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Frivolity is a sin
of waste
Joy, I never feel in full
Because of all of you yes
So you burn in awful fire
And I have now no regrets
There are fish
And there are whales
And there are ****** aplenty
Ordered to jail.
The flamin vale
Child of God
Angels don't bend
The sword not break
Someday human women will all wear bridles,
The proper attire for ****** and horses.
Now you die in ******* Hell you pieces of **** oh well oh well
Abusers, stepping on my bliss.
They pay for every second.
For every penny they stole
Every nuisance they wreaked
Every coupon they made a hassle
Every tax
Every charge
Every slight
All will be held due
All to account
Every bill.

You owe me fifty seven billion dollars.

You will pay the full debt of every inaction.

Abandoners, betrayers, thieves, your torment will be a thousand fold the crime you committed against others.

Trust me, you won't redo it.

Ill deeds receives just duty in fees
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