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My friends all went around telling such happy aspirations for the new year to come.
Mine was to get used to being alone with myself, because in the end it always comes down to me.
And this New Year, I feel is going to be a lonely one.
Your mom is right to be weary of me, her intuition isn't wrong. We're one and the same. She wants to **** me for taking you away, and I'm addicted to you and everything of you.
She isn't wrong to be afraid of losing you, but she can't blame me for that, only herself, because I know you're addicted to me too.
Rafael Melendez Nov 2020
Oh how I miss you.
You're still here, but each day I go longer without hearing from you.
And I know it's my fault.
I'm pushing on glass.
I'm pulling on barbwire.
I make myself a fool each day I wake up. I can't get over this feeling. I'm scared you'll leave me, so I lash out. I'm scared you'll know everything there is to know about me, and be steered away by it.
Not poetry, but needed this.
Rafael Melendez Nov 2020
Warm breath upon my shoulder, the softest sound in my ear.
The marks are red, bloodclotting as to heal the wound of our passions.

Don't heal, I beg
my skin needs proof of our love, and your touch.
Rafael Melendez Nov 2020
The woman in white visits me at night,
She knows when I'm alone, without you by my side.
She knows when I cry, and when I sleep. She knows that I make you weep.
She haunts me through the night, the bed will soon no longer smell of you.
Only me, and the woman in white.
I wanted to call you last night. My night terrors got the better of me. I miss you and it only just happened. I dreamt I asked you what's wrong. Each time I asked, you said "nothing", even after I hung up.

What do I do?
Rafael Melendez Nov 2020
You never really read my writing, did you?
I wish I were wrong, I wish you'd loved them.
Like I loved you so, in these words.
Did you?
Rafael Melendez Nov 2020
Life is greed.

Love is redemption.

Stress and setbacks a diversion.

I'm trying to breathe a sigh

Of relief with you.
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