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Rafael Melendez Dec 2021
Oh, what I wouldn't give, to love you, with innocence in my eyes.

My love, could you be the ignorant glint in my eyes? I want to forget all the sinful things I've seen.

Blind me, my sun, strip the sight from me that I cannot forsake you, that you can trust me wholly and truly.
Rafael Melendez Sep 2021
I'm planning something for you.
A big day, you were brought into the world.
I come home from work each day, with big plans for you.
It's always the little things though, the fact that I can remember when you were brought into this world, it matters, right?
We've been through a lot, the little things usually a cause to the effect. Sometimes I wish they didn't matter.
I've got big plans, but you can't even remember the year I was born.
Just little things, turning into big things.
Rafael Melendez Apr 2021
Deja vu yesterday, I felt a weight. My thoughts don't betray.
Something was coming.
Someone in my family would be laid to rest.

I didn't know

It would be me.
Rafael Melendez Feb 2021
Do you remember how I tried to show you those songs?
Oh, trivial it seemed at the time.. But I prayed you'd remember the words.
Recite them with me, knowing how much it meant to me.
Oh, I wanted to recite one at our wedding.
If only you'd remember the words.
Rafael Melendez Jan 2021
I woke to find myself in a pitch black room, I can hear you faintly.
In the distance your voice and another, I leave the room to search.
The voices get louder, I can make out the other voice as I start to hear yelling. It's me..?
We're arguing, but it isn't me.. it couldn't possibly be me because I'm here.
Where am I? This place is so dark, the lights have all gone out, why won't they work?
Where are you? I can still hear you, the arguing has become more intense, I'm yelling your name, searching each room, this place seems to grow more vast. Like an abyss I can't escape.
My love, help me.. I'm trapped in my own mind. Don't listen to this imposter!
Don't leave me alone.
Break these doors down, I'm sorry.. I need you.
Rafael Melendez Jan 2021
My friends all went around telling such happy aspirations for the new year to come.
Mine was to get used to being alone with myself, because in the end it always comes down to me.
And this New Year, I feel is going to be a lonely one.
Rafael Melendez Jan 2021
Your mom is right to be weary of me, her intuition isn't wrong. We're one and the same. She wants to **** me for taking you away, and I'm addicted to you and everything of you.
She isn't wrong to be afraid of losing you, but she can't blame me for that, only herself, because I know you're addicted to me too.
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