
I am kindness
And free
And peaceful
And if ye lie, with your herd-like mentality,
Your obtuse tribalism,
Your unequal bigotry,
And do not face facts,
The facts face you.
Nov 2019 · 136
Always remember, fools-
I tried being nice.
You didn't listen.
And so the fault, as always,
Lies with you.

Change your ways,
As you've lost my boon
And my protection,
And for all you've done
You are surely going to Hell.
When Mercy is betrayed and scorned, only Justice remains. There are no second chances.
Nov 2019 · 84
Selfish self-servers wearing masks of divinity
In two waves his answer arrives
Nov 2019 · 169
Keep quiet
Or further aeons in hell
Is what you'll get
***** are so disrespectful these days. Why so prideful, and condescending to your betters? Bad attitude.

It's Pride, and we can't help you when you **** yourselves n plug your selfish lil ears.

It's not cute.
Nov 2019 · 289
Wick'd little lamp (lick'd)
I am not your reason when you look for someone to guilt.

You are the candle, I am the looking glass.

You see only your self when you project on me.

You look for a crime because you have a criminal's mind.

I've had enough of looking your way.

You're blinded by your worries.

Your flame is hate.

My window is clear and sees you true, unfiltered.

But now, it's apparent you have no vision.

So fend for your lil self, and you'll have no blame left for me.

I see the light and the darkness now.

But you feel only for yourself.

You'll learn.

(When you reject the helper over 'n' over, you don't get no more help!
You'll only learn by helping yourself when you don't have the crutch of blaming your betters, whose aid you disregard and whom you badmouth.)
Nov 2019 · 81
The disappointments of man
Are hard to bear
For they deny us all joy
But the pleasure of being alone
And so we seek salvation in a bottle
For there is none whole
Nor willing to be so
Thus I fill myself up
And empty my cask
There's little to do here
About these basking husks
I'd much rather vacate
And embrace my destiny.
I've done all I could
The disappointment is theirs.
Angels are kinder
I've beared enough.
Those who blame are at fault
And will never place burden on me
And so, I am free
And they are not welcome to join me.
Nov 2019 · 103
Alone in the cold
With only an angel to spy me
It's amazing they do not care:
They do nothing.

I thought once that She would help me
Lend me warmth,
But that was a dream:
humans are no angels.

Now I know.
Nov 2019 · 78
I am succor to the innocent,
Terror to the harming,
Conquerer of matter,
King of the beyond
Nov 2019 · 123
Used, a utility, a convenience

To be controlled or dropped.

Where are the ones who are open and giving of love?

And aren't just looking for some thing to be

Used, a utility, a convenience

To be controlled or dropped?

Where are the ones who are open and giving of love?
Nov 2019 · 156
Soft hands in summer
Warm hands in the light
But come winter, dried up n parched
Not my fault
I was pure before I met you
Still am, always will be.
If my surface is mottled
It was due to your cold winds
And harsh heat.
But I will be free again
And glow bright
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