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Papa Yaga Jan 10
I wept for thee
Long ago
You didn't heed
My words alo
Papa Yaga Jan 9
Ye are of love
Killers of kindness,
Caring only for you.

You are condemned
Guilty, you will see
The crime committed against me
Same sentence justly sent to thee

In Eternity
Where ye belong
Papa Yaga Jan 9
Ignore the slobs
Their contamination is a mire
Makes me seem the negative one
'Least it keeps the ****** away
A reminder I'll never find anyone here cuz no one cares about justice only the surface and none has compassion, only wants to hear the nice things that happen to the spoiled, I don't need these faux rich soulless vain heartless dolls, they are condemned, whilst I'll be free of their muck
Papa Yaga Jan 5
Because I was grand, you denied me.
Because I was bright, you dimmed me.
Because I was kind, you killed me.
Because I was love, you lost me.

Papa Yaga Jan 3
The mission takes precedence
Not your fishy ******

Wake up dunce
It's for us
Papa Yaga Jan 3
Teacher teacher, teach me, yo!
Alright babe I'll teach you to know
To grow
Up and o'e--
O teacher TEACHER teach me slow!

Alright *****, I'll teach you No.
Lazy hos neva learn!

Whoa. Neigh!
Papa Yaga Jan 3
Every evil thing you do
Will be answered upon you
And for everything you do
About a million years or two
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