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It's hard
To be an angel
In a world of devils
Too stupid to understand
You're saving them
In 100 days
I'll be 100% alive
When I die
And you'll be
Hell's shitstains
I came in guise
And none were nice.
They are all ******
'Cause I deserve a companion.
It's too bad
Most won't be saved
But lying about it
Saves no one

It used to sadden me
All are ******
But lying about it
Damns every one
Truth is love, Gevurah is justice.
With many lashings
I train the whip

The whippers snap
But don't hear it
Beyond the gospel,
I am the Gospel,

Being I Am,
I am Beyond
The more time you waste
The less you love me.

The things you embrace
Aren't me.
Hey, hey, Marry me, Archie.
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