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I laid in bed, the blanket caressing my skin. I could hear you breathing


I lost count of your heartbeats in the verses of a song ever so quietly upon my ears.
I lost myself in it all, my senses overflowed, and time was nothing but a thought for a moment.

Then I awoke,
the moment
lost in a dream.
Another moment, lost. Repeating like a mantra before bed.
Pain is simply a process of learning, still, I don't want you to hurt.
Rafael Melendez Dec 2018
We wish to have loved and lived, and we wish to have died then to not have tried at all.
A piece of trash had this written on it in my dream last night.
Rafael Melendez Dec 2018
I used to think with the snap of my fingers I changed the universe in that moment.
Now the years have passed and it feels as though it was all in the span of the snap of my fingers.
Was it I that changed the universe, or the universe that changed me in the end?
Rafael Melendez Dec 2018
I wouldn't call death a real comedian, more of a two bit clown. He rehearses the same punchline at your doorstep each day.
"life is a joke, take it away fellas."
Don't take it so seriously.
Rafael Melendez Dec 2018
Life's a neverending game,
and god is a child that's waiting to be humored.
Humor him with that broken up smile.
  Nov 2018 Rafael Melendez
I carved your face into my memory
Your smile
Your eyes
Your laugh
Your dimples
All the things
That once made me smile
Now make me cry.
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